Friday, January 20

The Final Forum

Today was our last candidate's forum and was held at the LCSO. It felt great to finish with a strong performance and wonderful support from those in attendance!

There were not as many as I had expected and the crowd was different than anticipated. In addition, it was a different format from many of the other forums. The questions were all very much similar to previous formats; however, the volume of questions was less than we are accustomed. Then Senator Joyce, Tyler and I went for a bit of lunch at the mall.

On return to the office, I gathered a few members of the team along with several amazing volunteers and we made a trip to the city's North side to hand deliver material. We covered a few polling areas and plan on doing the same again tomorrow.

Now with election day less than 72 hours from us, the excitement is undeniable... and growing. I and my team of volunteers plan on finishing good and strong this weekend by visiting as many constituents as possible. I am so very proud of all the fine work we have done. Keep tuned!

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