Saturday, January 14

Inspiring a Whole New Generation of Young Voters

Got to bed a little earlier last night, for a change, feeling zapped by the medication the Dr. put me on for my cold and got up today feeling much more refreshed.

On Thursday & Friday, our volunteers worked around the clock, getting the brochure ready for the mailout.

I had an amazing experience on Friday as I drove past one of the elementary schools. I was flagged down by a friend of mine, Theresa, who invited me for an impromptu Q&A with her kids after recess. The students had recently covered a unit on politics to coincide with the current election, and I was more than happy to inspire invovlement and curiosity amongst the next generation of voters.

The kids and staff were so gracious and attentive and had so many great and even informed questions, it reassured me once again and instilled pride as to the quality of our schooling and staff! It was exciting and invigourating to be involved in such an unexpected and unscheduled opportunity.

Then we were off door-knocking again. Herman was with me again for both shifts, it was a gorgeous day and we covered part of Tudor Estates and then on to the Uplands. Reception was great in both locations and again, though a couple told me they would not be voting for me, the majority were most pleasant and several, including some former Tories, assured me they would be voting for me this time. After supper, Chris accompanied me visiting with constituents in Ridgewood Heights. I felt great about the results of the day. Today, we move forward into Milk River!

Keep tuned.

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