Tuesday, January 10

Debate Away

On Sunday we traveled to Calgary for our friends' mother's 90th Birthday; always an achievement and in this case an wonderful opportunity to renew acquaintances with old friends and celebrate life!

On Monday I had to attend to work issues and then at 6, joined members of the community and team to watch the debate at the office. Again Mr. Martin did us proud, it was another opportunity to hear and get to know the other leaders and their intents.

As the National leaders prepare for their final debate, I head into two weeks full of forums and debates between myself and the other Lethbridge candidates. For an up-to-date listing of the upcoming forums subscribe to our email list through the website.

Also, today, articles went to the local newspapers and the brochure went to the printers. I feel incredibly positive despite trying to rid myself of a heavy cold. Any remedies?

Keep tuned.

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