Saturday, January 7

20th Avenue South Swings for the Grits

Several constituents expressed immense relief and satisfaction that the Liberal Government ensured no young Canadian's lives were compromized or lost, as a result of the Liberal government's stand against our entering Iraq.
It was equally exhilarating to find overwhelming support from a cluster of Conservatives admitting they can no longer support Mr. Harper's dismal lack of vision. Not only did these families pledge their votes for me come January 23rd, but they took lawn signs to boot! Charge on!

It was a big day for Liberal announcement's from Prime Minister Martin. We pledge to implement:

  • a comprehensive plan to support Canadian families by improving support for Canadians with disabilities by providing $500 million in new support,
  • a detailed plan for families, improving support for Canadians caring for ill loved ones,

  • a series of measures to support Canadian families in surmounting barriers in education, training and finding a good job, and

  • increased access to post-secondary education through a new 50/50 Plan. Under which, the government will pay for half an undergraduate student's first year tuition, in addition to half that student's graduating year tuition.

It felt great to be reassured by the majority of voters, that we are hitting the mark with respect to health care, education and families. I was happy to celebrate with a young lady, starting her criminal studies program, the recent Liberal recommendations for significant increases to current police funding, a huge concern of hers in this election.

Today we'll be knocking in more areas of the city. Your door could be next. So keep tuned.

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