Thursday, January 12

Students Cheer the 50/50!!!

Another not bad day. Which, by my books, makes for a good day!

It commenced, as most do, with a trip to the office, review of material in preparation for TV interview at 10. Then returned some phonecalls and midmorning Walter and I visited the Norbridge Senior Center. Reception was generally positive though I met a couple of challenging individuals (It's always nice for an opportunity to make a conversion, or two)!

On return to the office I caught-up by joining a meeting of the campaign team reviewing progress. Only for this great bunch , I would never be able to take this on. They are super and deserve every commendation. Herman arrived and soon we were heading for more door-to-door. We focused on 20th Street South as well as a section of Scenic Drive.

Students were excited to hear our latest proposal called the 50/50. Essentially, the Liberal government proposes to pay $3,000.00 in the first year of university and $3,000.00 in the fourth year of studies which far beats the Conservative plan to give students tax-credits.

Thanks to Walter and Herman and Chris who accompanied me after supper until it got too cold. On return to the office I had to prepare for and speak with 'The Calgary Sun'.

Keep tuned.

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