Thursday, January 19

Wednesday: Miracle Channel and the Yates

The old cold lingers on and pulls me down, to the point that a few people even remarked "you look tired". However, the end is in sight.

Today it was the Miracle Channel for the Insight programme at 11. Unfortunately there were only three candidates; Rick, Melanie and I. Of course, we expressed our disappointment that the other parties could not be represented also. We were told that the short time and logistics rendered it impossible to have more, and that seemed reasonable.

The whole setting was most professional and the questions were stimulating! Since it was being broadcast across the country, questions were from far and wide. Some, of course, were of a Provincial nature.

Following the telecast, it was back to the office to answer some calls and meet with supporters as they came by. We also fitted in a little time for review of the latest materials, and by evening it was time for the Chamber of Commerce Forum at the Yates Memorial Centre.

Again, questions to all six candidates were varied, challenging and stimulating. Not unexpectedly, I was confronted with the same preamble and same questions with respect to the same-sex marriage and abortion issues that had been asked in Coaldale, by the same young man who was obviously attempting to embarrass and discredit me. A few people in the audience expressed their frustration with his insistence on bringing up this issue at every forum.

All-in-all, it was a very good session at the Yates; and after the forum we had time to chat with some supporters.

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