Sunday, January 8

Pondering Pensions

After responding to some duties around the office, I picked up Leslie and Bal around noon and we campaigned door-to-door on the upper end of Stafford Drive North and St Edwards.

Again several told me, I am the only one that has been to their neighbourhood. Ever.
It was thrilling to get such a great response for sign requests. We put them up and in as we went. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The inadequacy of pension(s) was brought home to me by a person, blind for the past 4 years, needing care from her son who lives at home. She described living in fear and the hassles suffered from utility companies with respect to her inability to pay. She pleaded for me to act on her behalf. I assured her I would look into the matter further. The up side of this story is how I was able to discuss the Liberal governments recent actions/plans to support caregivers as well as secure the life and endurance of the Canada Pension Plan & GIS for generations to come.

By early afternoon it was beginning to snow, and along with the snow came the cold. In my own health interests, and in consideration for people's heating bills, we concluded campaigning in favour of an early evening, allowing me a chance to jump-start my dive into the daily deluge.

It was, beyond any doubt, the most emails I have ever received in one twenty-four hour period to date. Fantastic. I'm making and breaking records already!

Thank you all for your continued kind words and generous donations of time and money. Keep tuned.

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