Tuesday, January 3

Let's Hear it for Our Environment

In contrast with the frigid temperatures yesterday morning, our reception was quite warm and the day prived to be quite fruitful! We hit the campaign trail hard and early, accompanied by a photographer from the Lethbridge Herald, who was quite anxious to get some first-hand pictures of me and my team in action.

Again, my thanks to Walter, Bal and Chris for such a great day. We got quite a few requests for signs in the afternoon and met a couple of people who had a slightly different focus than those we've met and spoke with to date.

A gentleman that works with the Kanadair Menonites emphasized the need for more staff at the Lethbridge Immigration Services office. View this fantastic announcement for immigration made today.

Also, it was stated several times throughout the day that more attention is required for the environment. We need to do more in the area of encouraging recycling. It felt good being able to point out recent examples of green power being encouraged, used and profited from. One of the most exciting examples among them, is the newest Lethbridge sub-division: West Highlands. It is being pushed by city developers who will use green open spaces, building energy-efficient homes and using geo-thermal energy to heat them.

Please take a minute to view the liberal plan for our environment.

Today we hit the doors again! Keep Tuned.

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