Wednesday, January 4

Positive Values

More door knocking. This is how we are going to win this campaign and continue to serve people after. By getting out there and discussing concerns with and amongst the people. Thanks a mil to Walter, Paige and Chris for joining me.

Also, as many of you may have already noticed, there is a great shot in yesterday's Lethbridge Herald accompanying Delon Shurtz's article on the dead-line to register as a candidate.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I had a call from a most irate lady who, for the first time in her life, called a public figure. And then decided to visit the Conservatives office to register her complaint in person. She was complaining about their attitude, criticism and innuendo towards the Liberals. She was brushed-off and told to come back another time.

Judging from her call to me, she won't be returning to the Conservatives any time in the near future. I should also note that the Conservatives are still telling the public that we will be going negative, but my observation is that it is they who are being negative. Keep tuned for some good, positive Liberal policies benefiting all Canadians in the coming weeks. Click here to read a moving address Prime Minister Paul martin made in Winnipeg. Keep Tuned.

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