Friday, January 13

Facts vs. Fictions

Hi again. Yesterday started with a conference call with my fellow candidates; reporting on the Conservative response to what they refer to as our "negative ads". I prefer to take the positive - high road, please refer to my commercials airing right now. (follow the 'TV ADS' link)

Rita reassured me I was not negative in any of my discourse with voters, though one constituent emailed trying to tell me he overheard me "running down the opposition yesterday" to his wife while door-knocking. I suppose the facts about Mr. Harper's intentions and past actions are too difficult to listen to at times. It appears some people don't like hearing the truth at all. I encourage everyone to check the facts on what is being said. By all parties. And all candidates. Make your vote an informed one. If you prefer something a little less party based, most media websites offer a similar feature, such as the CBC's Reality Check.

The only part of the message the opposition might honestly find difficult to hear that I share is that "we do not have young Canadians returning from Iraq in body-bags all thanks to our Liberal Government that kept us out of the war".

Rita and I door-knocked today in Riverstone. Very few were home; however, reception was energetic and supportive amongst those that were (home). After lunch, Dan and I completed a stretch of 9th Avenue South.

Bring your concerns forward. I want to hear them, and work together to find solutions.

Keep Tuned.

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