Sunday, April 23

Friends of Medicare, GST & the budget

As you might guess I'm keeping busy with work and the various committees and now the yard needs attention. Also, been busy on the 'Friends of Medicare' (FOM) campaign, getting signatures to help pressure the Alta. Gov. to slow or retract their pushwith the 'Third Way' that it sounded like many of themselves did not understand what might be entailed in it. You may have heard that thousands were presented in the Legislature and their most recent announcement on it is a triumph for democracy and all our efforts. Also, attended the rally arranged by FOM on April 1 and heard many heart-wrenching stories of woe suffered down South but none peculiarly enough that might confirm anything that the Government has been telling in their effort to convince us how unsustainable the Health System is afterwards at the Library. And, thanks to Prime Minister Harper that at last he spoke out which I think also added weight that helped bring about the reversal. However, I respectfully suggest that we should not be fooled by the announcement. Obviously they intend to re-tool and be back and I respectfully suggest too that it is not just an Alberta issue but a National issue that the Federal Government needs to monitor and crack the whip on. Thanks Mr. Harper, and at the FOM AGM on April 29 I let my name stand for the Board of Directors since I believe this is such an important issue and I need to get to know as many aspect of it as possible.

However, Mr. Harper's most recent pronouncement with respect to gas prices and the GST was the most naive statement he could make. Even a kindergarten kid would almost see the math does not add up. Now the new Gov. is reported to be looking seriously at incorporating some of the Liberal tax policies they shot down before and during the election campaign though fortunately for the tax-payer and though I abhor cynicism it's sure difficult not to be cynical of politicians. Seems like now that he is in he is determined do anything he can to remain. It will be interesting to see what is contained in the budget. Let's keep tuned.

Tuesday, April 11

Michael Cormican's Election Campaign 2010

LPCA Convention 2006 Overview April 10, 2006

Eight of us attended the LPCA Convention this past w/e and my reading of it was that everyone enjoyed it. It was great to see and sense the happy optimism and dynamism generated. Activities commenced at 7pm on Friday. Following the opening the evening was a well deserved tribute to Hon. Anne McLellan. Several of the candidates for Leader of the Party were in attendance too, mingled and for some it was a late night. Thanks to Chris Singer the Lethbridge group met with Michael Ignatieff, one of the contenders. It was great to see so many youth there too.

After a good breakfast on Saturday morning sessions commenced at 0830. The day was action-packed and ably directed by Kevin and Lisa who did a super job as usual. Mid morning the place was a buzz with TV cameras for the highlight of the week-end and the introduction of the 16 likely contenders for the leadership, some of whom had not declared but admitted they were testing the waters. Unfortunately, because of the numbers each was limited to 3 minutes. It was great and reassuring to see such quality candidates and that the party will be in good hands. Some shon a little more than others but in my estimation they were all super and each has different strengths. As usual I had decided and prefer to reserve making judgement until I see and hear them performing for longer as well as which I would not want to influence anyone until we all hear more from them. So at this point all I will provide is list those in the running as follows:

• Hon. Carolyn Bennett, MP
• Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, MP
• Hon. Scott Brison, MP
• Ruby Dhalla, MP
• Hon. Stephane Dion
• Martha Hall Findlay
• Hon. Joe Fontana, MP
• Hon. Hedy Fry, MP
• Hon. John Godfrey, MP
• Michael Ignatieff, MP
• Hon. Gerard Kennedy
• Hon. John McCallum, MP
• Hon. Bob Rae
• Hon. Joe Volpe, MP
• Paul Zed, MP
Our Senators and several MPs from across the country were also in attendance. Saturday evening’s banquet was a celebration of Candidates in appreciation for running in the recent election as well as awards in recognition of those that so diligently assisted in the election and maintaining the party over the past year. I was accorded the honor of introducing the Hon. Bill Graham, Interim Opposition Leader and Guest Speaker. His speech gave ready assurance that he will tenaciously ensure the Government is held accountable. And, following the banquet leadership candidates met with delegates in the various hospitality rooms to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know them better. After a brief sleep for some soon it was voting and AGM time on Sunday morning and it looks like the Party in Alberta is in healthy financial condition. Congratulations to Adam Campbell, our new President and Ivanka as VP. Keep tuned.