Sunday, March 25

After a 39 year career in the health care field, I have “officially” retired.

“Unofficially”, I intend to stay the course with the various interests I have been involved in over recent years. I still feel spry and healthy. And with the encouragement of my family, friends and others I realized my vast and varied experiences including my time as the Liberal Candidate (Lethbridge) last year was too valuable to not put to use. And as such, I have decided to let my name stand again in the upcoming nomination set for April 14th, 2007.

Having done incredibly well considering the obstacles, it is my hope that people will see fit once again to approve me to carry the flag. Of course, now being free from the duties of a day-job, I will be able to dedicate the time to the campaign-- winning the trust of our fellow voters, getting the real change and a Liberal voice in Ottawa for the first time in almost 100 years.

I need your help and support to obtain the nomination and win the riding.

In just over a year in power and two budgets, people have seen and heard enough to realize they have been duped by Mr. Harper, who has gone back on his promises and does nothing for the little guy (that so badly needs support).

We, as Liberals, have elected our new leader, Mr. Dion: a clear-minded, committed Federalist, a man of integrity, determination and boundless energy. Mr. Dion articulates a clear vision of Three Core Pillars so Canada can rebalance Prosperity, Social Justice and a sustainable Environment which later includes a research-driven economy to ensure Canada is a global leader.

He (Dion) has also suggested tax-cuts that encourage business(es) to invest in innovation and that Canadian families be assisted with a tax credit for purchasing energy-saving homes. He has also suggested a supplemental pension account for stay-at-home parents and the self employed and put forward the most comprehensive Aboriginal Peoples Plan to help level the living field for our First Nations people.

Just this week, the Conservative Government voted against the opposition parties in Parliament, on the former Prime-Minister (Martin)’s private members bill to retore the Kelowna Accord… the need for which is long overdue.

Mr. Dion has already made public his "Clean Water Plan, designed to revitalize and protect Canada's Watersheds and ensure a safe, sustainable water supply for all Canadians". His "plan is to work in partnership with the Provinces, Municipalities, First Nations and local communities" on solving the issues as we continue our review, reorganization and revitalization.

Please check our local Lethbridge Riding webpage for the latest on the party and our activities at and follow the easy instructions. Membership in the Liberal Party can also be bought online.

We hope you will continue to correspond with us your concerns and suggestions. I can also be contacted personally at 403.317.0829 for further discussion.