Wednesday, January 18

Tuesday at U of L and a Forum

After a quick breakfast and check of the emails today, I rushed out for an appointment at the University of Lethbridge Radio Station at 10. Unexpectedly, the TV camera crew showed up there and wanted a shot of me meeting students; a very good experience, in which Tyler and I were involved until almost noon.

We then slipped home and made a quick bite of lunch, so we could review comments and thoughts in a little more privacy. I responded to some calls at the office and chatted with the few people that came by. Some just wanted to wish me well, assuring me of their support. Again, another Conservative assured me by phone of her and her husband's vote.

Didn't get much time for practice, and soon it was time to be on the way for the next forum sponsored by SACPA and held at the Lethbridge Public Library. The forum was very orderly and the questions stimulating. We all had an early night for a change.

Tomorrow is another full day!

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