Friday, January 27

Review, Revitalize & Renew

Now that I have had a couple days at a slower pace, I thought I should do another message on the blog for supporters and anyone with new interest in the Liberal party.

I want to assure everyone that we are not decimated, nor disenchanted and as soon as loose ends after the campaign are tidied up, it is our intent (and I can assure you certainly mine) to start on our review and renewal process as soon as possible.

Also, if you will permit me to note some post election observations. Considering the cards were stacked against us in this election... we, the party and I personally did very well. If we examine the results Nationally, 64% voted this time around (the highest percentage in recent times). In our own riding, 66% of eligible voters cast ballots. When we consider Mr. Casson's votes, he was elected on 43% of the electorate. Taken in context, the results are not as devastating as they appear initially.

Now we can take advantage of time out from the business of Government to review, revitalize and renew our vision and let's see how great Mr. Harper will do in negotiating and consensus building. Fortunately, being in a minority, he will not be able to run away with things as feared by so many. As we arrange our own local review session, my team and I will advise and report to you our findings/thoughts (provided we have your phone number and/or email address). I appeal to you and encourage your input and participation as we look to review the campaign.

I have meetings for the Provincial Liberal Party in Red Deer this w/e. Tonight I attended MLA Bridget Pastoor's nomination as candidate; it was great to see a goodly number turn out for the evening.

We have been steadily increasing in numbers Provincially. Only a little over a year ago, if 471 PCs in our West Lethbridge Riding voted Liberal, Bal Boora would have been serving in the Legislature on our behalf.

I also remind you of the upcoming Spaghetti Supper, March 3 at St. Augustine's Church. Please mark your calendars.

In the interim, keep the faith. Things are as they were meant to be. Let's look 'onward and upward' with the assurance that we and our great country will survive.


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