Sunday, January 15

Saturday in the South

Up early this morning. No time to read the paper! Walter joined me; we dropped by the office to pick up some signs and soon we were on our way to Milk River. Jessie and Jay, longtime "Mr. and Mrs. Liberals" from Milk River just pulled in behind us as we arrived in front of the Town Hall.

As planned, Walter went to do the literature drop in the residential areas, while Jessie, Jay and I went by the Lodge to say "Hi". We met a few people in the day area and a few other people in their rooms. It appears they feel fairly comfortable, since none had complaints or concerns.

Then we went to "coffee row" where we met about one-and-a-half dozen local residents. All were relatively friendly, and Jessie was quick to introduce me as being almost a local. Several people recognized me, as I did them. It was like coming home again and they appeared to appreciate the fact I took the time to get there to visit with them!

One couple, as one might expect , did let me know of their concerns on a couple of issues. Then we dropped by the Store where I had a long discussion with Ron before heading on to the Longterm Care Unit at the Health Center. However, seeing a sign about not entering with flu symptoms, I decided it was better not to go in. We just got back in time to pick Walter up; thanked Jessie and Jay, and headed for Warner.

There, a couple of ladies at the store were most pleasant. At another store, however, two men expressed their hostilities about 'Gun-control', etc. We then moved along and chatted with a nice young couple who farm near New Dayton, and who appeared most appreciative of our little visit. Also, we dropped into Stirling and planted a couple of signs. Thanks a million, Walter, for your time and company. I hope your back is feeling better!

Later I picked up Leslie and we had a very positive afternoon door-knocking in upper Paradise Canyon Blvd. All in all it was a most fruitful day. Tomorrow I must prepare for the forums. Have a great day.

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