Wednesday, March 5

Report of Candidate Activities for the Past Year - 2007-8

The Lethbridge Riding held it's Annual General Meeting on March 1. Again, it was an exciting year. I provided a 'Report of Canadidate Activities for 2007-8'. It is a detailed report of four pages which might be considered too large to include on this site. However, if you are interested in reviewing it I will be happy to forward you a copy. If you desire a copy you can contact me through this site or phone me at 381-7635 and I will be happy to provide it.

Also, now that the Provincial Election is over it is my intention to resume campaigning and activities so you can expect to hear frequent reports on progress and issues. Also, if you have an issue you believe I should hear or wish to get involved on my team or in Riding activities please contact me since as we all know "many hands make light work". We have several commities on the go. policy is always an exciting one. Kind regards. I look forward to hearing from you.