Tuesday, September 30

Belated Update

Hi everyone:

You probably guessed it I have been busy - public forums, school forums, open houses, responding to calls and trying fit in calls or respond to them wherever I can. Not getting in as much door-knocking as I would like. The issues vary - income trusts, environment, health and food security, affordable housing, water, the Kelowna Accord, gas and fertilizer prices and abuse of parliamentary privileges were raised. Also, been out to several of the outlying communities and find almost everyone very receptive to our message. It renews my confidence in the collective will of the people. So let's not slow-up and to help assure that everyone is clear about our message I provide the following summary.

We Liberals are excited about our visionary platform that will help us achieve the ‘Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada’ everyone wants.

Our Green Shift will encourage us to change how we operate so our environment and resources will be sustainable for our children and grandchildren. The tax-cuts will give us more money to do it. It is simple – “tax what we burn” or don’t want (pollution, waste and green-house gasses), and cut taxes on what we want (income, investment and innovation). It’s a “win, win” for everyone though the Conservatives want you to believe otherwise.

A new Liberal Government will create jobs, keep the budget balanced, cut taxes, and build the strongest economy in the world. Let’s remember that it has been Liberal Governments that have rescued us and led to recovery each time we got in trouble i.e. after the war and again after Mr. Mulroney racked-up 42 billion dollars debt. We turned over a surplus of 13 billion and Mr. Harper got rid of it and the 3 billion contingency that would greatly help in the looming economic crisis; so it’s evident which party is the better manager.

As usual we need any help we can get so I thought it would assist ot insert here Mary Insley's appeal. Everyone are super, working flat out. However, we need to assure that we win this seat as well as enough across this great country so we can form government and return Canada to the role we are proud of and do so well - peacekeeping. Thanks for your continuing support and spread the message far and wide. Have a great day.


A federal election is under way. The crucial decision of how this country is run and what it stands for is in our hands. If you feel that Canada is a nation built on respect, tolerance, freedom and responsibility, you can be assured that the Liberal Party of Canada represents your values.

The time has come to do what is right – not what is easy!

On behalf of Michael Cormican’s Campaign, I am writing to ask for your vote on October 14. In addition, because a campaign is costly, your financial support is essential. Please do what is right and send your donation to:
Mary Insley, Financial Agent for Michael Cormican
1273 – 3 Avenue South (or Mary’s home address)

The Liberal agenda for a strong stand on economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social justice will build the Canada you desire. Your contribution to Lethbridge candidate, Michael Cormican and your grassroots assistance can mean the difference between victory and defeat in this election. I am hoping we can count on your support.

Yours truly,

Mary Insley, Financial Agent for Michael Cormican

Monday, September 22

RICHER, FAIRER, GREENER: An Action Plan for Canada in 21st Century

Now, more than ever, Canadians need a government that will help our country grow and thrive.

With the Liberal platform we are announcing today, we have the opportunity to turn the page from the small-minded vision of Stephen Harper and choose a government that will provide Canadians with a strong economy and a greener environment.

I invite you to read RICHER, FAIRER, GREENER: An Action Plan for Canada in 21st Century
Open Town Hall with Honourable St├ęphane Dion
Monday, Sept 22 at 7pm
Calgary - Greenwood Inn & Suites (3515 26th Street NE)

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Stephane Dion and ask questions that are important to you.
This is also an excellent opportunity to meet the Southern Alberta Liberal candidates who will be on-hand to listen to your concerns and answer any questions.

For more information email diontownhall@gmail.com or call 403-541-1052.

Or contact my office. Several of us will be attending.

Saturday, September 20

Campaign Office Opening

I invite you to attend the opening of my Campaign Office.

Saturday, Sept 20 at 1 pm
1273 - 3 Avenue South

Phone: (403) 524-3842

Senator Joyce Fairbairn will be attending.

Come by the office, say hello, and take a sign.

Your help is needed.
Door-knocking is easier and faster when others go with me.

There is a lot of work to do.
- Calling party members and other volunteers
- Putting up lawn signs and the big ones too!
- Delivering brochures
- and more

Your support is appreciated

Wednesday, September 17

Issues and Liberal Policies

Before getting to policies, I’ll update you the past couple of days. There have been several calls from the media and others arranging for forums. Some team members have been busy getting the office ready. I was in Calgary a couple of times; Saturday I attended the unveiling of the Liberal candidates from Southern Alberta. We met in the campaign office of Sunam Kang in Calgary NE. He is touted as a good possibility to win his seat. On Sunday I attended a media workshop.

I have also done some door-to-door work to hear issues and touch base with electors. Reactions have varied from respondents not realizing an election is underway to pleasantly engaging. Some said they had not given much thought to it or that they really don’t think there should be an election. A few were irritated with Mr. Harper for breaking his word and calling an election. People mentioned health care and the high cost of gas as issues. This evening Lorne accompanied me and was surprised by how pleasant people were with me. While some didn’t provide feedback others were appreciative for the visit.

Before I delve into Liberal policies and the Green Shift I would like to note how well the first week has gone for us, despite some biased reporting. I do not wonder at people’s confusion about our policies considering some of the negative advertising on the airwaves from the Conservatives. It appears that some of it backfired on them and a couple of high ranking Conservatives lost their jobs. They were blamed for Mr. Harper’s blunders. He is trying to convince the voters that he’s only the lowly leader. Some leader! He’s more like a dictator who wants to take credit for what he considers positives but when things go wrong he quickly finds a scapegoat. It seems that Mr. Harper has no qualms about whom or what he uses to get what he wants. In his book the end must justify the means.

The Alberta platform has been released and through Mr. Dion significant announcements have been offered for your consideration. However, the National Liberal Platform has yet to be released. Still, our major plan, the Green Shift, has been released. If it has raised questions for you, I will be very happy to answer them. It seems that Mr. Harper has no qualms about whom or what he uses to get what he wants. In his book the end must justify the means.

Liberal policies are in stark contrast to those of the Conservatives. The major reasons Stephen Harper called the election:
• his anticipation of a new administration in Washington
• outcomes from the many scandals
• the economy teetering again, the liberals will have to straighten it out

Here is the good news of the Green Shift:

1. The prices on Carbon in the Liberal platform have been costed – this means that the costs are clearly set out in the document.
(Liberals are the only party promising what can be delivered! The other parties offer vague or empty promises or hidden surprises attached to their platform. Worse, other plans will take too long to initiate and not capture the immediate benefits.)

2. Decrease of Personal and corporate income taxes.
(This puts money in the pockets of all Canadians.)

3. Oil and gas companies will continue to receive the full market value for their hydrocarbons.
(This is the distinction from the National Energy Program.)

4. Our environment and the economy will receive a boost from the initiatives.
(This is a further distinction from the NEP.)

5. Liberals are committed to your health care.

6. Liberals are clear about their commitment beyond Carbon pricing.

7. Strong assistance will be given by the Liberals to the poor and disadvantaged.

8. We have offered extra incentives to farmers and rural residence.

9. Special attention has also been given to fisheries, the lumber industry as well as immigration and business.

We aim for a "Fairer, Richer, Greener" Canada!

Friday, September 12

Thursday, September 11, ‘08

Another busy day; it started with the usual routine of papers review, computer and phonecalls etc. Mid-morning Russ, a couple of team members and I met to check the proposed office. Today Russ is expected to be making arrangements for phones and the equipment we will need.

The office address is 1273 – 3rd Ave. South. As soon as the phones are hooked up we will publish them and notify you.

Thanks to my Aboriginal friends as they have offered to share their space with us. The location and office fit our needs in every respect. It is already a busy office. As you may know, I have been a member of the AHIAS (Aboriginal Housing Board) since its inception.

As we carry out our activities we will need to be cognizant and respectful of each other and use common sense protocols as in any sharing situation. The AHIAS is well underway with our first major project of 29 houses to help alleviate the homeless issue that continues to worsen for urban aboriginal people. We extend a huge thank you to our Aboriginal friends for your consideration, offer and enthusiasm. Your offer is an obvious sign of your confidence in me and our Liberal platform that considers all Canadians. It demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together. Thank you Roland, Boyd and AHIAS I really appreciate your support. Once we again have a Liberal Government we will honor the Kelowna
Accord approved by Parliament. Then our Aboriginal brothers and sisters can live in dignity and share pride in each other.

Everything we do reflects on the rest of society –If any segment of society looks bad, it’s a reflection on the rest of us and likewise the reverse also reflects us poorly..

Following our forenoon meeting I attended the very well attended Mayors luncheon for the arts which honored Dr. Van Christou, Minda Rogerson and the Kinsmen for their contributions to the arts. I too offer you my congratulations and best wishes. It is reassuring to see the arts being regarded as vital in understanding ourselves and each other. May they ever flourish and may we likewise remember their importance. During the lunch I was able to reacquaint with friends and made new acquaintances with several interesting people.

The campaign team met again last evening and things are progressing nicely. The calendar is filling up with numerous forums we will be attending. Keep tuned; hopefully our next chat will get into policy issues. Of course, if you or your friends want to jump on board to ensure I get elected I would be most appreciative of whatever you can do. I may be contacted at 381-7635 or Cell 317-0829. For update on the Liberal platform please check: http://www.liberal.ca/default_e.aspx

Also significant on this day, is the 7th anniversary of ‘September 11, 2001’. Let us not forget all those who lost their lives on that fatal day. This includes 24 Canadians who also lost their lives. In addition let's remember our fallen soldiers and their families that have paid the ultimate price in their endeavors at making the world a better place. We thank them all for their sacrifice so we can live in greater security. Although we Liberals want return to our tradition of excellence in international peacekeeping as soon as we can we must always be supportive of the continuing efforts and generosity of their comrades and their families. We look forward to their safe return.


Thursday, September 11

Campaign Trail Update; Wed., Sept. 10, ‘08

A busy couple of days! Hardly time to think. Day starts as usual around 7 am with scanning the papers, phonecalls and returning phonecalls. Several call following leads for office. Guests here for our friend’s wedding departed. Global TV arranged for a session. On Tuesday attended a breakfast with a group of seniors in Picture Butte at 7 am; then coffee with a group of farmers. Issue of costs raised. Read daily papers, returned phonecalls and calls in search of place. A couple we had banked hopes on fell through. Friendship Center meeting and calls and computer catch-up before retire to bed. Wednesday; Sept. 10 commenced with a Toastmasters meeting at 7am followed by meetings and phone-calls scouting for an office. I had a meeting in the afternoon and an Aboriginal Housing meeting through which I got a lead on a likely office. On Thursday, I will be attending the Mayors Luncheon for the Arts and a Campaign Team Meeting is called for 7 pm at my home.

Tuesday, September 9

Tuesday, September 9, ‘08

Today I visited Picture Butte and enjoyed breakfast with the senior at invitation of Everett. I met some great people there and renewed some acquaintances from previously and listened to their observations and concerns. It was great to see so many out so early, eager and pleasant. Afterwards we joined a largely farming group for coffee at ‘The Cactus’. Most of them I had met previously and again listened and shared. A major concern expressed was with respect to the hugely increased input costs for fertilizes which has jumped to $900 plus dollars from about $350.00 per ton three or four years ago. They expect the price to continue escalating, possibly doubling over the next few years. The main reason speculated is the price of oil and demand by China. Needless to say I assured them I will pass it on. This afternoon I attended an Aboriginal meeting in town.

Tomorrow! Keep tuned.

Update and Election Call

The guessing is over and the election has been called despite Mr. Harper having forced legislation last year for a fixed election date. Many have postulated that Mr. Harper realized and had come to accept that the polls and his chances for re-election as a government were about as good as they were going to get. Opposing indicators i.e. economic slow-down, increasing scandals and Mr. Dion’s and the opposition’s lack of cooperation in not putting forward a non-confidence motion made it difficult to predict if Mr. Harper would follow through on calling an election. However, he started preparing public opinion in the hope that they will come to believe that Parliament had become unworkable and thus an election needed. Many indications were contrary though both Liberal and Conservative sources suggested he was prepared to risk and pull the plug this time.

Obviously, Mr. Harper prefers to be the one in charge and having been upstaged in the summer by Mr. Dion with the Green Shift Plan he was determined to get back in charge. Also, of concern was that the public at-large and most experts considered the Liberal Plan a solid one for our future. Mr. Dion didn’t fall for his baits so Mr. Harper decided to move ahead with plan B suggesting the current Parliament was untenable and there was need and inevitability for an election. In the interim to help confuse things he had called four bi-elections which were automatically cancelled by his subsequent General Election call. What irresponsibility and waste of time and money estimated by Elections Canada at 3.5 million dollars. Imagine how many poor and struggling people such amount would have helped. What foolishness from the guy and party that ran last time claiming to be accountable and transparent. No wonder so many are cynical of politicians! One of the major issues they pushed in the last election was to legislate fixed election dates so governments could not manipulate timing of elections more likely to favor their own re-election.

However, Mr. Harper had realized the fixed-date legislation was not working to suit him, so he decided he must bite the bullet and contrary to his prized legislation and a few weeks of careful grooming and manipulation of many he decided he had valid reason to call the election. However, most of us realize the other whys and wherefores as to his timing including the winds of change blowing amongst our Southern neighbors which many believe will likely bring results and a new Whitehouse administration that will not favor Mr. Harper and his party’s re-election. So here we are.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me including looking for an office and touching base with as many as possible of those that had told me they would help when the election was called. Unfortunately, despite following every lead possible on vacant properties we can only hope that one or other of the vacancies pursued will materialize in the next day or two. We'll notify as soon as we secure it. To keep up-to-date please check Liberal.ca and michaelcormican.com. We had a couple of campaign team meetings to help revitalize the team and on Sunday Russ and I attended an election preparedness session in Calgary. Also, I’ve been contacted by the media and was in the news to help keep the public up-to-date. As you know issues change from week-to-week even day-to-day.

The various Conservative scandals sagas continued to percolate which is likely a major reason Mr. Harper called this unnecessary election. Our MP, Mr. Casson and other Conservatives across the country were busy last month continuing abuse of MP mailing privileges. I was among some that received several quasi surveys each consisting of a statement on one or other of their old five point plan and all asking the respondent to identify who they thought was the best leader. I noted as did others that the return address on all was the Privy Council Office confirming that they have lost all sense of boundaries with respect to separating activity on behalf of the party from that of government. And, guess what; a legal opinion obtained from Elections Canada confirms that such activity is in contravention of the rules of parliamentary privilege. Like the anticipated outcomes of the other issues under review this and all are conveniently swept under the mat with the election call and likely Mr. Harper’s hope is that nothing will surface until he is well re-established; or so he thinks! Also, despite his assurances following the election call that he wouldn’t be negative the party has been saturating the airwaves for weeks with negative ads that contain outright lies. I’ll provide corrections and the truth in my next update. Obviously, Mr. Harper and his party fear the authenticity and validity the Green Shift has received. So you can feel assured and help reassure others I strongly suggest that you check what the benefit for you will be from the Green Shift at the end of the tax year. It’s so simple. Please check thegreenshift.ca on the web, hit the calculator and answer the few simple questions. It will identify how much you can expect when you file your taxes. It differs for each because of the situational variables.

Also, contrary to Mr. Harper's and the Conservatives' lies that Liberals plan to cancel the $100.00 per month per child allowance they say they instituted I assure you the new Liberal Government plans on the $350 per year in addition as outlined in the Green Plan. With respect to the 100 dollars in question that was announced with great fanfare at the time I was assured by Child Welfare people at the time that Albertans were already receiving it since Alberta was one of the three Provinces that had signed and was already providing the benefit before the Conservatives got to power. Let’s remember, Mr. Dryden had negotiated the agreement between the Feds and the Provinces long in advance. They’re also perpetuating another lie with respect to their support for gun control which was another major issue in the last election. As soon as they got in they "scrapped" the program and put no further money into keeping the registry up-to-date. The other mistruths I will deal with later. As you and I know there is no need for this election. If you need to contact me or to offer support or suggestions so I can do the best job possible I can be contacted by phone at (403) 381-7635 and/or 317-0829. Respectfully,
Michael Cormican