Friday, December 7

Liberals Focused on Winning Next Election

Dion Rallies Liberal Riding Association Presidents –
Liberals Focused on Winning Next Election

MONTREAL - Liberals from across Canada returned home from Montreal today with a renewed sense of focus and full of new ideas. Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and Liberal Party President Senator Marie-P. Poulin today adjourned the inaugural meeting of the Council of Presidents. The meeting, attended by members of the National Executive, riding association presidents, representatives from the four Liberal Commissions, candidates, former Leadership contestants and Caucus brought Liberals from across the country together to discuss ideas and to prepare for the next election.

"By bringing members of the Liberal family together in this way, we not only promote cooperation between ourselves, but we also highlight our Party's national scope and organizational strength," said Stéphane Dion. "The inaugural meeting of the Council was about rallying our team, discussing ideas and about sharing our optimism for this country with Canadians. In speaking with my colleagues this weekend, I can tell you that we are all focused on the next election."

Over the course of the weekend, Liberals from across Canada engaged in discussions ranging from policy initiatives, fundraising, election readiness and Party governance. The Council of Presidents was created at the last biennial Convention, held in Montreal one year ago, to ensure that the Party's management structure remains accountable to the grassroots. By enlarging the inaugural meeting to include candidates, former Leadership candidates and Caucus, the Liberal Party of Canada seized an opportunity to take another important step towards party renewal.

"I am so pleased at the strength and diversity of our team,” said Senator Poulin. “Whereas Stephen Harper works to impose his narrow-minded view of the country on Canadians, Stéphane Dion works with Canadians at the grassroots. This weekend, he rallied our troops, further strengthening our determination to win the next election." The Party President, in consultation with the Leader, must convene the Council of Presidents annually. The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the Liberal Party's biennial convention in 2008

Sunday, November 25

Release Date: November 24, 2007 For Release: Immediate

Statement by the Honourable Stéphane Dion, Leader of the Opposition, on the election of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and its parliamentary caucus, I would like to offer my congratulations to Labour Party of Australia Leader Kevin Rudd for his victory in today's parliamentary elections.

By electing Mr. Rudd and the Labour Party, Australians have embraced a progressive program of economic competitiveness, tax reduction, enhanced health care, and environmental sustainability. I salute their choice, and I particularly wish to applaud Mr. Rudd for his determination to restore Australia's commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.

Like Mr. Rudd and the Labour Party of Australia, the Liberal Party of Canada believes that only by working in concert with our international partners can we find a lasting solution to the problem of global warming and climate change.

We join all those Canadians who, in their determination to restore Canada's leadership in the global fight against climate change, will today celebrate Mr. Rudd's victory, and Australia's renewed commitment to environmental protection.


Press Office
Office of the Leader of the Opposition

Saturday, November 24

Harper gov't blocks binding commitment on climate

Thought you might be interested in this latest image or our country projected by Mr. Harper.

Harper gov't blocks binding commitment on climate
Mike Blanchfield, CanWest News Service
Published: Saturday, November 24, 2007
KAMPALA, Uganda - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has "embarrassed Canada on the world stage" by blocking a consensus among more than 50 Commonwealth countries to endorse binding commitments on industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion charged Saturday. ...

... But Harper successfully pressed for the deletion of key wording in a climate change statement that would have called for a "binding commitment" on developed countries to reduce emissions by specific targets. ...

... But Dion, a former environment minister, said it is precisely because of Canada's economic strength as a major industrialized power that it must take the lead in cutting greenhouse emissions, rather than waiting for other nations to address the "worst ecological threat of the century."

Australia was the only other country to share Canada's position. But, with the defeat of John Howard's government Saturday, the new Labour government was poised to ratify the Kyoto climate change accord, leaving Canada as the only Commonwealth country to oppose binding targets on developed countries. ...

... Canada's Commonwealth partners, especially Britain and Malta, were also unhappy with the Harper government's hard line. But the "consensus" they eventually found amounted to a watering down of their call for binding targets and timetables, and represented a major setback for the rest of the Commonwealth's 52 countries, all of which opposed Canada's position.

The full details may be read in the Ottawa Citizen. Check in on -


Tuesday, November 20

Keeping in Touch

On a windy Saturday, November 17, under sunny skies, I did some pre-election campaigning in Cardston with the help of Russ Whittaker and Lorne McGlynn, my Campaign Manager and his assistant respectfully. Kay D refreshed us at her restaurant before we commenced door-to-door. As usual many were not home and some expressed surprise that we were there, asking if an election that they had not heard about was called. People were nice, some indicated support, giving an indication of disenchantment with the current situation, while a few indicated they were quite happy with the present government, but it appeared that an equal number were hesitant suggesting a need for change and a few indicated concern about the exorbitant expense of an election. Most were politely pleasant. There was one man who appeared to have strong feelings about gun-control being a waste of money. In summary the general mood appeared to reflect what obviously the polls tell us. Despite the fact we have no indication when an election might be called we need to be ready like the good scout, because according to the way things are going on Parliament Hill an election could be called at anytime.

Also, I want to remind you that I may be contacted by responding to this or calling me at 381-7635 if you have concerns or suggestions.

Friday, November 9

What Childcare? Canadians want a Child Development Program.

Recently, in newspapers across the country, Human Resources and Social Development Minister Monte Solberg has launched an aggressive editorial campaign promoting his government's actions on childcare and ridiculing those of the previous Liberal government.

If you identify with the Liberal Proposal for A Child Development Program which includes care and wish to use this as a letter or the framework for one please feel free to use it to let Minister Monte Solberg know your feelings.

In response to Human Resources and Social Development Minister Solberg’s letter,
“Investing More” we would like to point out that Minister Solberg’s "choice in child care" rhetoric may have an alluring ring for some, but the fact is the Conservative government has taken a hard right turn on child care policies, and communities and families are paying a price.

The Minister refers to his government’s investments in child care, but fails to note that the last Conservative budget actually slashed $1.2 billion in transfers to the provinces and territories for this year, money that could have increased access to child care spaces. As a result, families have lost out on thousands of new spaces and new investments for early learning and child care. The unprecedented cuts go deeper as the provinces and territories will lose another $1.2 billion in each of the next two years.

In place of funding for expanded early learning and child care services, the Conservatives are providing families a taxable monthly cheque of $100 for each child under six. The Minister wrongly equates this meagre income support with access to child care. It’s not enough for families and it hasn’t made it any easier for families to find child care.

The Minister’s rhetoric rings especially hollow in light of his government’s failure to create the 125,000 new child care spaces promised through its tax credits for businesses. That promise is now long gone, while waiting lists for child care persist. Canadian families, child care advocacy groups, and organizations have given this government a failing grade when it comes to the issue of early learning and development.

The Conservative government’s right turn on child care was the wrong plan for Canada. It fails to deliver choice to Canada’s families. Canada’s families are waiting for action and real leadership. Canadian families and Canada’s children deserve better.

Submitted by the Liberal Party of Canada and Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

Sunday, November 4

Which record should we feel proud of?

After almost two years, and little if any progress on issues of importance to Canadians, Mr. Harper talks as if he had a majority, and operates as though he’s campaigning instead of providing leadership and good government which Canadians want and deserve. As the saying goes; one can fool some of the people all the time but not all the people all the time. Hopefully Canadians are keeping track of his record; a record of hype, broken promises and misrepresentation etc., and the list goes on.

First: it was claims of success on a Softwood Lumber deal. (it left millions of dollars to the Americans to fund them to fight us further on issues under NAFTA).


• They refused to follow through on our Kyoto Commitment. All they have come up with is inaction, excuses and misleading targets that will result in our country’s carbon emissions increasing until 2050 or beyond. Their proposals lack any enforcement teeth, thus allowing the situation to worsen; hopefully not past the point of no return.
• In May 2006, two weeks after killing the Kelowna Accord, a government delegation cited the Accord as an example of how well our Indigenous people are treated; yet Mr. Harper’s Government declined to sign the UN declaration on Human Rights for such people, and was subsequently chided by the UN for failure to do so.
• Afghanistan has been a total fiasco, in which to date 72 Canadians have been killed.
• Latest, they’ve attempted to silence General Hillier and we still have no indication when our troops will be replaced.
• The Government continues to defy rulings to make the bidding process for military contracts fair; currently around 140 million dollars are in question.
• Latest, the Auditor General’s Report shows they’ve failed to adequately ensure that Canada’s soldiers enjoy health care services they deserve.

• On a separate issue, the Attorney General recently raised serious concerns over whether the Government has taken adequate action to protect our borders.
• A year ago they precipitated the Income Trust issue which resulted in the loss of billions of dollars of seniors’ hard earned cash meant for retirement.
They made a big noise about access to health services; most of us could have predicted the outcome since it is largely a Provincial Responsibility.
• Currently, the Elections Canada Commissioner is investigating (the Conservatives) for allegedly orchestrating an elaborate money-laundering scheme. It allowed the Party to overspend by more than a million dollars. Conservative candidates apparently claimed nearly $800,000 dollars in rebates for the 2006 Federal election. Instead of cooperating, they’re taking Elections Canada to court.
• The Conservative government never enacted the ‘Law and Order Legislation’ approved by both houses; one can only suspect that this is to provide an issue he can blame us Liberals for when he calls the next election.
• Their so-called tax break amounts to a paltry $10.00 a year to someone with an income of $20,000.00 and not even a couple hundred for the guy making $150,000.00; big deal! The GST cut caused more irritation and cost to business again.
• The Latest: the Conservatives have said they will support the upcoming resolution on Capital Punishment and Mr. Harper said he will not intervene on behalf of citizens to be executed in other countries.

Mr. Harper and his team continue to mislead Canadians, and to misrepresent us to the world. The grandstanding continues and he has provided no information, except secrecy on the Security and Prosperity issue.

Immediately following Mr. Dion’s election, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives saturated the media with the notion that Mr. Harper is a leader and Mr. Dion is not. However, I and many who know Mr. Dion, know he’s a man of integrity. Transparency is evident and what you see is what you get. He’s an unpretentious and deeply committed Canadian. While Mr. Harper was busy trying to break-up the country, even signing the “firewall” manifesto; Mr. Dion was busy establishing the Clarity Act that resulted in great personal risk, to the point he and his family had to be given protection.

It’s clear to me and many who the leader is. The issue on which we lost the 2006 election, and which was resolved by the Gomery Inquiry, sure pales in comparison to the mounting issues and ineptitude of a right-wing government bent on getting their ideology established. Business and Wall Street called their proposal in follow-up to the Income Trust fiasco “stupid” and complimented the Liberal plan. The Liberal Opposition believes Canadians deserve real leadership from a Prime Minister who is honest and accountable. Mr. Harper has not delivered. People want a richer, fairer, greener Canada. This is the Liberal Goal. Let’s get back to governing: to resurrect the child-development program and the Kelowna Accord, to support our farmers and businesses, to make education affordable for our youth and to rescue our planet before it’s too late. I remind you it was you and the Liberals that had Canada lead the G8 and the world with nine of 11 balanced budgets.

Liberals are ready to govern again!

Michael Cormican, Nominated Federal Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

Sunday, October 28

Sptember, October Candidate Report

As most of you likely see the media continued their hype about possibility of an election call as well as continue to look for and highlight Liberal activity, looking for a story and I continued busy in preparation as though an election campaign may materialize.

I attended meetings of SHIA (Lethbridge Social Housing), Affordable Housing Committee, Sik-ooh-kotoki Friendship centre and Aboriginal Housing. I also met with Cheryl Dick, Economic Development Lethbridge and attended the weekly SACPA (Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs) including their extra session at the U of L on Sept. 28 where Michael Byers, formerly of Lethbridge spoke on his book ‘Intent for a Nation’ which he wrote to counter George Grants ‘Lament for a Nation’, written in 1967.

As the title of Mr. Grant’s book might imply he described Canada as becoming integrated more and more into the US which Michael after his travels in Britain, the US and elsewhere realizes is not necessarily so for all kinds of reasons. He believes and wants Canadians to realize that we are much greater and have greater influence than most realize and that an independent voice in North America is needed. He introduces himself as a Red Tory of Mr. Harper’s era but has come to the belief that Mr. Harper must be stopped from taking us in the direction he is set on, harmonization and integration with the US. He pointed to and briefly summarized how the Americans mistreated and minimalized Mr. Diefenbaker for attempting to stand up to them and praised Mr. Trudeau for standing up to them and applauded Mr. Chretien for keeping us out of the Iraq war. His belief, and I wholeheartedly concur that Canada considering the size of our population, is the largest exporter to the US as well as being the only nation of the G8 to post 9 balanced budgets before any one else did. He suggests that though we might realistically expect Canada to agree with and be similar in lots of ways with the US we need to be perceived as different and not always agreeing.

I attended the Schizophrenia Society Annual Gala on Sept. 21 and on request took opportunity to speak with Rotary about Medicare and Friends of Medicare on Oct 4; all opportunities for exposure. On Oct 10 I traveled to Edmonton to support Mr. Dion as he addressed a luncheon audience of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. Afterwards I visited for an hour or so with our son and grand daughter before attending the Laurier Club where Mr. Dion spoke again and from there rushed to a “town-hall meeting” at the Bonny Doon Community Hall. About 500 people attended here where Mr. Dion performed like a pro but unfortunately, the Chamber luncheon gained most of the media attention. I and a couple of the Candidates were honored when Mr. Dion asked us to respond to a couple of the questions to give him a break for a sip of water. As I have often said, do not allow the media and Conservatives psych us into writing him off. Can you see Mr. Harper giving such opportunity to any of his candidates?

On Oct. 12 I was back in Edmonton for the Liberal Campaign College on the Saturday and Sunday. It was most informative and Senator Mitchell really pumped us on Sunday. Of course, your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not an election will be triggered though they and we all want to be like the good scout – prepared! The next excitement was the Throne Speech following which I wrote to the Herald to help remind the electorate about the Conservative’s lack of performance and achievement after almost two years in office as well as comment on the ‘Speech’. Please watch for same. On Oct. 19 I attended the Interfaith Foodbank Annual Fundraiser. Several Conservatives were also in attendance.

In general feedback continues positive. Needless to say Conservative acquaintances continue their “psych-down” approach also pushed by the media. Unfortunately, I find myself having to counter it with some Liberals who buy into it too. We’ve got to be cautious of the biases projected by the media and I say all Liberals are ambassadors and we need to counter such at every opportunity. We really need to believe in ourselves and that anything is possible; I refer us back to the many unexpected changes that occurred even in recent history commencing with Mahatma Ghandi’s peaceful revolution. Twenty five years ago who would have predicted the fall of the Iron Curtain or the Berlin Wall or Apartheid in South Africa. I have had too many admitted Conservatives sound supportive of me nor have I reason to disbelieve those who admitted they supported the Conservatives last time but intend to support me this time. If I am the general I had better believe I will win or will not and should not be in the position. And, as Mr. Ignatieff said recently I would in no way write-off Mr. Dion. It was not for nothing that he got to where he is. Also, we must continue to be prepared since it is likely only a matter of time as to when the election will be triggered. I need everyone’s support in every way possible; I thank you for your support to date and look forward to your continued help. Keep positive and pushing for that richer, fairer, greener Canada we aspire to. Respectfully submitted,

Michael Cormican, Nominated Federal Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

Friday, September 14

Garth Turner visit to Lethbridge, Sept. 13, 2007

As expected, we had a most successful day.

Thanks Dianne for all your work and a special thanks to Garth and Dorothy Turner who gave so generously of their time so Garth could share some of his valuable experience and insights from his years in politics, hear our concerns and hopes and provide us with ideas for the future. I admire such independent people like Garth. He is prepared to stand on principle in the overall best interest. We need more such people. Even without any confirmation it is readily evident he takes the principle of representative democracy seriously rather than telling us what Ottawa wants us to do. Also it was great to see all the young people and others wanting to hear his message. It reinforces for me that it is definitely possible to be the change we need. We have got to believe in ourselves and that we will win. It was also encouraging on my arrival home to read a brief email reassurance from a Conservative former investor that attended that Garth is bang-on in his assessment. Garth, also noting the housing and banking issue that occurred in the US a couple weeks ago and the signs of cooling in Canada’s economy, emphasized the need for caution especially in Alberta dependent so much on oil revenue. He also reminded us as to how the high times affect those of lower income. The town-hall meeting in the evening was most entertaining and interesting. People also appreciated his candid address with respect to Mr. Harper’s broken promises with respect to the Income trust issue. I thank the media for their coverage and look forward their reporting. It is interesting to note the Conservatives are attacking him as they have been Mr. Dion right from the start of his leadership obviously perceiving them as huge threats to them. We need to ask if attacking rather than government is what Canadians want. We say no. We want honesty, openness and leadership in the issues that matter especially the economy and environment and let’s correct the Income Trust fiasco created by Mr. Harper’s Government.

To get to know more about Garth and his ideas please visit his website at For the latest in Liberal policy check, and for local issues keep tuned to my own website and blog at Keep up the great work Garth. You folks keep tuned and get your friends to check out our websites.

Michael Cormican, Federal Liberal Candididate, Lethbridge

Monday, September 10

What is a Liberal and why Vote Liberal?

With an election call likely in the coming months or next year, I would like to respond to questions raised with respect to the Conservative Government’s performance; as well as to the question “why vote Liberal?”.

1. Liberals are fiscally responsible, and keep their word; e.g. they said they would and cut the huge deficit inherited in 1993, and were the only G-8 country to post balanced budgets in their last 9 years in office.

2. Liberals strive for a fair and sustainable balance between individual interest and the best interests of all Canadians. The current government does not see this as a priority.

3. A Liberal Government will:

• work for a vibrant and sustainable economy and sustainable environment,

• maintain universality in health care and education; enhance literacy and skills development, and re-establish a proper child development program,

• maintain transparency and responsible accountability, including reparation for victims of the Income Trust fiasco generated by the government last November, and

• return to Canada’s international development and support role as soon as we complete our commitment in Afghanistan in February 2009.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding September 10, 2007

Monday, September 3

Update on recent Liberal events and campaign, Aug 25

To update and help reassure you we are on the move I submit the following:

It was a busy week starting Saturday, August 17 when I attended the pancake breakfast and Parade in Picture Butte to help get to know the electorate and what’s on their minds. It’s also an opportunity for them to get to know what I stand for and to share their concerns and suggestions.

On Monday, 19th and each day of ‘Whoop-up Week’ Senator Fairbairn and I attended two and three breakfasts daily and met many people. It appears like everyone recognizes her and she knows so many. She’s quite the lady as we all know and keeps a pace I'm sure most people don't realize.

We were up at 6 each day, even earlier one day. The experience brought home to me the need to get known and broadcast the Liberal message including why people should be, or vote Liberal.

Soon I hope to feel comfortable enough with broadcasting wherever I get the opportunity and Mr. Goodale's presentation is a super example of what needs to be published. Looks like it went down well with everyone.

The reception we received on the circuit was very positive. Also, it was a great week of liberal activities. 80 plus attended the Regional Annual BBQ and heard Kevin Taft, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Alberta on Tuesday. Approximately the same number attended Mr. Goodale’s sessions on Thursday. I trust his message, words of wisdom and encouragement was as inspiring for you as for me.

Mr. Goodale reminded us of the proud record and healthy condition the Liberal Government left the country in but alas how quickly it has been changed by Mr. Harper and his team. Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to Mr. Goodale for giving us his valuable time, words of wisdom and encouragement. If you would like to view his speech, please contact me. We look forward in great anticipation to future visits and that of others. On September 13, Mr. Garth Turner MP from Ontario, will be here to speak on ‘needs of investors and homeowners’.

If you have great ideas or suggestions we should be aware of, or you would like to accompany me on the campaign trail, please phone me at 381-7635. Thanks for your continuing support; it’s vital for all of us and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, August 14

Reminder of Exciting Upcoming Liberal Events

Provincial Event:
August 21, 2007 - Kevin Taft, Leader ALP will be in our Whoop-up Parade
PLACE: Kiwanis Shelter, Henderson Lake Park
Parkside Drive South, Lethbridge

August 23 - Hon. Ralph Goodale, former Finance Minister in town. Likely lunch. Other details are being worked on.

September 13 - Garth Turner, former Conservative, now Liberal will be in Lethbridge. Mr. Turner, a maverick politician, is even better known in financial circles as well as having been a dedicated environmentalist for years. (to get the know him better google his name on the web). Keep tuned and feel free to call me, Dianne King, Marie Moar or Mary Insley!

Tuesday, August 7

Ken Dryden Visit

August 3, 2007

Since last communication a lot has happened. Gloria and I and our friends spent a couple of relaxing weeks in Nova Scotia for the ‘Tall Ships festival’. It occurs every two years. While we were away our oldest daughter had an emergency appendectomy and joked that we need to reconsider taking vacations, since it appears some major issue arises when we go on vacation. Last year it was Neala, and this year it was Aileen.

On the political side with Parliament on summer recess some politicians are noticeably on the move across the country. Our local Riding Association executive waste no opportunity to pass to help keep us and the public here informed so they have arranged for some of the more prominent politicians to come to Lethbridge.

First to come was the great goalie for the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, Hon. Ken Dryden as guest speaker at Ericksens on August 1. Most people, even kids see him as an icon and he did not forget them, he signed memorabilia of all sorts for them. You may recollect the Canadiens won 6 Stanley Cups from 1971 to 1979. After his hockey career, Ken became a lawyer and politician. He was first elected in 2004. You may recollect that as minister of Social Development he was instrumental in developing and gained agreement of the provinces on the first-ever National Childcare program that was scuttled by the Conservatives when they became Government. Also, Ken was one of the most able contenders we were blessed to have to run for the Liberal Leadership last year.

He provided a riveting summary of his reflections and review of Mr. Harper’s and the Conservative government’s performance over the past 18 months. He reports hearing from his travels that it has been disappointing, to say the least. He says “disappointment does not even fully describe it”, suggesting the current government does not adequately reflect the majority of Canadian values at home or abroad. He aptly described their approach as non-inclusive and divisive, the most divisive in Canadian history. It seems to be an “us versus them” approach or even “us versus him”, if we recollect how Mr. Harper appears to treat his cabinet.

Mr. Dryden went on to say that despite what the government appears to offer, if we consider it in the long-term we must wonder what the outcome will add up to. I readily concur with him with respect to the hugeness of Canada in so many ways and how we need to be cognizant of long range and sustainability of outcomes. I also concur that the Conservatives rather than thinking of the long-term have continued in a campaign approach seeking to orchestrate re-election hoping for a majority and that we Liberals need to continue to listen and hear what Canadians want. We need to reflect their aspirations and if Canadians believe we are hearing them they will put their confidence in us when they vote. To ensure continuing support; I, Matthew Conley and Senator Fairbairn also attended the Medicine Hat dinner later that evening. It was all most inspiring. I wish more could have been there.

Upcoming Liberal events:
On August 21 we’re looking forward to Kevin Taft, Provincial ALP Leader, attending our Whoop-up Parade, followed by a corn roast at 4 pm.
On August 23 Hon. Ralph Goodale, former Finance Minister will be in town. Details are still being worked on.
Similarly, Garth Turner, former Conservative-turned-Liberal is expected to be here on September 13. Mr. Turner, a maverick politician, is even better known in financial circles as well as having been a dedicated environmentalist for years. If you are not familiar with him, just google his name on the web and you will understand what I mean. Keep tuned.

Wednesday, July 4

Canada day Week-end Update

July 4
My Campaign kick-off and BBQ were held on July 1 as planned. It was a gorgeous day. About 40 people showed and a few more that had commitments earlier in the day dropped by later. I also managed to slip away briefly to hear the speeches at the Canada Day celebrations at Henderson Park. It appeared as though many more attended than in previous years. The spirit was great everywhere and it was especially great to see young and some new people attending the kick-off!

A special thanks to all who brought goodies to my kick-off BBQ. It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to those that relayed regrets when they found themselves unable to get here. It was well past midnight when we finished. The following is the basic outline of the kick-off speech I prepared for the ocassion:

Happy Canada Day and Welcome to my Campaign Kick-off BBQ

Thank you everyone for attending on such a gorgeous day. I really appreciate all the support and though an election does not appear to be likely in the near future, fact is, I have been nominated as the Liberal Candidate for the next election and need to get under way.

Some strongly suggest I need too be out in public as much as possible so people can get to know me and some question if I should since an election has not been called.

Since an incumbent always has advantage I believe it is difficult to win elections if we wait ‘till a writ is dropped and challengers need opportunities for exposure.

I have already gone door-to-door and though a couple of people thought they had missed announcement of a writ when I noted that we politicians get accused of only showing up during election-time they expressed appreciation at having the opportunity to meet, express concerns and discuss issues.

The main issues that surfaced were; the war in Afghanistan, its futility and the loss of so many young Canadians as well as Mr. Harper’s broken promises, especially the Interest Trust issue.

Some indicated they felt they had made a mistake in the last election and their intent to rectify their mistake in the next election.

My intent is to continue to meet people, let them know who I am and hear their concerns, if any. I intend to attend as many local fairs and events as possible.

Since I don’t want to bore you with a long speech on such a nice day, in brief; I want to draw your attention to the three pillars of Liberal policy economic prosperity, social justice and environmental sustainability. The latter is currently the most major concern and urgently needs attention.

Also, since we know that “we are stronger together”, together we will get there. However, we Liberals have got to believe in ourselves and that we can do it. Belief is the major ingredient in success as the saying goes, it is half the battle.

I am also pleased to tell you that contrary to what I have often heard we are not forgotten by Ottawa. Mr. Dion has contacted me twice in the past couple of weeks expressing appreciation for our support, asking how he and the party can help, what the issues are and provided suggestions on how to respond on the campaign trail.

I will close, thanking you again for coming out. In particular I appreciate having the young Liberals here. And;

Remember we will be having more get-togethers, and, if we want action and change we need to take action. I will welcome your contact, support and input and would appreciate anyone wishing to accompany me on the campaign trail. So you can expect calls from me or other members of the team i.e. Russ, Lorne, Mary Insley, Marie Moar and many others who have indicated they want to help but are unable to be here today.

Have a great Canada day and enjoy the remainder of the evening; thanks again for being here.
Keep informed; check my webpage;, or to get involved in the campaign call me at 381-7635 or team members Russ, Lorne, Mary, Diane or others.

On Monday Russ, my manager and I attended the Stamped Parade in Raymond. Afterwards we joined my friends the Boehme’s and their friends at their annual Canada Day BBQ. Thanks again for your hospitality. It was really something to see a large Canadian flag flying in almost every yard.

On Friday I hope to attend the Calgary Stampede. For National update check the webpage. It’s right up to date. I note Mr. Dion deserves our congratulations for his recent award for international politicians for their work with respect to the environment. Keep tuned.

Sunday, June 24


June 20, 21 and 22

Hi Friends and viewers:
Did some door-to-door in Lethbridge on June 20. It was sure a scorcher though so I had to quit earlier than anticipated. It being a weekday many were not home. The reception was especially good in the morning. Thanks Leonard for accompanying me in the morning and Herman in the afternoon and thanks Russ for the business you were rounding up for later.

The most frequently raised concern was the war in Afghanistan, some seeing no sense in it. In general people appeared to be somewhat torn on it. Our hearts go out to the families the latest three young people killed there. It is certainly difficult to justify even one death. The least we can do is support those left behind and pray, wish well and be appreciative of the sacrifices being made in the interest of bringing peace to the troubled region.

Thursday was another hot day. I visited Sik-ooh-kotoki as it was Aboriginal Day, the Rehab Center and a Pow Wow in Galt gardens in the evening. It was very well attended and the music and dancing was spectacular. On Friday, June 22, I and a couple other friends attended a BBQ in the Macleod Riding and met the Hon. Wayne Easter, former Ag. Minister, guest speaker and Hon. Bob Nault, former Cabinet Minister too. Keep tuned!

Wednesday, June 20

Campaign Kick-off

Hi Elector:
For awhile a few weeks ago it looked as though we might soon have a federal election though the picture almost as suddenly changed and in recent weeks the possibility appeared to almost disappear. However, as many of us know from experience it is best to expect the possibility and be prepared. As the nominated Liberal Candidate for the riding I believe it is best to get underway with getting to know the electorate in the Riding, their issues and give them the opportunity to get to know me so they may be assured that I will follow-through and represent them as they expect. Since my webpage and brochure provides my bio I will not bore you other than to remind you that I’m the guy that ran last year when things were less than favorable for Liberals, though the number of votes I obtained could be interpreted to suggest that I was a very credible alternative despite the obstacles, consequently why I decided to present myself again .

As I said in my nomination speech I believe I have been very blessed in how life has been to me thus I owe it to give back to my community. I continue to feel blessed and I believe the more blessed we have been the more responsibility we have to contribute to the good of our community - neighbors. I believe that the many years in the health field and my involvement in community and in politics have prepared me ideally for such an undertaking. However, as I said in one of my blogs last year I did not want to sound critical and wanted to give the Conservative Government a chance to show what they could do so held off on expressing my opinion.

However, now the Conservatives have been almost a year and a half in power and though initially making a few boo boos, like a new broom they appeared to be doing acceptably, or at least the public at large and the media appeared to think they were doing okay. Or was it that they did a good sell job of themselves as achieving what they said they would do. However, as time passed, cracks began to show, the novelty appeared to wear off and they especially recently appear to respond poorly to pressure and have run out of ideas. Recent months appeared to take its toll, especially on a few issues of more importance in the electorate’s mind; i.e. the environment and Afghanistan and of course, the inflexibility of their ideological driven agenda became more apparent. Of course, being a Candidate I get the most up-to-date info right away from the party which a few suggested could be seen as Liberal propaganda; however, I chose not to share so as not to bother people. However, in recent weeks and best of all I note that most of the major newspaper reports which people trust as relatively unbiased indicate increasing dissatisfaction with the Conservatives. Though only a few weeks ago they speculated on the potential for an election they are now reporting the Conservatives as losing popularity and the polls verify same. Reports describe the Government as taking a pounding from the Liberal opposition with respect to their handling of a myriad of issues including the Environment, Student Employment programs, handling of prisoners in Afghanistan, their lack of commitment to maintaining Canada’s financial commitments in the third world, their push to dismantle the Wheat Board, the G8 Convention in Germany etc. Then there are broken promises i.e. Income Trust Issue and most recently, their so called settlement of the Softwood Lumber issue with the US appears to be in question as well as kinks showing with respect to accountability; the most glaring being that almost 70% of military spending has been out-sourced without any competition over their time in office. Also, papers that not many weeks ago were critical of Liberals and Mr. Dion have asked readers not to write-off Mr. Dion. I leave it to you to be the judge as to the Conservative’s performance. I can assure you that Mr. Dion has been working every possible moment on our behalf, visiting many regions of the country and leading his colleagues in the Commons. I marvel at how he can keep such a pace and keep on top of everything. He is a great listener and on meeting him he immediately makes one feel comfortable and valued.

In the meantime, I have been preparing and listening to people too and feel just about ready to formally kick-off my campaign. My initial brochure is now available and my team is also preparing though we didn’t engage an office yet since a writ announcement appears a long way off. We have chosen July 1 for the official kick-off with a BBQ at my home. If you are interested in getting more actively involved we will be happy to accommodate you.

If you have thoughts on issues or concerns about the current Government of our country please contact me. I’m ready to listen. If you have no thoughts or questions I would like to note that I have found since starting to talk with people in the riding that the main concerns are:
the interest investment trust issue
the war in Afghanistan, and
several promises the Government made and have not kept.

Of course, we Liberals agree with the importance of those important issues that have affected a lot of people, in some cases jeopardizing livelihoods! And, of course, we have proposed and are in the process of developing policy to address and to rectify the damage the Conservative Government did on issues.

You may be already familiar with the three main policy pillars outlined by Mr. Dion during his leadership bid – Economic Prosperity, Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability. I would like to elaborate on them as follows:

We Liberals believe Environment must have high priority since as I have often said, if we do not take care of it we might as well forget about a future. Of course, we consider natural resources in equal context with environment since both are interdependent on each other and we need to be wise stewards of our environment and resources so they will be there to sustain us and the future generations that follow us. In brief, we want our world to be sustainable to assure our survival.

We also believe that Health is very important and we need to consider shelter, childcare and education – we need child development programs and education that is affordable to give our young people the basics they need to get involved in productive living.

We also believe we need to ensure we have policies that encourage and sustain business and agriculture at all stages; and,

Lastly, I would like to remind you that we need to review and reconsider our foreign policy, especially in relation to Afghanistan so we do not have young Canadians coming back in body bags. One was one too many. We need to consider disengaging at the earliest opportunity; and,

We need to work on restoring Canada’s independence and credibility internationally; so “if there is any way you can be of help to me to achieve these goals I will be happy to accept your support to get there. Please do not hesitate to phone at 381-7635 or email me at I need your help and as you will likely agree; together we are stronger, whether as two or more individuals or community working together and we will win. I will elaborate on other issues as time rolls on. I ask that you pass this on to your friends and associates since as I see it everyone is an ambassador and everyone likewise a potential Liberal. And, please contact me if you need help signing up. I thank you for your attention and consideration. Appreciatively,

Michael Cormican, nominated Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

Friday, May 11

Third Canadian Medicare Conference, Regina; May 3 and 4

Summary on Canadian National Medicare Conference in Regina, May 3 and 4

Last week I had the honor of attending this wonderful third ever Canadian Conference on Medicare - Building on Tommy Douglas' vision of Medicare. Thanks especially to Friends of Medicare for affording me the opportunity. And, what an opportunity it was as well as the wonderful company of Gordon and Sylvia Campbell and James Moore.

Woh! What a Conference and impressive array of speakers; experts from across Canada, the US, Britain and NZ! It was amazing to see the precision that helped us hear 38 speakers in two days.

The conference kicked-off with an address from Shirley Douglas, actress daughter of the famous 'Father of Medicare - Tommy Douglas' and each session commenced with a keynote speaker providing focus.

We heard on the International Perspective; Financing to Achieve Greater Equity; Homecare Reforms, Pharmacare, Homecare and Primary Care; Social Determinants of Health and Getting to Where We Want to Get To headed by distinguished people like Dr. Michael Rachlis, Hon. Monique Begin, former Minister of Health in the Trudeau Government and Roy Romanow, former Premier of Saskatchewan.

To name but a few of those on the panels we heard from people like former Premier Allan Blakeney; Tom Kent, Principal Secretary to former Prime Minister Pearson as well as many other distinguished scholars from Academic circles as well as leaders from Nursing and Physicians.

Highlight of the conference was Stephen Lewis, from the UN. He had, if not all of us, at least most of us in tears as he described his firsthand experiences of aids and poverty in Africa. We hope he will continue and have the strength for a long time to disseminate the message that the world needs to know.

Daily 15,000 people die as a result of aids for lack of drugs and the basics of life that are available but not provided by governments that renege on commitments. When will we wake-up?

And, yes poverty is rampantly increasing in our own country too as the gap between rich and poor; "the haves and have nots" widens. It is difficult for anyone to improve themselves when the reality is they get no time to rest but increasingly struggle for the basics in minimum wage jobs, sometimes two or three part-time jobs to get by and suffer the consequent ravages of stress; the silent killer. Of course, there is no time or opportunity for education.

In brief, the message is that we have achieved only the smallest part of Tommy Douglas's vision. We need to continue striving for the rest of the vision and emphasis is needed especially on prevention and health; in other words, Public Health, as we continue to work for universality for coverage for dental, eye and pharmacare.

And, let us not be persuaded by the naysayers that we can afford it since we have the proof and the financial wherewithal. We can not afford the alternative, neglect and escalating cost of band-aid measures to stop the diseases already started.

Time and again it's been proved that privatization costs more and evidence continues to demonstrate that the countries with socialized Medicare are far ahead with outcomes of better health. The fact is; Canada only spends 9% of our GDP on Healthcare while the US spends 16% and still has 45 million people without healthcare.

However, we need to ensure that departments within governments cooperate at all levels to ensure that policy in and at all levels of health, education and our economy are in harmony to assure the best health of all citizens starting with a proper child-development program. I just wish you could have been there to experience this historic conference. Michael Cormican

Monday, April 16

Thank You For Your Overwhelming Support

Good Morning! It is with much thanks and renewed spirits for Liberals everywhere I write this post. As most of you may already know, the nomination vote for the Lethbridge Liberal Party was held this weekend. As things would turn out, the membership was faced with the difficult decision between two candidates equally matched (Diane King and Myself).

It is with thanks I acknowledge your votes and support, you have elected myself for the second term as your representative for the upcoming federal election. And I intend to do all I can to be ready and meet the challenge head on to give the other names on the forthcoming ballot a run for their money. Your continued support and communication is always appreciated!

Below, is a copy of the speech I delivered on Saturday:

"Good Morning everyone/Bon jour/Oki!

Welcome and thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to come out and support us in this serious business.

Thank you, Shaun for your kind introduction. I really appreciate it! It is great to be assured of your loyalty.

Really, there is little need for introduction since many of you know me very well for many years. Including the voters in Lethbridge

I’m the guy that ran last year when no one else wanted to run when we had the hot issues of gun control, gay marriage and worst of all the sponsorship scandal. Yet despite these obstacles; I took the challenge and though a first time candidate I did extremely well obtaining 6,000 votes; no small feat.

Votes for Liberals in our riding at best don’t come easily, by accident or luck. It takes being credible, well-known, shrewd calculation, years of preparation, guts, determination and teamwork. Thank you, we did it.

Like many here I originated from elsewhere and obviously understand the difficulties one usually experiences in a new location, country or culture. Like most that migrate, we are motivated and believe in participation and contributing; our adoptive community is the beneficiary. We bring and share ideas and experiences and soon realize the mutual benefits that result from sharing of ourselves.

I believe I have been hugely blessed and that I would not be true to myself nor would I be truly living if I did not volunteer and contribute to assist my fellow-man to have opportunity and access to the services basic to living in dignity. And, I believe the more blessed we have been the more responsibility we have to contribute to the good of our neighbours and society and we must be good stewards of our life, resources and environment.

I was born and raised on a small farm and know what hard work is and just commenced early-retirement from a long, varied and fulfilling career, planning to dedicate more time to some of the activities I enjoy, including spreading the liberal message.

My many years in the health field helped me to understand the area that affects everyone’s life as much as education so I joined Friends of Medicare to help ensure our public funded health system, a treasure and envy of the world is maintained and will be there for us when we need it.

Yes; I realized early in life that if a segment of our community looks bad we all look bad which is why I chose to get involved in advocacy for housing, the Coalition on Poverty and Friends of Medicare. Next month I’ll be in Regina for the National Medicare Conference. And, today I had to return here from an out-of-town Aboriginal Retreat.

My work and experiences have helped me understand the devastating effects of poverty and the cycle of poverty. Working in health one quickly realizes the correlation between income, health and poverty and the need to narrow the gap so we can all enjoy a reasonable standard and live in dignity.

Soon after becoming a citizen in 1977, I joined the Party and as Shaun alluded to I managed his campaign. I have been active locally and provincially ever since, served two 6 year periods as President of Lethbridge West and I’m Regional Chair.

I also managed Al Barnhill’s, Leslie Vaala’s and Bal Boora’s campaigns as well as my wife Gloria’s two successful runs for the School Board and I’ve attended many Conventions over the years as John Boras will verify; he and I often were the only ones that made it our business to go.

I’ve been a Lethbridge Liberal since we were so few; we used to be accused of being able to meet in a phone-booth, and I see some of you here today that can recall that. It’s great to see how our numbers have grown.

I feel confident that anyone who knows and has worked with me will readily attest that I’m a man of action, consistent in my beliefs, diligent and a person of integrity and honour.

Being more a left-leaning Liberal I supported Mr. Dion for leader and believe his three policy pillars make great sense. Without a responsible, caring approach we will destroy ourselves and our world. It behoves us to be good stewards of our resources and environment and to care for the weakest amongst us.

I believe young parents and families deserve to have the best programs in Child Development that will assure quality child care and development and that provides education as well as work opportunities.

Also, I believe everyone deserves an adequate or living income to provide the basics so they may live with dignity and feel wanted and cared for instead of struggling unnecessarily in the cycle of poverty and worry that ruins health, kills hope and stifles innovation and progress.

I believe we need to support our struggling farmers, small businesses, the arts and our First Nations people with policies and programs that will assist and sustain them in the long-term.

I believe we need to restore funding for literacy, women’s and social programs and to ensure education is affordable for young people; and we need to institute Mr. Dion’s ‘Supplemental Pension’ plan for stay-at-home parents and small business entrepreneurs. We need policies that encourage responsible economic development.

We need to ensure our peacekeepers are properly equipped for their roles so our young men and women come back alive and we need to review our commitment in Afghanistan and regain our leadership role in the world.

I believe these are the areas needing attention right-away and I intend to work for them regardless of whether I’m in government or not.

However; first, I need your vote here today to win this nomination. I’m now free to speak and ready to bolt out the gate to make this riding Liberal again (for the first time in almost 100 years).

And, with a pending election so close I ask; “why would one want to change horses in mid-stream?” I have proven myself; have what it takes, including name recognition, signs, people ready to go for it and “I have the fire needed in my belly” to get the job done.

I believe that I will regain not only lost Liberal votes but those of Conservatives and others (hurt by Mr. Harper’s broken promises and regressive legislation).

The promise I give you is that of the Scout, “I will do my best” in responding and deliberation on individual and collective needs from a local and national perspective guided by my liberal values.

I thank you for your attention and consideration. Please vote for me to be your candidate for the upcoming election. I will be honoured to be your representative and carry the flag.

“Together we are Stronger” whether as community or as a nation and we need to get our great country moving forward again!

Have a safe journey home/Au revoir/Kaydomatsinook! April 14, 2007"

Sunday, April 8

Getting Election-Ready

Sunday, March 25

After a 39 year career in the health care field, I have “officially” retired.

“Unofficially”, I intend to stay the course with the various interests I have been involved in over recent years. I still feel spry and healthy. And with the encouragement of my family, friends and others I realized my vast and varied experiences including my time as the Liberal Candidate (Lethbridge) last year was too valuable to not put to use. And as such, I have decided to let my name stand again in the upcoming nomination set for April 14th, 2007.

Having done incredibly well considering the obstacles, it is my hope that people will see fit once again to approve me to carry the flag. Of course, now being free from the duties of a day-job, I will be able to dedicate the time to the campaign-- winning the trust of our fellow voters, getting the real change and a Liberal voice in Ottawa for the first time in almost 100 years.

I need your help and support to obtain the nomination and win the riding.

In just over a year in power and two budgets, people have seen and heard enough to realize they have been duped by Mr. Harper, who has gone back on his promises and does nothing for the little guy (that so badly needs support).

We, as Liberals, have elected our new leader, Mr. Dion: a clear-minded, committed Federalist, a man of integrity, determination and boundless energy. Mr. Dion articulates a clear vision of Three Core Pillars so Canada can rebalance Prosperity, Social Justice and a sustainable Environment which later includes a research-driven economy to ensure Canada is a global leader.

He (Dion) has also suggested tax-cuts that encourage business(es) to invest in innovation and that Canadian families be assisted with a tax credit for purchasing energy-saving homes. He has also suggested a supplemental pension account for stay-at-home parents and the self employed and put forward the most comprehensive Aboriginal Peoples Plan to help level the living field for our First Nations people.

Just this week, the Conservative Government voted against the opposition parties in Parliament, on the former Prime-Minister (Martin)’s private members bill to retore the Kelowna Accord… the need for which is long overdue.

Mr. Dion has already made public his "Clean Water Plan, designed to revitalize and protect Canada's Watersheds and ensure a safe, sustainable water supply for all Canadians". His "plan is to work in partnership with the Provinces, Municipalities, First Nations and local communities" on solving the issues as we continue our review, reorganization and revitalization.

Please check our local Lethbridge Riding webpage for the latest on the party and our activities at and follow the easy instructions. Membership in the Liberal Party can also be bought online.

We hope you will continue to correspond with us your concerns and suggestions. I can also be contacted personally at 403.317.0829 for further discussion.


Monday, January 29

You, Me & Dion

One of the highlights for me this past year, was the election of Mr. Dion as Leader of our great party. I wholeheartedly agree with the policies he is emphasizing, since I believe they are what Canadians want and (certainly what I believe) the country needs to progress.

I, like others, have had enough of the selfishness and the dollar being the determinant-- not to mention forgetting about the purpose of our federation. We need leadership and vision, not in the short but for the long-term and Mr. Dion will do that.

I wonder how many have come to realize if they did their income-tax returns or listened to the CD Howe Institute that $1,200.00 per child does not cut it as much as they thought (turning out to be in reality only a few hundred dollars)! We have got to realize that any money received is money earned and subject to tax. Enough said!

Mr. Dion articulates a vision of three Core Pillars so Canada can balance Prosperity, Social Justice and a sustainable Environment which latter includes a research-driven economy to ensure Canada is a global leader.

He has also suggested tax-cuts that encourages business to invest in innovation and that Canadian families be assisted with a tax credit for purchase of energy-saving homes. He has also suggested a supplemental pension account for stay-at-home parents and the self employed and put forward the most comprehensive Aboriginal Peoples Plan to help level the living field for our First Nations people.

Mr. Dion has already made public his "Clean Water Plan, designed to revitalize and protect Canada's Watersheds and ensure a safe, sustainable water supply for all Canadians". And, his "plan is to work in partnership with the Provinces, Municipalities, First Nations and local communities" on solving the issues.

I also applaud Mr. Dion on the need to encourage more participation by women and young people. What do you think? Let’s hear from you! You can tell us on the Federal website or through my blog. Additionally, I may be contacted via email at:

Friday, January 5

Overview of Federal Leadership Convention

Had a challenge getting this on; being so long away from it. Well at last with my son's help I got it. Alot has happened in our family since my last posting. Our grand daughter needing a liver received it from her dad, our son on Dec. 21. He is recovering real well but Neala has been challenged all the way. Fortunately, suddenly over the past couple days she appears to be improving. The first 3 donors that offered, all family members were not approvable, so you can imagine how tense things were. Also, our second son got married. However, hopefully from hereon I will be more diligent with attempting to keep yopu informed. An overview on the convention follows:

Democracy Renewed – What a Great Week!
Overview and outcome of ‘Liberal Leadership Convention 2006’
(A new Liberal Leader for Canada and a new Premier for Alberta)

What a great week for our Province and our Country. It renews one’s faith in the collective wisdom of the people of Alberta and Canada. The week-end of Dec. 1 and 2 was a great week for democracy and renewal. The people spoke and were heard. The average citizen including, especially the little guy must feel a great sense of empowerment and hope for the future. However, the first couple of people who asked how the Convention went really took me aback by their responses when I attempted to share my perspective. It emphasized to me that there are so many who lack understanding of politics and systems and their unwillingness to hear another perspective. They appear to prefer to knock and complain. One bright young lady even suggested that “you (meaning I) may be separatist” … on hearing who I supported in the leadership race. As I said quickly to defuse the situation “for anyone to think such of me doesn’t understand me”. Another individual disclosed his prejudice telling me we had “made a mistake electing another Frenchman” etc. Such people are so closed I their focus and belief they likely wouldn’t accept if God was elected. They really must not think let alone tune into the news let alone realize Mr. Dion, at great cost to him and his family was the chief architect in de-escalating the separatist hysteria we experienced a dozen or more years ago thus keeping our great country together. In fact, if we think about it what party was in power when the hysteria escalated? Mr. Dion provided us the ‘Clarity Act’ that will guide us in the event the issue of separation ever arises again.

However, others quickly made-up for the ones just described and were anxious to hear firsthand details of the convention and assured me of my wisdom in choosing to support Mr. Dion. Over the week even some of my Conservative friends let me know their distaste for the current direction their party has taken, even appear to think it is only a matter of time before the next election and that the Liberals will be back in power again and hopefully stop the regression that’s occurring.

Anyhow, back to the Convention. I just wish that everyone could have such a wonderful experience. It was such a wonderful experience. Though the cost is high to each delegate to attend it is such an honour to be party to such an awesome experience. To begin with, though I and a couple others of the delegates were undeclared and having followed all Leadership candidates with interest over the preceding months and though I believe all the candidates were excellent, each having different strengths I was impressed most with Mr. Dion. Also, I believed that given my position as former candidate it would likely be in the overall best interest that I remain undeclared. However, with a couple weeks to go to the Convention and his reported underdog status and strongly believing that Mr. Dion would be the best for Canada I realized that if I wanted to help assure Mr. Dion to win I needed to advise him of my support. When asked my preference I made no secret of it. So really, going into the Convention I was committed and attended and worked for Mr. Dion right through. The main reasons I supported him was because of his stance with respect to Quebec and the environment. Also, right from the start I got good vibes from him and saw him as a man of integrity. He has never wavered in his stance on the Quebec separation issue.

The bitter cold snap we had before leaving for Montreal had already started moving to the East and though it only started snowing while we were there the wind was bitter cold. However, despite this we all felt buoyed. It is really something to be part of such a large movement. Some of us only saw each other a couple times during those days. Though alternates were disappointed and didn’t get bumped-up to vote and waiting in line for two hours for the first vote everything appeared super-well organized. I decided my time would be best spent mingling, engaging and enticing delegates from elsewhere to seriously consider supporting Mr. Dion. At night we visited some of the parties and started early each day. The first display of strength was by Mr. Ignatieff. Initially it appeared as though he would win hands down. The former PMs did us proud with their speeches directed at party unity as did the candidates and it was great to see many familiar faces from yester year; Don MacDonald, Marc Lalonde and TV reporter, Don Newman. Going into the second vote I was painfully conscious and concerned for Mr. Don’s lack of heavy-weight support from former Ministers but found a ray of hope from the New Brunswick delegation who assured me they were supporting Mr. Dion after the first vote as did others resulting in Mr. Dion capturing the prize. Since then we’ve seen and been assured by his enlisting his contenders and appointing them to his shadow cabinet so the Liberal shadow cabinet is a powerhouse tapping and utilizing such great skills. We all felt proud of the party and our efforts and look forward to great things as we continue to rebuild, renew and prepare for the next election and serving this great country. Vive le Canada! Michael Cormican, Past Candidate, Lethbridge