Wednesday, July 4

Canada day Week-end Update

July 4
My Campaign kick-off and BBQ were held on July 1 as planned. It was a gorgeous day. About 40 people showed and a few more that had commitments earlier in the day dropped by later. I also managed to slip away briefly to hear the speeches at the Canada Day celebrations at Henderson Park. It appeared as though many more attended than in previous years. The spirit was great everywhere and it was especially great to see young and some new people attending the kick-off!

A special thanks to all who brought goodies to my kick-off BBQ. It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to those that relayed regrets when they found themselves unable to get here. It was well past midnight when we finished. The following is the basic outline of the kick-off speech I prepared for the ocassion:

Happy Canada Day and Welcome to my Campaign Kick-off BBQ

Thank you everyone for attending on such a gorgeous day. I really appreciate all the support and though an election does not appear to be likely in the near future, fact is, I have been nominated as the Liberal Candidate for the next election and need to get under way.

Some strongly suggest I need too be out in public as much as possible so people can get to know me and some question if I should since an election has not been called.

Since an incumbent always has advantage I believe it is difficult to win elections if we wait ‘till a writ is dropped and challengers need opportunities for exposure.

I have already gone door-to-door and though a couple of people thought they had missed announcement of a writ when I noted that we politicians get accused of only showing up during election-time they expressed appreciation at having the opportunity to meet, express concerns and discuss issues.

The main issues that surfaced were; the war in Afghanistan, its futility and the loss of so many young Canadians as well as Mr. Harper’s broken promises, especially the Interest Trust issue.

Some indicated they felt they had made a mistake in the last election and their intent to rectify their mistake in the next election.

My intent is to continue to meet people, let them know who I am and hear their concerns, if any. I intend to attend as many local fairs and events as possible.

Since I don’t want to bore you with a long speech on such a nice day, in brief; I want to draw your attention to the three pillars of Liberal policy economic prosperity, social justice and environmental sustainability. The latter is currently the most major concern and urgently needs attention.

Also, since we know that “we are stronger together”, together we will get there. However, we Liberals have got to believe in ourselves and that we can do it. Belief is the major ingredient in success as the saying goes, it is half the battle.

I am also pleased to tell you that contrary to what I have often heard we are not forgotten by Ottawa. Mr. Dion has contacted me twice in the past couple of weeks expressing appreciation for our support, asking how he and the party can help, what the issues are and provided suggestions on how to respond on the campaign trail.

I will close, thanking you again for coming out. In particular I appreciate having the young Liberals here. And;

Remember we will be having more get-togethers, and, if we want action and change we need to take action. I will welcome your contact, support and input and would appreciate anyone wishing to accompany me on the campaign trail. So you can expect calls from me or other members of the team i.e. Russ, Lorne, Mary Insley, Marie Moar and many others who have indicated they want to help but are unable to be here today.

Have a great Canada day and enjoy the remainder of the evening; thanks again for being here.
Keep informed; check my webpage;, or to get involved in the campaign call me at 381-7635 or team members Russ, Lorne, Mary, Diane or others.

On Monday Russ, my manager and I attended the Stamped Parade in Raymond. Afterwards we joined my friends the Boehme’s and their friends at their annual Canada Day BBQ. Thanks again for your hospitality. It was really something to see a large Canadian flag flying in almost every yard.

On Friday I hope to attend the Calgary Stampede. For National update check the webpage. It’s right up to date. I note Mr. Dion deserves our congratulations for his recent award for international politicians for their work with respect to the environment. Keep tuned.