Friday, September 14

Garth Turner visit to Lethbridge, Sept. 13, 2007

As expected, we had a most successful day.

Thanks Dianne for all your work and a special thanks to Garth and Dorothy Turner who gave so generously of their time so Garth could share some of his valuable experience and insights from his years in politics, hear our concerns and hopes and provide us with ideas for the future. I admire such independent people like Garth. He is prepared to stand on principle in the overall best interest. We need more such people. Even without any confirmation it is readily evident he takes the principle of representative democracy seriously rather than telling us what Ottawa wants us to do. Also it was great to see all the young people and others wanting to hear his message. It reinforces for me that it is definitely possible to be the change we need. We have got to believe in ourselves and that we will win. It was also encouraging on my arrival home to read a brief email reassurance from a Conservative former investor that attended that Garth is bang-on in his assessment. Garth, also noting the housing and banking issue that occurred in the US a couple weeks ago and the signs of cooling in Canada’s economy, emphasized the need for caution especially in Alberta dependent so much on oil revenue. He also reminded us as to how the high times affect those of lower income. The town-hall meeting in the evening was most entertaining and interesting. People also appreciated his candid address with respect to Mr. Harper’s broken promises with respect to the Income trust issue. I thank the media for their coverage and look forward their reporting. It is interesting to note the Conservatives are attacking him as they have been Mr. Dion right from the start of his leadership obviously perceiving them as huge threats to them. We need to ask if attacking rather than government is what Canadians want. We say no. We want honesty, openness and leadership in the issues that matter especially the economy and environment and let’s correct the Income Trust fiasco created by Mr. Harper’s Government.

To get to know more about Garth and his ideas please visit his website at For the latest in Liberal policy check, and for local issues keep tuned to my own website and blog at Keep up the great work Garth. You folks keep tuned and get your friends to check out our websites.

Michael Cormican, Federal Liberal Candididate, Lethbridge

Monday, September 10

What is a Liberal and why Vote Liberal?

With an election call likely in the coming months or next year, I would like to respond to questions raised with respect to the Conservative Government’s performance; as well as to the question “why vote Liberal?”.

1. Liberals are fiscally responsible, and keep their word; e.g. they said they would and cut the huge deficit inherited in 1993, and were the only G-8 country to post balanced budgets in their last 9 years in office.

2. Liberals strive for a fair and sustainable balance between individual interest and the best interests of all Canadians. The current government does not see this as a priority.

3. A Liberal Government will:

• work for a vibrant and sustainable economy and sustainable environment,

• maintain universality in health care and education; enhance literacy and skills development, and re-establish a proper child development program,

• maintain transparency and responsible accountability, including reparation for victims of the Income Trust fiasco generated by the government last November, and

• return to Canada’s international development and support role as soon as we complete our commitment in Afghanistan in February 2009.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding September 10, 2007

Monday, September 3

Update on recent Liberal events and campaign, Aug 25

To update and help reassure you we are on the move I submit the following:

It was a busy week starting Saturday, August 17 when I attended the pancake breakfast and Parade in Picture Butte to help get to know the electorate and what’s on their minds. It’s also an opportunity for them to get to know what I stand for and to share their concerns and suggestions.

On Monday, 19th and each day of ‘Whoop-up Week’ Senator Fairbairn and I attended two and three breakfasts daily and met many people. It appears like everyone recognizes her and she knows so many. She’s quite the lady as we all know and keeps a pace I'm sure most people don't realize.

We were up at 6 each day, even earlier one day. The experience brought home to me the need to get known and broadcast the Liberal message including why people should be, or vote Liberal.

Soon I hope to feel comfortable enough with broadcasting wherever I get the opportunity and Mr. Goodale's presentation is a super example of what needs to be published. Looks like it went down well with everyone.

The reception we received on the circuit was very positive. Also, it was a great week of liberal activities. 80 plus attended the Regional Annual BBQ and heard Kevin Taft, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Alberta on Tuesday. Approximately the same number attended Mr. Goodale’s sessions on Thursday. I trust his message, words of wisdom and encouragement was as inspiring for you as for me.

Mr. Goodale reminded us of the proud record and healthy condition the Liberal Government left the country in but alas how quickly it has been changed by Mr. Harper and his team. Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to Mr. Goodale for giving us his valuable time, words of wisdom and encouragement. If you would like to view his speech, please contact me. We look forward in great anticipation to future visits and that of others. On September 13, Mr. Garth Turner MP from Ontario, will be here to speak on ‘needs of investors and homeowners’.

If you have great ideas or suggestions we should be aware of, or you would like to accompany me on the campaign trail, please phone me at 381-7635. Thanks for your continuing support; it’s vital for all of us and I look forward to hearing from you.