Tuesday, June 30

Happy Canada Day/Bonne Fete du Canada mon ami !!

Happy Canada Day/ Bonne Fete du Canada mon ami:
I trust you will enjoy our national Holiday, relax and enjoy with family and friends. No need toelaborate; Mr. Ignatieff's message to us says it all as follows:

Date: July 1, 2009

Statement from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on Canada Day

“Today, Canadians across this great nation are proudly celebrating Canada’s 142nd birthday – and we have much to be proud of,” said Michael Ignatieff.

“After 142 years of accomplishment and leadership, Canada is a beacon of hope in a world of uncertainty and division. Since 1867, we have set an example for all others in our global community.

“We speak two official languages and countless others from every corner of the world. We are home to a wealth of diverse cultures and creeds and religious traditions. We look to different distant shores, or to different corners of our land, to find our families’ roots. And still we are one – one great people sharing one great country, strong and free from coast to coast to coast.

“As we gather with our neighbours today to mark our success as a nation, we also look to a future of greater unity, greater compassion, and greater prosperity for all.

“On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary caucus, I wish everyone – young and young at heart – a very Happy Canada Day!”

Click on the link below to see a video message from Michael Ignatieff:


Press Office Office of the Leader of the Opposition 613-996-6740

Au nom du Parti libéral du Canada et de notre groupe parlementaire, je souhaite à tous les Canadiens, les jeunes et ceux qui ont su le rester, une très joyeuse Fête du Canada ! Michael Cormican

Monday, June 29

Update and Continued Concern with respect to Alberta Government's approach to Public Healthcare

Amongst the many issues I feel concerned on as many know one of my big and continuing concerns is with respect to Health Care. As you might guess I support our prized Medicare system and believe we need to take a stand to assure that it will be there for generations to come. It also appears as though many Albertans are likewise concerned as judged by the number of people speaking out on the issue especially with respect to the government's thrust with respect to DAL (Designated Assisted Living) for Seniors. Though our tendency may be to take things easy for the summer I would like to caution that we need to be on the alert and to take an active stand in support of improved healthcare to assure hat it will be there for everone when needed.

Michael Cormican, Past Candidate

Thursday, June 25

Bon Jour Cheri:
Due to all my engagement I missed wishing our French Speaking Canadians the best on the ocassion of St. Jean Baptiste Day but hopefully better late than never. I wish you the best. I was waiting for a response from one of my new French Cannadian friends recently moved to Lethbridge but got too busy with the Health scene. Anyhow, I wish you and yours the best now and always. Bonne Saint-Jean !!
Au revoir,
Michael Cormican

Tuesday, June 2

Conservative Attack Adds backfiring - Canadians don't like negativity

Fellow Citizens --

Following a week of bad news for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, today it gets even worse. His one hope to divert attention away from his government’s incompetence—the personal attack ads against Michael Ignatieff—can be completely neutralized. We need your help to do it, it doesn’t take much effort and it won’t cost you a penny.

An independent Angus Reid study published today finds that Stephen Harper’s strategy is backfiring and that Michael’s honest and personal response to the attacks resonates strongly with Canadians. Stephen Harper is spending an estimated $750 000 dollars a week on this campaign, but you can help beat it with nothing more than a few clicks of your mouse.

Check Michael's response on the web @ Liberal.ca
Watch Michael's response to the attack ads and share it with your friends.

Let’s take this message Canada wide. Forward it to everyone you know and show Stephen Harper that Canadians won’t be distracted from the real story—the economy—and are ready for a new kind of politics.

Rocco Rossi
National Director, Liberal Party of Canada

Michael Cormican, Lethbridge

Monsieur, Madame --

Après une bien mauvaise semaine pour les conservateurs de Stephen Harper, aujourd’hui, les choses s’annoncent encore pires. Son ultime tentative pour détourner l’attention des Canadiens de l’incompétence de son gouvernement, à savoir les attaques publicitaires contre Michael Ignatieff, peuvent être totalement neutralisées. Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour y arriver. Cela ne vous prendra pas beaucoup de temps, et ne vous coûtera pas un sou.

Un sondage indépendant réalisé par Angus Reid et publié aujourd’hui** montre que la stratégie de Stephen Harper se retourne contre lui et que les Canadiens apprécient la réponse honnête et personnelle donnée par Michael Ignatieff à ces attaques. On estime que Stephen Harper dépense 750 000 dollars par semaine pour diffuser ses publicités négatives, mais vous pouvez le combattre en seulement quelques clics de souris.
Cliquez ici pour visionner l’intervention de Michael @ Liberal.ca

Faisons passer le message à tout le pays. Envoyez-le à toutes vos connaissances et montrez à Stephen Harper que les Canadiens ne se laisseront pas détourner de la vraie priorité, l’économie, et qu’ils sont prêts pour une nouvelle façon de faire de la politique.

Rocco Rossi
Directeur national, Parti libéral du Canada

** L’article est présenté dans la langue officielle de sa parution.

Michael Cormican, Lethbridge