Thursday, January 29

Observations on the Budget of January 27, 2009

I thought I should provide a few observations with respect to the much anticipated budget upon which so many Canadians - individuals, families and business - pin their hopes, as they feel pinched as a result of the quickly shrunken economy.

Some will feel helped, but in listening to the budget and follow-up discussions I couldn’t help but feel as though some of it is “smoke and mirrors” and will take time to see if it all pans out as projected. Certainly it is much better than what we would have been treated to if Mr. Harper had not been stopped in his tracks. What a huge turn-around from the fiscal update he provided two months ago, an update which was obviously either misleading or na├»ve.

Even I was aware of the worsening world situation in early October. My brother in Ireland told me in a phone-call how the Irish Government had just broken ranks with the EU and said it was going to bail-out a couple of their largest banks. A few days later we saw British PM, Gordon Brown soliciting support in the Middle East and months before most of us were aware of Fanny Mae etc. in the US.

However, despite the severity of our situation, with thousands who have already lost jobs and many more cut to part time, I believe that Canada, with its resource wealth, will survive better than most. However, like a heart-attack or cancer the conditions were developing long before, this may take much longer to correct. My wish is that everyone will survive with the least hurt.

As Mr. Ignatieff has said, the main measures of the budget’s efficacy must be:
• Will (the budget) help business and industry survive?
• Will it alleviate the stresses of those affected by the downturn?
• What length of time it will take to get out of deficit again. (With the huge amounts involved, this is my biggest concern!)

Nevertheless, let’s think and talk positive like Mr. Obama, so that we can feel better and get back to normal again. Also, as suggested by Mr. Obama, we all need to do our bit, learn the needed lesson and become responsible in our day-to-day living. We need to realize the interconnectedness of all of us all and the universe.

We also need to realize that if we keep approaching issues and the future with the same approaches, undoubtedly we will get more of the same. We need to dream, take calculated risks; to reach for the stars and to expect the best from those who serve us. These are some of the traits we see in Mr. Obama. He has renewed our hope and trust. We need to listen and emulate them too.

And, now that circumstances have helped bring us some of the much needed reason and cooperation we expected of our politicians, let’s expect better from them from now on, and likely we will get what we expect. Of course, I would appreciate hearing your observations too. I can be contacted by email at or by phone at (403) 381-7635.
Michael Cormican

Monday, January 19

Justice needing to be restored in case of Omar Kadhr

I find it difficult to keep quiet when repeatedly hearing and now seeing evidence proving continuing injustice especially to someone who is unable to do anything for themselves. Shortly my last blog insertion I turned the TV to channel 15 to catch-up on Newsworld and happened on the latest update on Mr. Kadhr's case I suspect most people have heard about many times and like many people not believing such injustices and torture still occurs had not taken action to date. The reporters and Canadian Lawyer did a super job challenging and providing evidence that countered almost every piece of evidence attempted by the US defence in the case which is about to go to court. It spurned me to take action and the following is a copy of my action. To contact Mr. Obama I was directed to correspond on his facebook. You will also see that I have sent it to Prime Minister Harper and other significant politicians. Here goes:

Hi Mr. Harper, Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Casson:
Firstly, Mr. Casson since I have difficulty locating and address for Mr. Harper and since I anticipate you have one in easy reach I would really appreciate if you can forward this correspondence to him at your earliest convenience.

Following is a copy of my correspondence and request to President-elect Obama as he assumes the role of President of the US tomorrow. It is with respect to the Omar Kadhr case as noted above. Like many Canadians I expect our Government that appears to have been complicit in the injustices and torture as well to end the continuing injustices being perpetuated and restore Mr. Kadhr's Rights and Freedoms. See as follows:

Hi Mr. Obama:
This is my first attempting to contact with you. Though I had not done so until now and though I am Canadain I have been supportive of you from the start and when some that were supportive of other primary contenders were questioning or making statements that Americans were not ready for a black President I kept reminding them of your ease, sincerity and intelligence. Now I want to wish you well as you start your awesome responsibility. I suspect others may have made the same request of you. I just watched the iinvestigative report on Newsworld on Mr. Kadhr, Canadian being held in Guantanamo and being tried on what appears to be unfolding as the biggest concoction of lies attempting to frame him. Even the CIA and interrigators iinvolved question the evidence being given. I ask that you do whatever you can to end the injustice. I am also about to write to our own Canadian government on the matter. Thank you for your attention. Appreciatively,
Michael Cormican

Thank you in anticipation of positive action.
Michael Cormican

Happy New Year! May we and our Government be thoughtful of our future too!

I guess it never too late to wish good things, and the year is still young enough to do so. As usual, I always wish the best for everyone. It would be a much better world if everyone tried to cultivate a positive outlook, then no one would feel excluded. Unfortunately, it appears that for quite some time the majority has got into an exclusionary mode, focusing on themselves or their own group, resulting in less consideration for others. We all have a responsibility to consider others and how our thoughts and actions will affect them. Liberals, because of our philosophy, have a special responsibility to reach out and to ensure that others feel included and valued.

Fortunately, towards the end of the last year the sudden changes in the world economy, as well as the winds of change from the USA, forced everyone to re-evaluate. Circumstances forced an about-face to seek cooperation in the political sphere, once again proving that tough time and cooperation bring out the best in us. So let’s keep positive that the new attitude will hold.

Nevertheless, I hope that Mr. Harper will not be too soft under the pressure of trying to respond to everyone. I hope he will be cautious and prudent, since we don’t want a huge debt hanging over us for the long-term future; a situation which could easily happen. I trust he will be reasonable in his upcoming budget and ensure that some thought be given to plans for getting back to normal.

However, all of us have a responsibility to cooperate and be reasonable too, not only in our expectations but in our actions as well. Let’s all show we have learned the vital lessons of prudence and cooperation. We must be prudent with credit, as well as remembering that there will be many who hurt and need our help. In doing this we will realize the positive multiplier effect that occurs when we share.

Also, at this time I remind Liberals of the need to renew their membership and to donate, since the latter (other than increasing the numbers and fundraising activities) is the only way the party can survive. We should not leave all of this to the dedicated few who are the nucleus. We must all make it our responsibility to actively support and give our best to our party, since it is the best the democratic world has come up with. We need only listen to the news to be reminded of what can happen when a society is ruled despotically and tyrannically. We need to minimize the possibility of that happening here.

Our riding is one of the most active in the country, so there are many opportunities available. Monthly meetings are held and there is lots of committee work as well as other activities. Also, there are the upcoming conventions, through which much work is done. If you want to attend these you must have a current membership. For this, you can join or renew online at or; or you may contact our president, Dianne King, or myself and we will be happy to get a form to you. You can also keep up-to-date on those sites. Also, if there is any way in which I can help, or if you have concerns or suggestions please email or call me. My phone number is (403) 381-7635 and email is

Best regards,
Michael Cormican