Monday, December 22

Wind-down Observations for the year

Cautious, working together and positivity good

As we come to the end of a year of huge change, we should review and assess how we might improve for the year ahead and make some New Year's resolutions.

It is amazing how fast a situation can change, even in politics, as with the recent American Election.
The same can happen in Canada too. Although it is difficult to be patient, we must remain assured that things will change.

Change is the essence of life, and positivity is contagious. Let's hope the current signs of change and cooperation are for real. It's good to be cautious but we also need to work together and to be positive!

As told biblically the "mighty fall fast" too; even rich, untouchable Alberta is talking about a deficit for the coming year, and the latest news indicates that Mr. Harper and Mr. Flaherty are predicting a 30 billion dollar deficit.

Hopefully we have learned that we must not live beyond our means, or we may soon be in more trouble. Let's all be responsible, auditable, considerate and inclusive, as appears to be the trend in the international arena. Hopefully the G7/8 will want to also share the wealth too, as soon as the international crisis is resolved.

Of course, we should always remember that we're dealing with people, whether local or further away, and if we're not too hung up on the bottom line, it will work out. Another laudable outcome will likely be improved communities.

A couple of regrets I have (as I suspect Mr. Flaherty and Mr. Harper have too), is that we had that 13 billion dollar surplus which the Liberals had in place when turning over government; and that the 2% GST was still in place; which would sure have helped now, and in fact would likely have resulted in balanced, instead of deficit budgets over the next couple of years.

It's also seems to me that the seven weeks of inaction from the government not sitting, and not dealing with the crisis will have contributed to worsening the crisis! Also, I must confess disappointment that our MP, Mr. Casson, excused himself as not having time for a debate which our illustrious SACPA attempted to arrange for December 30 to discuss the prorogation of Parliament.
Hopefully we can expect more from him in the New Year.

At this special time would like to wish everyone the best of the season and for the New Year. If you have any concerns or suggestions you would like to discuss I may be contacted by email at or at (403) 381-7635.

With best wishes always,

Michael Cormican

Sunday, December 21


How how quickly the situation can change. As I suggested in my last blog we need to be careful of our approach since it can come back to haunt us. Little did I realize the Canadian political atmosphere would change so fast for Mr. Harper. Assess or call it whatever we want but some will say he deserved to have the tables turned on him. Was it a momentary slip on his part or ineptitude or are we seeing more of the real Mr. Harper?

A couple of sayings come to mind; one – we can only lie for so long and another is “the zebra doesn’t change his stripes”. Seems like Mr. Harper could not help himself, obviously believing he was on a roll and lacking wisdom to realize he didn’t have a majority government. Thankfully he didn’t and I suspect many are thinking and feeling similar too.

Thankfully too the opposition had more stamina than Mr. Harper estimated and hopefully more Canadians realize better what his real intentions are. I can imagine if he had got away with his assault on democracy how much of his agenda would be rammed down our throats. Good reason to keep on the alert.

Many who supported Mr. Harper must be wondering how they could allow themselves to be taken-in. Hopefully he will not get away with as many stunts from hereon and I hope all Liberals will stand behind our new Opposition Leader, Michael Ignatieff and hopefully when Parliament resumes it will be more interesting and civil and hopefully too, the budget will be more user-friendly and reflect and deal with issues, especially the faltering economy and people.

Michael Cormican

Saturday, November 29

Interesting Times politically in Canada

No one can say I'm overusing my blog, or bad-mouthing and/or not giving Mr. Harper and his "new government" a chance, however; as I have long ago came to realize and I have often said we all need to be careful how we project ourselves and/or deal with others since it is liable according to the law of karma to come back on us. Similarly, we need to be careful what we say. Also, as the saying goes in this area about the weather, wait awhile and it will change. Often the same can be said about politics, and; sure enough, almost as quick as the economy changed the political outlook suddenly appears to have changed for our new Conservative government. However, given the Conservative's espoused ideology and what they have done since getting to power one does not have to be a genious to realize with the down-turn in the economy there was not much room for them to manouvre.

As we have seen, since after almost three years in power the Conservatives could not blame the current economic down-turn on the Liberals they have started saying it is part of the world situation. Of course, during the latter stages of the campaign as the worsening world economic situation escalated they told us Canada would not experience recession or deficit because of our strong economy though as soon as elected started changing their position and prediction. I suspect most Liberals found such about-turn difficult to accept. However, it was gratifying to see them use some of our ideas. I was re-assuring too to hear most of the economic experts recommend the approach for an economy in recession is stimulation as outlined in the Liberal platform. Given Canada's by then quickly deteriorating economy I for one expected they would have taken greater action to help it in their Financial update however, they continue their games to obviously perpetuate themselves in power for as long as possible. However, the cruncher for opposition parties is the government's blatent attack on democracy with their proposal to strip the legislated financial support for political parties. Opposition parties, even the Bloc seeing the threat have been quicly in communication and appear prepared to fight election if necessary which it looks like the Conservatives had not bargained for and feeling caught in a trap of their own making appear to be stalling for time and ideas as to how to get out of their predicament. It will be interesting to see how it will end. Keep tuned.

Michael Cormican, Immediate Past Candidate, 2008 Federal Election

Thursday, October 30

Candidate Report/Review of Election 2008

Hi Liberals/Supporters/Friends:

Election Day 2008 is history and the results were not as some of us wished for locally or across the country. My numbers being down so much from last time begs the question; why. Overall our only consolation is that Mr. Harper did not get the majority he was hoping for and as you probably saw on the federal level the knives were out right-away if we are to believe the media. Also, though Mr. Dion announced that he will be leaving as soon as a new leader is elected they appeared to expect me to project blame and they continue to speculate on possible infighting in search of a story. Since it will likely be awhile before another election we can hope that Mr. Harper quits jacking around and starts with the business of governing, hopefully in the best interests of all Canadians.

Before proceeding further I want to take this opportunity to thank my campaign team and all that supported me whether in actively campaigning or by voting for me. Though I did so on Election night and individually I hope I didn’t miss someone which I can see might be easy to do. Some days I didn’t make it to the office because of how schedule and commitments worked out so I may not have met some supporters. However; I will take the chance and recognize the following: Russ, Lorne, Mary, Lynn, Pat, Mel, Bal, Frank, Hubert, Leslie, Rita, Marie, Dianne, Diane, Audrey, Stan and students, Roberto, Ryan, Andrew, Zack, Jessica and Anastasia. Thanks a mil all.

Also, since good business practice suggests we should do a review, assess the process and outcome and compile a report I developed a questionnaire to assist me get feedback I believe may be helpful for next time and I have arranged for a get-together to review and debrief with the team and others on Saturday Oct. 25. Though a more tangible measure it’s idealistic to expect everyone to respond. To date those returned confirm some observations expected and identified room for improvement.

As you likely know since nomination I took every reasonable opportunity available to attend community events, went door-to-door and kept abreast of party information and the political scene in general to help get known. As you might anticipate I got questioned as to why I was doing it when an election had not been called. Some suggested it to be a futile exercise given the entrenched Conservative tradition here. None-the-less I soldiered on occasionally doing door-to-door since it is also an opportunity to hear from some people what they perceive the issues to be. I also attended as many public events as possible where the same sentiments were also expressed. Many appeared to have bought into the unrelenting Conservative propaganda in addition to which Mr. Harper and the Conservatives provided no plan until no opportunity was available for it to be challenged. Likewise, they continued to deny a recession was underway until the election was over. It’s interesting to observe the dance of avoidance and euphemisms used and now they even admit openly that they plan to elicit buy-in by the opposition so they can not be blamed. I’m anxiously waiting to hear if any voters feel lied to the same as in the Spring when the Provincial Conservatives unabashedly granted themselves a 34% remuneration increase that wasn’t raised in the platform or election campaign. It baffles me how those that vote for them can in good conscience do so for a party that only provided a vague plan at the last minute when there was no opportunity for debate and allowed themselves to be conned into believing such party governs best when history shows otherwise. What a mockery; within hours of re-election Mr. Harper started admitting the potential for problems in our economy? He even produced an action plan to deal with downturn which action he had ridiculed Mr. Dion on. He now freely admits the possibility of deficit budgeting. So I respectfully ask; in retrospect, who was being truthful? No wonder the majority of the public are skeptical. However, let’s get back to the review and report on the campaign.

As you might guess, because of people’s time, responsibilities and other commitments it is difficult to entice supporters to commit to a role other than a general commitment that they’ll help when the time comes. As you might also anticipate when the time comes the realities of living and circumstances dictate the need for other considerations. Life and living just doesn’t always cooperate the way we desire. Unfortunately, health or other circumstances had intervened for some and consequently we were left scrambling for replacements. Whether because of an increasingly wobbly economy or what, it was difficult to get volunteers, and since everyone including candidates are volunteer it becomes equally difficult to accept criticism as volunteered by one individual that “it was the worst-run campaign she had ever seen”.

Fortunately, most feedback received is relatively objective and positively framed making it easier to accept. It sure helps one empathize with and understand what Mr. Dion, such a person of integrity and honor had to go through, though on a much larger level. Assuming everyone did their best and to put the election experience and results in perspective I suggest we remember the huge pessimism amongst so much of the electorate and the corresponding drop in voter turn-out that continues to worsen. The lack of a valid reason for an election at this time doesn’t enhance the prospects for in the near future. Unfortunately these considerations don’t address the issue of voter apathy which we all need to think long and hard about. We need to realize how dangerous apathy can be. What happened in Nazi Germany springs to mind and I hope all of us would want take action against the increasing fundamentalism that encourages isolative thinking that polarizes rather than draws people together as one should expect in a world which with passage of time and experience should be more enlightened as knowledge. It seems like the more free time we get, the more self-indulged we become the more apathetic and increasingly intolerant we may become consequently the more we need to become aware of our outlook.

For better or worse, Mr. Harper appears to have caught-on and understands how to get in power and hang on at all costs. It appears the end justifies the means for him. Part of his strategy is to get the opposition started prematurely so volunteers will tire. Also, the public are likely to perceive one as anxious and/or jumping the gun. At the end of the spring session of Parliament Mr. Harper sensed the need to move for several reasons and over the summer psyched the public into accepting a need for an election despite his set election date for Oct. 2009. Shortly before his actual call it became clearer that they meant business this time which was underscored by the Conservatives’ starting to engage offices. We too decided it was time to move on securing space. Unfortunately, the first couple of possibilities we unearthed fell through and we were already a couple of days into the campaign before good fortune hit. As a result of my connections and thanks to Aboriginal Housing we secured ideally located space that became our campaign office.

Though Russ, Mary, Lorne and Pat kicked into gear right-away others because of commitments had difficulties extricating and freeing the time required right-away. As anyone that has worked closely in a campaign knows there’s lots that needs to be attended to especially right-away. In retrospect, an office ‘work-plan’ (see attached sample based on the 2008 campaign) would have been helpful from the start since a campaign office must run independently though of course for and without the candidate who has so many duties. When not busy on getting up-to-speed on policy, platform, politics in general, there are interviews, forums, open-houses and speaking engagements and in the balance of time available he must fit in door-to-door campaigning. Required activities and expectations leave little time for much else when attempting to fit all that is expected into the shortest campaign-time in Canadian history. It was difficult to carve out time for practice of speeches though fortunately I was reasonable familiar with party policies most of which were eventually weaved into the platform. I also had to endeavor to keep my policy manual current since no stepped forward or was prepared to monitor, generate and update the manual which is a must for quick reference in the forums. This manual is most important and needs highest priority in any campaign. Due to lack of time I was only able to drop by the office occasionally as time and commitments allowed. On return home at night there are phone calls to be returned and many received responses to their emails at 2 or 3 am.

Issues raised varied depended on location, those raising them, the day and current national issues. As you might guess the main issues were; health, the carbon tax, the Wheat Board and choice for farmers and later in the campaign the economy. Though I hate to admit it I often found myself defending our leader, the Green Shift and gun-control; some even resurrected the NEP and some questioned the need for the election. Many appeared to doubt the Green Shift tax return plan and some appeared hung-up ideologically about crime, childcare and abortion. In an attempt to obtain feedback and to help bring conclusion to the campaign I developed and fanned out a questionnaire and requested feedback.

Review of returns of the Post-election Review questionnaire distributed to obtain feedback indicates 8 of a possible 25 respondents completed and returned the survey and one provided a brief scathing freelance observation that “it was the worst managed campaign they had seen over the years”. In summary, all answered the first question affirmatively. Five answered question 2 positively and 6 answered questions 3 and 4 in the affirmative and similarly the majority responded affirmatively to the next 3 questions. Four responded affirmatively to questions 5 and 6. Three responded negatively to questions 5 and 6. The majority answered questions 7,8, 9 and 10 affirmatively and two did not rate q 10. Question 11 was 50:50 and 3 responded affirmatively to qs 12 and 13 while four gave no indication. One did not respond to number 14 and the other 7 respondents varied in degree of feedback for additional observations. A couple of memos from young people over the past couple of days were most insightful are summarized as follows:
"oh well; this is SA, the green shift was not well packaged and difficult to sell, the Cons. were well-financed and used it to decimate Stephane and our message in the minds of voters and then we were side-swiped by the economic down-turn which the Cons. used to full advantage and people obviously bought". Otherwise they appeared positive to go again. I encouraged and pointed to the need for young people to be involved in party activities. It was noted that stars must align; people, money, leadership, economy, timing and there must be no turning back once on the train. Everyone must be supportive and aggressive in pursuit of as much funding as possible to ensure the best job possible and to not only counter the opposition but be in the lead disseminating the message we want the electorate to have. One person can not be expected to be a miracle worker doing the job and trying to turn the tide. We must remember the purpose of a party, in this instance the Liberal Party is to further Liberal policies and assist in electing a representative that will achieve this goal. In joining a party we agree with these goals and principles and do our utmost to achieve the richer, fairer, greener, gentler Canada we all so much want.

Having reviewed operation of this last campaign the following is a Summary of Recommendations for next Campaign:

1. Generation of an organized, up-to-date ‘Policy Manual’ should be the number 1 priority
2. Next, a tentative ‘Work Plan’ should be developed for the next election based on 38 days (that identifies the need for daily updates in keeping with the various deadlines required as well as the length of the election campaign).
3. The ‘work-plan’ should identify need for office to be rented as soon as positive indications of a pending ‘Election Call’ i.e. the governing party arranging same.
4. That the work-plan identify earliest possible date for arrangements for installation of phones, furniture and computers
5. That work-plan to identify the need for and indicate regular dates for staff meetings as well as for meetings with candidate.
6. That the work-plan should identify the need for a letter to be drafted on the first or second day of the campaign addressed to list of identified donors – members and supporters asking for a contribution at the earliest possible time since expenditures and what needs to be done depend on funding available. Letter should identify the necessities required for a successful campaign i.e. office, phone and furniture rentals, signs, brochures, mailing, travel and how because of the short duration of a campaign suppliers will only supply C.O.D (Volunteers need to be assigned right-away to follow-up after the letter should be received. It should be noted that Elections Canada rules require that only personal cheques can be accepted and they will be income-tax receipted. It is best that as soon as the individual offers that they plan on contributing we personally offer to pick-up and deliver the cheque to the agent).
7. That the work-plan to identify the need for manager and office staff to identify the date for mailing brochures to both rural and urban areas, (Work Plan to identify the need for the Brochure Committee to complete and arrange for production of same as soon as the Party Platform is released).
8. That work-plan should suggest early date for phone follow-up re donations and a subsequent follow-up if necessary and specify the need for in-person contact and to offer immediate pick-up.
9. That work-plan to identify need for arrangements for distribution, location and tracking of signs (to assist later with pick-up).
10. That work-plan to identify need for arrangements for closedown of the office and returns.

Thanks to the party for affording me the opportunity to serve you and our community in such a prestigious and honorable undertaking. Thanks especially to all those that helped whether with financial support, in the office, door-to-door, signs or whatever else and sorry that despite our Trojan efforts the number of those voting Liberal actually dropped contrary to what I certainly hoped for. Special thanks to Mary Insley, Russ, Lorne, Pat, Lynn, Mel, Frank, Doug, Bal, Lee, the many others that helped in whatever way, and especially Senator Joyce who accompanied me to many outlying locations. Unfortunately, it seems like it was not meant to be and we didn’t get as much money as we’d hoped for either. Starting we had almost $11,000 from the trust account and our spending was approximately $23,000 consequently we only raised approximately $12,000. Thanks to all the contributors including those that contributed the maximum allowable. Unfortunately, it appears that some people believe that corporate support is still allowed but unfortunately; it is no longer allowed under Elections Canada guidelines. Thanks again all.

The outcome overall and locally was disappointing. It was my hope to increase the number voting Liberal here rather than getting less than last time. Please accept my apologies. I accept some but not total responsibility since a candidate can not be responsible for long-standing cynicism, disconnection and voter apathy, but deserves everyone’s support in everyway possible and underscores once again the importance of the greatest membership base possible as well as funding whether on the local or national level. The national campaign and platform was hijacked by the super-financed Conservatives who were prepared to do anything to hold-on to power. They figuratively assassinated Mr. Dion right-away on his assuming leadership and saturated the media with advertising emphasizing the carbon-tax aspect of the Green Shift which was questioned by many voters by then skeptical added to which their (Conservative) luck increased when signs of the economy spluttering showed in the last week of the campaign. They quickly latched to it suggesting the need for Canadians to stay the course with the “tried and true” rather than risking new ideas and tax-increases. The outcome is now history.

I recommend that as the Conservatives did over the past 3 years we continue campaigning so we’re ready as soon as the next writ is dropped, likely in a couple of years, quite possibly 18 months since they (Conservatives) will not want a new Liberal Leader to get established. I predict Mr. Harper will do his utmost to have it appear as though it’s our fault again when the next election is triggered. I also recommend that the recommendations noted herein be adopted for the next campaign. Respectfully submitted,

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate 2008 Election

Monday, October 20

Mr. Dion prepares the way for a new Leadership race

In follow-up to the outcome of the recent election and as you likely know by now Mr. Dion announced that he will step-down as leader of the Liberal Party and over the next several months, the party will conduct a leadership race to determine a successor.

The Harper Conservatives may have won the battle this time but at some point the results of their actions will likely catch up with them. It is my firm belief that the negativism, misrepresentation and character-assassination will come back to haunt them. Money can only do so much, eventually people will see through them. The Conservatives used millions in attack ads and misused government mailing privileges in their attempt to destroy Mr. Dion and the Liberal Party and we lacked the resources to counter the false image they pushed of Mr. Dion and our platform. Mr. Harper and the Conservatives provided no plan until the last minute when there was no opportunity to question it, many voters didn't bother to vote and unfortunately enough people obviously were prepared to vote without knowing his plan and so they won.

As Mr. Dion has said we can not allow a repeat to happen again; however, all our help is needed. Right-away we Liberals need to ensure the Liberal Party will have the financial resources to counter the Conservative push that will likely continue. We need to be generous and contribute to get rid of all debts and establish the financial resources required to ensure we are successful in winning the next election.

We simply must win. And while a one-time donation will help, for long-term strength and stability, we all need to consider making a monthly contribution of $10, $15, $25or more. We believe our vision of a richer, fairer, greener Canada is worth fighting for.

So please, help now to ensure that the next leader of the Liberal Party can turn our vision into a reality. Please check for updates and to contribute. Your will receive a tax receipt for your contribution which means our contribution only costs us a portion of what we give. Let's support democracy in action. Thank you.

Michael Cormican, Candidate
Liberal Party of Canada, Lethbridge

Friday, October 17

Conclusion of 2008 Election Campaign

Sorry I was unable to keep my blog as up-to-date as I would have liked but as you might imagine with the short timeframe for the campaign and all the demands on ones time it is difficult to find time for these extra expectations unless someone volunteers to do such. Though it may be redundant at this stage suffice it to summarize that the last week flew by. We had a couple of forums, an open house and interviews etc. though Senator Joyce and I managed to get in visits and some main-streeting in Milk River and Coutts as well as Magrath and Coaldale.

Usually we were greeted by someone or other telling us they never see a politician in these areas. However, I believe it is important to visit all key locations in the riding; I just wish we had time for more. We met a couple of the mayors and other key people who were most receptive and friendly. Some of the issues on their minds concern maintaining the vibrancy of their community as well as infrastructure issues and they are always so proud of their community and rightly so. The main issues on farmers minds appear to be the high cost of inputs for farming especially oil and fertilizer and I heard loud and clear that with respect to the Canadian Wheat Board they want it retained but want choice, the same as Ontario, even if they don’t use it. It was all very tiring.

On Friday, October 10 Gloria, I and Senator Fairbairn joined the Liberal contingent attending the October Fest at the German Canadian Club. On Saturday I attended the military display in Galt Gardens and the Parade at 1 pm. It was cold! Later, Gloria and I were guests of Senator Joyce at the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the local 18th Regiment. It was a memorable evening attended by the Lieutenant Governor and lots of Military brass. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated people and for such generous people defending our security.

Since campaign contributions were insufficient to mail brochures to every home in the riding we decided North Lethbridge and the rural areas should get them and we had to get volunteers to deliver as much as we could in Coaldale and the remainder of Lethbridge. A special thanks to all those that volunteered; especially the students and special thanks to Gloria and our family for putting-up with my lack of attention because of my campaigning priority. E day came and of course, we all know the results did not show as we wished. So we can only hope, like the farmer, that next time will be in our favor and we must all learn to live with the outcome. Needless to say gossip and speculation is rampant suggesting Mr. Dion should resign. However, knowing the man of honor he is, I trust he will decide in the overall best interest. Apparently, he is scheduled to make an announcement on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, Oct. 15 we emptied out the office and started collecting the signs so we don’t run afoul of the regulations. Today went breaking and storing signs, trying to catch-up on yard work and I made a nice stew to get back to routine of a healthy meal again.

Though I have individually thanked my campaign team at this time I want to take opportunity to thank everyone that helped spread the Liberal message and though we did not have the honor of getting the garland I like to believe we are still winners especially when we consider the odds. Unfortunately, numbers wise we died not do as well as the last campaign which is somewhat difficult to understand given the even worse scenario we campaigned in in 2005/6. However, there were fewer that voted this time.

I’m still convinced our platform was and is a good one. It reminds me of Mr. Trudeau’s 'Just Society' and I still believe that if other parties were fair and had not derogated Mr. Dion and promulgated their wrong slant on our platform; it is what most Canadians want. As I said several times during the campaign the Green Shift is akin to a second Industrial Revolution and our proposed tax changes the most radical approach since income taxes were introduced. I believe it would be a boon to industry and euntrepreneurs. The big question is, how can we engage the disconnected majority of potential voters? I want to thank the team and their families for affording them the time to help me. I hope I didn’t overlook anyone. I really appreciate them taking the time for this important aspect of living and governance.

Now we must be honest with ourselves since electioneering is serious business. I plan to do a survey to help obtain tangible feedback on our platform and presentation and my presentation of it as well as call a review meeting while everything is still fresh in our minds and to compile recommendations to help next time around. If you have any great idea on how we could do better I’d appreciate hearing it. Until my next update I’ll wish you the best and with respect to governing we can only trust that Mr. harper will get down to it seriously in the best interests of all of us. Appreciatively,

Michael Cormican, Past Candidate 2008 Election, Lethbridge

Tuesday, October 14

Federal Election Day, October 14, 2008

Hi on Election Day! Yes, today is voting day and I trust if you have not already done so that you will do so before 7:30 pm the time the polls close. May I suggest that you present as early as possible before closing time since I suspect there will be the usual bit of a last-minute stampede. I have done my best to present the Liberal platform, as my fellow candidates have with their party's platform. I have posted summaries of the platform and our Green Shift plan which can be accessed at or in one of my earlier blogs.
Good luck in your decision. Hopefully, the results will be in the overall best interest. I thank you for your interest and if you need assistance or a ride to the polls please contact our office at (403) 524-3839 or my cell at 317-0829. Have a great day! It’s a great day for democracy.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge Riding

Monday, October 13

Summary of week's activities and platform

Hi again!

Time flies and we’ve covered a lot of ground since last communication and alot has happened including a BBQ for the staff on October 5. In all we had about 7 or 8 forums, open houses, preparation for interviews and in between we fitted in visits to most of the key communities in the Riding. It was nice meeting so many nice people including mayors, reeves, school principles and senior. Several people expressed amazement at seeing a politician noting they have never heard of one visiting their area. Most of the usual issues are mentioned and some noted the possible need for assistance with upgrading historical homes and/or stores and the main issue with farmers appears to be the high cost of inputs for farming including oil and fertilizer. Many farmers emphasized that they want to have the right to choice with respect to marketing their crops but do not want the CWB disbanded. It was great to be able to discuss and share ideas on the issues as well as our platform. Of course, we all noted the major issue that is on many minds since last note is the economy. Some people remarked how it was nice to see Mr. Harper appearing “like a deer caught in the headlights instead of Mr. Dion being projected thus by the Conservatives and many noted how well Stephane Dion did in the national Debates and hope people don’t feel too sorry for Mr. Harper suggesting it was nice he get a dose of his own medicine. As I have said more than once we all need to be careful since “birds tend to come home to roost”. It would also serve well that we remember which governments have tended to have the country near debt I,e, Mr. Mulroney and the Conservatives owed 42 billion in 1993. It took the Liberals to clean it up and it looks very like we may have to do so again since even Mr. Harper this week reluctantly admitted that our economy is in a perilous state it being noted that they got rid of the 3 billion contingency the Liberal government left them on change of watch almost 3 years ago. Given such history I ask; how could anyone think the Conservatives could be trusted to manage an guide the economy through the obvious rough times they expect ahead.

The following speech is a good summary of our platform.
The Liberal Party platform for families and businesses

The Liberal Party's platform will help strengthen Canadian families and businesses by providing lower taxes and investing in the Canadian economy, said Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

"A Liberal government will get the fundamentals of the economy right," said Mr. Dion. "We will build a richer Canada by cutting taxes for all Canadian families and businesses, making them more competitive; we will build a fairer Canada by directing significant tax benefits to families with children, increasing benefits to the disabled, seniors and families struggling to achieve success; and we will build a greener Canada by targeting tax cuts to Canadians and businesses to invest in renewable, energy efficient technologies."

A Liberal government will build a richer Canada by:
.leaving more in the pockets of Canadians by lowering the lowest- and middle-income tax rates. Lowering income taxes as much as 10 per cent for many Canadians;

.increasing the competitiveness of Canadian small businesses by lowering the small business tax rate to 10 per cent from 11 per cent. This represents a nine per cent cut in small business taxes;

.lowering the corporate tax rate to 14 per cent by 2013, making Canada one of the most competitive business jurisdictions in the world, driving the Canadian economy and creating jobs; and

.investing in the future and simplifying the tax system for post-secondary students providing most students approximately $1000 each year, and extending the $400 per month education tax credit to apprentices.

A Liberal government will build a fairer Canada by:

.introducing a new $350 refundable child tax credit that will benefit all families;
. increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors by $600 a year for low-income seniors even if they don't earn enough to pay taxes, and by $800 a year for low-income senior couples;

.improving the employment credit for low and middle-income Canadians and putting up to $250 more into their pockets;

.making the Disability Tax Credit refundable, significantly improving the incomes of disabled Canadians with low incomes;

.finally indexing the Northern Residents Deduction so the tax benefit addresses the changing costs of Northern Canadians;

.improving the Working Income Tax Credit for low-income Canadians and help them get over the welfare wall; and
. creating a new Guaranteed Family Supplement for the poorest families with children, worth $1,225 a year more per family.

A Liberal government will build a greener Canada by:
. providing up to $10,000 in refundable tax benefits to Canadian families for investments in energy-saving retrofits to their homes. This will improve energy efficiency, contribute to the fight against climate change and save Canadians money;

. implementing an Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance rates, which will provide new tax benefits to Canadian businesses that invest in green technologies. As the price of fossil fuels rises, this tax benefit will accelerate the investment in the technologies that will improve the competitiveness of Canadian companies; and

. improving the Science, Research & Experimental Development tax credit, giving tax benefits to Canadians that innovate and build the solutions of the future.

"The Conservatives have not invested in Canadians, have not lowered income taxes or invested in innovation. That is why Canada has had the lowest growth and productivity since 1990," said Mr. Dion.

"The Liberal Party is the only party that will lower taxes for Canadians in a progressive and effective way. Only a Liberal government will get the fundamentals right and build the economy for all Canadians."

In brief and in summary:
The theme of our platform is “A Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada and we propose that a Liberal Government will tax what we burn, waste or pollute and we will cut taxes on income, investment and innovation. All tax collected on carbon will be returned in amount of $15.1 billion contrary to what the Conservatives push. We plan to cut the rate of tax on the lowest three levels of income-tax by 1.5 % for the lowest and 1% for the next two levels as well as to cut a percentage point from business tax over four years. Also, we have planned several flexibility funds to help business green-up as well as accelerate the speed of return of investment costs. Likewise we propose an increase of $350 in addition to the $1,200 being given for each child as well as increase the GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) as well as many other benefits. Our plan has been fully costed and is hailed by all kinds of experts and organizations as the best and most appropriate way to stimulate the economy as it splutters more than Mr. Harper wanted to admit until this week. Among them are the Conference Board of Canada, the Conference of Chief Executives, David Suzuki, numerous professors, a Laureate and even the renowned and conservative think tank, the CD Howe Institute. So how could anyone think the Conservatives would be the best to manage the economy. Likewise; I ask, who was the party and so-called leader that made all the boo boos, not Stephane Dion or the Liberals? So, let’s get on with the job of governing and get the country back on its feet again so we can be the leader the rest of the world expects us to be. Let’s ‘Vote Liberal’ … ‘Vote Michael Cormican’.

Check or See re costs and benefits of GSP.
Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate

Saturday, October 4

Platform Tidbits

Sorry I have not been able to keep up on thiis as well as I would like. As you might guess it's difficult to keep up on everything from phonecalls, door-to-door, meetings, forums and interviews with the paper etc. however, suffice it to say I detect a very different attitude out there sine the last election. Most people are pleasnt and many are fearfull of Harper and the Conservatives. They do not trust him or them and I say rightly so. Most of his henchmen are former harrisite from the Ontario government and despite implying to Ontarians everything in the garden was fine left Ontario and the new Liberal Government of McGinty with almost 6 billion in debt. Now Flaherty and gang are ourkey Federal Ministers and look at what Flaherty said - don't invest in Ontario. Is that leadership? And, why would anyone believe the Tories are good manager anyway? Remember Mulroney left us with a 42 billion debt and it took us - Paul Martin to turn the ship around.

We should always remember what Tories stand for as well as their record and as the saying goes "Tory times are hard times", not to mention that Harper and gang have been the biggest spenders, told business and others they are on their own but could come up wit millions for election promises and still have produced no platform. Now we are teetering again and no contingency to tide us over the rough times ahead. harper is the most mean-spirited PM we have had; he is calculating and called this election giving the shortest time ever for a campaign so the oposition owuld have the least time to try putting out their message. Let's read Naomi Klein's book on how the right operate. their so -called tax-breaks amounted to nothing, just helped the rich since the poor can not buy mch and food is exempt. Heis the most divisive PM in history; just look at his record and what he stood for before he became PM. The rich have got richer and the poor continue to struggle to survive.

It gives me pleasure to introdue you to our platform as follows:

For Immediate Release September 22, 2008

The Liberal Party platform for families and businesses

OTTAWA – The Liberal Party’s platform will help strengthen Canadian families and businesses by providing lower taxes and investing in the Canadian economy, said Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

“A Liberal government will get the fundamentals of the economy right,” said Mr. Dion. “We will build a richer Canada by cutting taxes for all Canadian families and businesses, making them more competitive; we will build a fairer Canada by directing significant tax benefits to families with children, increasing benefits to the disabled, seniors and families struggling to achieve success; and we will build a greener Canada by targeting tax cuts to Canadians and businesses to invest in renewable, energy efficient technologies.”

A Liberal government will build a richer Canada by:

• leaving more in the pockets of Canadians by lowering the lowest- and middle-income tax rates. Lowering income taxes as much as 10 per cent for many Canadians;
• increasing the competitiveness of Canadian small businesses by lowering the small business tax rate to 10 per cent from 11 per cent. This represents a nine per cent cut in small business taxes;
• lowering the corporate tax rate to 14 per cent by 2013, making Canada one of the most competitive business jurisdictions in the world, driving the Canadian economy and creating jobs; and
• investing in the future and simplifying the tax system for post-secondary students providing most students approximately $1000 each year, and extending the $400 per month education tax credit to apprentices.

A Liberal government will build a fairer Canada by:

• introducing a new $350 refundable child tax credit that will benefit all families;
• increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors by $600 a year for low-income seniors even if they don’t earn enough to pay taxes, and by $800 a year for low-income senior couples;
• improving the employment credit for low and middle-income Canadians and putting up to $250 more into their pockets;
• making the Disability Tax Credit refundable, significantly improving the incomes of disabled Canadians with low incomes;
• finally indexing the Northern Residents Deduction so the tax benefit addresses the changing costs of Northern Canadians;
• improving the Working Income Tax Credit for low-income Canadians and help them get over the welfare wall; and
• creating a new Guaranteed Family Supplement for the poorest families with children, worth $1,225 a year more per family.

A Liberal government will build a greener Canada by:

• providing up to $10,000 in refundable tax benefits to Canadian families for investments in energy-saving retrofits to their homes. This will improve energy efficiency, contribute to the fight against climate change and save Canadians money;
• implementing an Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance rates, which will provide new tax benefits to Canadian businesses that invest in green technologies. As the price of fossil fuels rises, this tax benefit will accelerate the investment in the technologies that will improve the competitiveness of Canadian companies; and
• improving the Science, Research & Experimental Development tax credit, giving tax benefits to Canadians that innovate and build the solutions of the future.

“The Conservatives have not invested in Canadians, have not lowered income taxes or invested in innovation. That is why Canada has had the lowest growth and productivity since 1990,” said Mr. Dion.

“The Liberal Party is the only party that will lower taxes for Canadians in a progressive and effective way. Only a Liberal government will get the fundamentals right and build the economy for all Canadians.”



Liberal Party of Canada Press Office 613-783-8888 or Michael at 524-3839

Summary of key-points of platform.
A Richer Canada
The Liberal platform stays true to the Liberal legacy of strong economic and fiscal management, including commitments to:

• Balance the budget: We will restore the $3-billion contingency fund abandoned by the Conservatives to give Canada’s government more room to maneuver in tough economic times.

• Tackle the infrastructure deficit: We will work with provinces, territories and municipalities to implement long-term funding for infrastructure that underpins our economic competitiveness and quality of life. We will help to improve our transit, our water treatment, our roads and bridges and our sports and recreational facilities so we can raise our families in healthy, vibrant cities and communities.

• Bolster the manufacturing sector: We will create a $1-billion Advanced Manufacturing Prosperity (AMP) Fund to help Canada’s manufacturing sector retain and create jobs as it transitions to a greener future.

• Provide access to post-secondary education: We will help make post-secondary education accessible to every Canadian by boosting and simplifying existing support for students, and increase investments to support research to help more Canadians succeed in the 21st-century knowledge economy.

• Promote Canadian arts and culture: We will restore the ideological cuts made by the Conservatives, defend artists from censorship, double the budget of the Canada Council for the Arts and provide needed assistance to both artists and institutions in an industry that fosters vibrant, livable cities and communities, supports innovation, helps us understand our past and imagine our future, and stimulates our economy.

A Fairer Canada
The Liberal platform also commits to building a fairer, more inclusive society by:
• Implementing the 30-50 Plan to reduce poverty: We will launch a full-scale attack on poverty in Canada, with the goal of reducing the number of people living below the poverty line by at least 30 per cent, and the number of children living in poverty by at least 50 per cent.

• Creating child care spaces: We will work with the provinces and territories to create new early education and child care spaces that are centered on the quality, universally-inclusive, accessible and developmental (QUAD) principles, giving families a real choice.

• Investing in health care: We will work to clear the bottlenecks that are currently slowing Canada’s access to health professionals, so that more Canadians will get the care they need, with shorter wait times. We will also introduce a national plan for catastrophic drug coverage that would ensure Canadians living with serious illnesses can focus on their health instead of worrying about their finances.

• Investing in new Canadians: We will reverse the irresponsible immigration measures introduced by the Conservatives last spring and invest a total of $800 million in new federal funding to deal with the immigration backlog, welcome more new Canadians, and ensure that they succeed.

• Bringing back the Kelowna Accord: We will bring back the Kelowna Accord and work in consultation with Aboriginal Peoples and provinces and territories to improve Aboriginal health, education and housing outcomes.

A Greener Canada
Building on the Green Shift plan, the Liberal platform contains measures that will:
• Help Canadians go green: We will provide up to $10,000 in direct financial support, and introduce an interest-free Green Mortgage program for up to an additional $10,000 for homeowners making eco-friendly improvements to their homes.

• Protect our health: We will introduce tough new measures to ensure Canadians have cleaner air, fresh water, non-toxic consumer products and safe food.

• Preserve our natural heritage: We will create new National Parks and Marine Protected Areas to help preserve Canada’s cherished wilderness areas and biodiversity.

Canada and the World
• Restore our independent voice of leadership: We will lead, not hinder, multilateral efforts to fight the climate change crisis and we will return to Canada’s traditional position of opposing the death penalty on the global stage.

• Recommitting to development: We will increase Canada’s international assistance contributions and restore Canada’s special relationship with Africa which has been abandoned by the Conservatives.

• Clarity and transparency on Afghanistan: We will unequivocally commit to ending the current military mission in Afghanistan in 2011 and will deliver the same message to our NATO allies who have been too often left to guess what the true position of the Conservative government is. We will carry out the remainder of the mission guided by the principles of accountability and transparency because Canadians deserve to know the whole truth about this mission.

For more details please go to for platform or to see your benefits through the Green Shift go to

Michael Cormican


Hi and Welcome to my website!
I’m Michael Cormican. I’m aspiring to become your MP in the next Parliament. However, I need your support and your vote to make it. Here’s a little about me.

I’m committed to improving the quality of life and opportunities for everyone in this great country. I have what it takes, speak from the heart and follow through on what I say I will do.

I love life and believe in the sanctity of life from beginning to end and I’m against capital punishment. I’m an optimist; I try to be positive and I expect the best from everyone. I believe there is an answer and I work for solutions. I keep my word.

I have a long record of volunteering in our community and I still serve in several local organizations. Those who know me will confirm I’m considerate; a person of action, fair, positive and approachable. I pull for the little guy and I believe in balance..

I believe the most important issue in the upcoming election is the question of what values will guide our nation. Will they be values of inclusion, sustainability, prosperity and respect for the fundamental dignity of all or will we continue on the road from which there may be no return?

I want a government of vision and that puts people first. I want a government that manage our finances responsibly, is committed to a sustainable environment, supports business and social programs built on the principles of social justice and inclusion that will be available for future generations.

“A Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada”

Please help me make our community and Canada the best by establishing the Early Learning and Childcare Plan, literacy and affordable housing programs and to help eradicate poverty. We need to follow-through on the Kelowna Accord and to reestablish our credibility in the world again. I thank you in anticipation of your support.

My Profile:
• Born in Ireland in 1948; I have been a proud Canadian citizen since 1977.
• Gloria and I were married in 1976, and; we are proud parents of four adult children. Gloria is Family Studies Program Administrator at Lethbridge College.
• My background is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and I was the Mental Health Programs Contracts Coordinator for Mental Health in Chinook Health Region for 22 years.
• Those who know me can verify that I follow-through on what I set my mind to do.

Without planning it my job addressing health and social issues and community service involvement with youth, underprivileged and aboriginal peoples, affordable housing and poverty helped me to understand people and needs and assist them obtain the help they needed prepared me most appropriately for the role I now seek.

Some of my Community involvements:
Church and School Councils and Scouts,
Habitat for Humanity,Social Housing in Action, and
Aboriginal Housing in Action;
Medicine Tree (Sik-Ooh-Kotoki) Friendship Centre,
Southwest Alberta Coalition on Poverty,
Knights of Columbus,
Natural Family Planning Assoc. of Alberta,
Regional and Provincial Mental Health Advisory Councils,
Local Provincial and Federal Liberal Party Associations, and
Friends of Medicare September 2008

Tuesday, September 30

Belated Update

Hi everyone:

You probably guessed it I have been busy - public forums, school forums, open houses, responding to calls and trying fit in calls or respond to them wherever I can. Not getting in as much door-knocking as I would like. The issues vary - income trusts, environment, health and food security, affordable housing, water, the Kelowna Accord, gas and fertilizer prices and abuse of parliamentary privileges were raised. Also, been out to several of the outlying communities and find almost everyone very receptive to our message. It renews my confidence in the collective will of the people. So let's not slow-up and to help assure that everyone is clear about our message I provide the following summary.

We Liberals are excited about our visionary platform that will help us achieve the ‘Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada’ everyone wants.

Our Green Shift will encourage us to change how we operate so our environment and resources will be sustainable for our children and grandchildren. The tax-cuts will give us more money to do it. It is simple – “tax what we burn” or don’t want (pollution, waste and green-house gasses), and cut taxes on what we want (income, investment and innovation). It’s a “win, win” for everyone though the Conservatives want you to believe otherwise.

A new Liberal Government will create jobs, keep the budget balanced, cut taxes, and build the strongest economy in the world. Let’s remember that it has been Liberal Governments that have rescued us and led to recovery each time we got in trouble i.e. after the war and again after Mr. Mulroney racked-up 42 billion dollars debt. We turned over a surplus of 13 billion and Mr. Harper got rid of it and the 3 billion contingency that would greatly help in the looming economic crisis; so it’s evident which party is the better manager.

As usual we need any help we can get so I thought it would assist ot insert here Mary Insley's appeal. Everyone are super, working flat out. However, we need to assure that we win this seat as well as enough across this great country so we can form government and return Canada to the role we are proud of and do so well - peacekeeping. Thanks for your continuing support and spread the message far and wide. Have a great day.


A federal election is under way. The crucial decision of how this country is run and what it stands for is in our hands. If you feel that Canada is a nation built on respect, tolerance, freedom and responsibility, you can be assured that the Liberal Party of Canada represents your values.

The time has come to do what is right – not what is easy!

On behalf of Michael Cormican’s Campaign, I am writing to ask for your vote on October 14. In addition, because a campaign is costly, your financial support is essential. Please do what is right and send your donation to:
Mary Insley, Financial Agent for Michael Cormican
1273 – 3 Avenue South (or Mary’s home address)

The Liberal agenda for a strong stand on economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social justice will build the Canada you desire. Your contribution to Lethbridge candidate, Michael Cormican and your grassroots assistance can mean the difference between victory and defeat in this election. I am hoping we can count on your support.

Yours truly,

Mary Insley, Financial Agent for Michael Cormican

Monday, September 22

RICHER, FAIRER, GREENER: An Action Plan for Canada in 21st Century

Now, more than ever, Canadians need a government that will help our country grow and thrive.

With the Liberal platform we are announcing today, we have the opportunity to turn the page from the small-minded vision of Stephen Harper and choose a government that will provide Canadians with a strong economy and a greener environment.

I invite you to read RICHER, FAIRER, GREENER: An Action Plan for Canada in 21st Century
Open Town Hall with Honourable Stéphane Dion
Monday, Sept 22 at 7pm
Calgary - Greenwood Inn & Suites (3515 26th Street NE)

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Stephane Dion and ask questions that are important to you.
This is also an excellent opportunity to meet the Southern Alberta Liberal candidates who will be on-hand to listen to your concerns and answer any questions.

For more information email or call 403-541-1052.

Or contact my office. Several of us will be attending.

Saturday, September 20

Campaign Office Opening

I invite you to attend the opening of my Campaign Office.

Saturday, Sept 20 at 1 pm
1273 - 3 Avenue South

Phone: (403) 524-3842

Senator Joyce Fairbairn will be attending.

Come by the office, say hello, and take a sign.

Your help is needed.
Door-knocking is easier and faster when others go with me.

There is a lot of work to do.
- Calling party members and other volunteers
- Putting up lawn signs and the big ones too!
- Delivering brochures
- and more

Your support is appreciated

Wednesday, September 17

Issues and Liberal Policies

Before getting to policies, I’ll update you the past couple of days. There have been several calls from the media and others arranging for forums. Some team members have been busy getting the office ready. I was in Calgary a couple of times; Saturday I attended the unveiling of the Liberal candidates from Southern Alberta. We met in the campaign office of Sunam Kang in Calgary NE. He is touted as a good possibility to win his seat. On Sunday I attended a media workshop.

I have also done some door-to-door work to hear issues and touch base with electors. Reactions have varied from respondents not realizing an election is underway to pleasantly engaging. Some said they had not given much thought to it or that they really don’t think there should be an election. A few were irritated with Mr. Harper for breaking his word and calling an election. People mentioned health care and the high cost of gas as issues. This evening Lorne accompanied me and was surprised by how pleasant people were with me. While some didn’t provide feedback others were appreciative for the visit.

Before I delve into Liberal policies and the Green Shift I would like to note how well the first week has gone for us, despite some biased reporting. I do not wonder at people’s confusion about our policies considering some of the negative advertising on the airwaves from the Conservatives. It appears that some of it backfired on them and a couple of high ranking Conservatives lost their jobs. They were blamed for Mr. Harper’s blunders. He is trying to convince the voters that he’s only the lowly leader. Some leader! He’s more like a dictator who wants to take credit for what he considers positives but when things go wrong he quickly finds a scapegoat. It seems that Mr. Harper has no qualms about whom or what he uses to get what he wants. In his book the end must justify the means.

The Alberta platform has been released and through Mr. Dion significant announcements have been offered for your consideration. However, the National Liberal Platform has yet to be released. Still, our major plan, the Green Shift, has been released. If it has raised questions for you, I will be very happy to answer them. It seems that Mr. Harper has no qualms about whom or what he uses to get what he wants. In his book the end must justify the means.

Liberal policies are in stark contrast to those of the Conservatives. The major reasons Stephen Harper called the election:
• his anticipation of a new administration in Washington
• outcomes from the many scandals
• the economy teetering again, the liberals will have to straighten it out

Here is the good news of the Green Shift:

1. The prices on Carbon in the Liberal platform have been costed – this means that the costs are clearly set out in the document.
(Liberals are the only party promising what can be delivered! The other parties offer vague or empty promises or hidden surprises attached to their platform. Worse, other plans will take too long to initiate and not capture the immediate benefits.)

2. Decrease of Personal and corporate income taxes.
(This puts money in the pockets of all Canadians.)

3. Oil and gas companies will continue to receive the full market value for their hydrocarbons.
(This is the distinction from the National Energy Program.)

4. Our environment and the economy will receive a boost from the initiatives.
(This is a further distinction from the NEP.)

5. Liberals are committed to your health care.

6. Liberals are clear about their commitment beyond Carbon pricing.

7. Strong assistance will be given by the Liberals to the poor and disadvantaged.

8. We have offered extra incentives to farmers and rural residence.

9. Special attention has also been given to fisheries, the lumber industry as well as immigration and business.

We aim for a "Fairer, Richer, Greener" Canada!

Friday, September 12

Thursday, September 11, ‘08

Another busy day; it started with the usual routine of papers review, computer and phonecalls etc. Mid-morning Russ, a couple of team members and I met to check the proposed office. Today Russ is expected to be making arrangements for phones and the equipment we will need.

The office address is 1273 – 3rd Ave. South. As soon as the phones are hooked up we will publish them and notify you.

Thanks to my Aboriginal friends as they have offered to share their space with us. The location and office fit our needs in every respect. It is already a busy office. As you may know, I have been a member of the AHIAS (Aboriginal Housing Board) since its inception.

As we carry out our activities we will need to be cognizant and respectful of each other and use common sense protocols as in any sharing situation. The AHIAS is well underway with our first major project of 29 houses to help alleviate the homeless issue that continues to worsen for urban aboriginal people. We extend a huge thank you to our Aboriginal friends for your consideration, offer and enthusiasm. Your offer is an obvious sign of your confidence in me and our Liberal platform that considers all Canadians. It demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together. Thank you Roland, Boyd and AHIAS I really appreciate your support. Once we again have a Liberal Government we will honor the Kelowna
Accord approved by Parliament. Then our Aboriginal brothers and sisters can live in dignity and share pride in each other.

Everything we do reflects on the rest of society –If any segment of society looks bad, it’s a reflection on the rest of us and likewise the reverse also reflects us poorly..

Following our forenoon meeting I attended the very well attended Mayors luncheon for the arts which honored Dr. Van Christou, Minda Rogerson and the Kinsmen for their contributions to the arts. I too offer you my congratulations and best wishes. It is reassuring to see the arts being regarded as vital in understanding ourselves and each other. May they ever flourish and may we likewise remember their importance. During the lunch I was able to reacquaint with friends and made new acquaintances with several interesting people.

The campaign team met again last evening and things are progressing nicely. The calendar is filling up with numerous forums we will be attending. Keep tuned; hopefully our next chat will get into policy issues. Of course, if you or your friends want to jump on board to ensure I get elected I would be most appreciative of whatever you can do. I may be contacted at 381-7635 or Cell 317-0829. For update on the Liberal platform please check:

Also significant on this day, is the 7th anniversary of ‘September 11, 2001’. Let us not forget all those who lost their lives on that fatal day. This includes 24 Canadians who also lost their lives. In addition let's remember our fallen soldiers and their families that have paid the ultimate price in their endeavors at making the world a better place. We thank them all for their sacrifice so we can live in greater security. Although we Liberals want return to our tradition of excellence in international peacekeeping as soon as we can we must always be supportive of the continuing efforts and generosity of their comrades and their families. We look forward to their safe return.


Thursday, September 11

Campaign Trail Update; Wed., Sept. 10, ‘08

A busy couple of days! Hardly time to think. Day starts as usual around 7 am with scanning the papers, phonecalls and returning phonecalls. Several call following leads for office. Guests here for our friend’s wedding departed. Global TV arranged for a session. On Tuesday attended a breakfast with a group of seniors in Picture Butte at 7 am; then coffee with a group of farmers. Issue of costs raised. Read daily papers, returned phonecalls and calls in search of place. A couple we had banked hopes on fell through. Friendship Center meeting and calls and computer catch-up before retire to bed. Wednesday; Sept. 10 commenced with a Toastmasters meeting at 7am followed by meetings and phone-calls scouting for an office. I had a meeting in the afternoon and an Aboriginal Housing meeting through which I got a lead on a likely office. On Thursday, I will be attending the Mayors Luncheon for the Arts and a Campaign Team Meeting is called for 7 pm at my home.

Tuesday, September 9

Tuesday, September 9, ‘08

Today I visited Picture Butte and enjoyed breakfast with the senior at invitation of Everett. I met some great people there and renewed some acquaintances from previously and listened to their observations and concerns. It was great to see so many out so early, eager and pleasant. Afterwards we joined a largely farming group for coffee at ‘The Cactus’. Most of them I had met previously and again listened and shared. A major concern expressed was with respect to the hugely increased input costs for fertilizes which has jumped to $900 plus dollars from about $350.00 per ton three or four years ago. They expect the price to continue escalating, possibly doubling over the next few years. The main reason speculated is the price of oil and demand by China. Needless to say I assured them I will pass it on. This afternoon I attended an Aboriginal meeting in town.

Tomorrow! Keep tuned.

Update and Election Call

The guessing is over and the election has been called despite Mr. Harper having forced legislation last year for a fixed election date. Many have postulated that Mr. Harper realized and had come to accept that the polls and his chances for re-election as a government were about as good as they were going to get. Opposing indicators i.e. economic slow-down, increasing scandals and Mr. Dion’s and the opposition’s lack of cooperation in not putting forward a non-confidence motion made it difficult to predict if Mr. Harper would follow through on calling an election. However, he started preparing public opinion in the hope that they will come to believe that Parliament had become unworkable and thus an election needed. Many indications were contrary though both Liberal and Conservative sources suggested he was prepared to risk and pull the plug this time.

Obviously, Mr. Harper prefers to be the one in charge and having been upstaged in the summer by Mr. Dion with the Green Shift Plan he was determined to get back in charge. Also, of concern was that the public at-large and most experts considered the Liberal Plan a solid one for our future. Mr. Dion didn’t fall for his baits so Mr. Harper decided to move ahead with plan B suggesting the current Parliament was untenable and there was need and inevitability for an election. In the interim to help confuse things he had called four bi-elections which were automatically cancelled by his subsequent General Election call. What irresponsibility and waste of time and money estimated by Elections Canada at 3.5 million dollars. Imagine how many poor and struggling people such amount would have helped. What foolishness from the guy and party that ran last time claiming to be accountable and transparent. No wonder so many are cynical of politicians! One of the major issues they pushed in the last election was to legislate fixed election dates so governments could not manipulate timing of elections more likely to favor their own re-election.

However, Mr. Harper had realized the fixed-date legislation was not working to suit him, so he decided he must bite the bullet and contrary to his prized legislation and a few weeks of careful grooming and manipulation of many he decided he had valid reason to call the election. However, most of us realize the other whys and wherefores as to his timing including the winds of change blowing amongst our Southern neighbors which many believe will likely bring results and a new Whitehouse administration that will not favor Mr. Harper and his party’s re-election. So here we are.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me including looking for an office and touching base with as many as possible of those that had told me they would help when the election was called. Unfortunately, despite following every lead possible on vacant properties we can only hope that one or other of the vacancies pursued will materialize in the next day or two. We'll notify as soon as we secure it. To keep up-to-date please check and We had a couple of campaign team meetings to help revitalize the team and on Sunday Russ and I attended an election preparedness session in Calgary. Also, I’ve been contacted by the media and was in the news to help keep the public up-to-date. As you know issues change from week-to-week even day-to-day.

The various Conservative scandals sagas continued to percolate which is likely a major reason Mr. Harper called this unnecessary election. Our MP, Mr. Casson and other Conservatives across the country were busy last month continuing abuse of MP mailing privileges. I was among some that received several quasi surveys each consisting of a statement on one or other of their old five point plan and all asking the respondent to identify who they thought was the best leader. I noted as did others that the return address on all was the Privy Council Office confirming that they have lost all sense of boundaries with respect to separating activity on behalf of the party from that of government. And, guess what; a legal opinion obtained from Elections Canada confirms that such activity is in contravention of the rules of parliamentary privilege. Like the anticipated outcomes of the other issues under review this and all are conveniently swept under the mat with the election call and likely Mr. Harper’s hope is that nothing will surface until he is well re-established; or so he thinks! Also, despite his assurances following the election call that he wouldn’t be negative the party has been saturating the airwaves for weeks with negative ads that contain outright lies. I’ll provide corrections and the truth in my next update. Obviously, Mr. Harper and his party fear the authenticity and validity the Green Shift has received. So you can feel assured and help reassure others I strongly suggest that you check what the benefit for you will be from the Green Shift at the end of the tax year. It’s so simple. Please check on the web, hit the calculator and answer the few simple questions. It will identify how much you can expect when you file your taxes. It differs for each because of the situational variables.

Also, contrary to Mr. Harper's and the Conservatives' lies that Liberals plan to cancel the $100.00 per month per child allowance they say they instituted I assure you the new Liberal Government plans on the $350 per year in addition as outlined in the Green Plan. With respect to the 100 dollars in question that was announced with great fanfare at the time I was assured by Child Welfare people at the time that Albertans were already receiving it since Alberta was one of the three Provinces that had signed and was already providing the benefit before the Conservatives got to power. Let’s remember, Mr. Dryden had negotiated the agreement between the Feds and the Provinces long in advance. They’re also perpetuating another lie with respect to their support for gun control which was another major issue in the last election. As soon as they got in they "scrapped" the program and put no further money into keeping the registry up-to-date. The other mistruths I will deal with later. As you and I know there is no need for this election. If you need to contact me or to offer support or suggestions so I can do the best job possible I can be contacted by phone at (403) 381-7635 and/or 317-0829. Respectfully,
Michael Cormican

Monday, August 25


On August 9 Senator Joyce Fairbairn and I attended the Cardston Breakfast and Parade. It turned out to be on one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer. As a result I was privileged to be invited to attend the Mayor’s Luncheon with Senator Joyce, where I had the opportunity to meet a couple of other Mayors and councilors, and Chief Wayne (and Mrs.) Plume of the Blood Reserve. I also met and spoke with Broyce Jacobs, MLA and Mr. and Mrs. Kue Quon. I felt it was a very fruitful day.

Also, since last update, I attended several of the usual meetings, as some of the organizations don’t take a break for the summer. Time appears to fly, and at Aboriginal Housing we’re all excited that the site and foundations preparations are well underway for the Aboriginal ‘Koh Koonoon’ (Our Home) Housing project. Carrier Construction was the successful contractor.

Also, I had lots of family activity over the past couple of weeks with visits from both our sons and their families. On August 20th some of us attended The 20 cent Man, a play written by and featuring Peter Mueller. We’re all so busy it seems like time flies too fast. We really enjoyed the show which describes some of the hard life and experiences of some of those involved in building the Chief Mountain Highway in the 1930’s.

Also, I was accorded the honor of representing the Sik-ooh-kotoki Board of Directors along with President, Roland Cotton in the Lethbridge parade on August 19. Later that day over 50 local Liberals and supporters attended the annual ALP Picnic and corn roast at Henderson Lake Kiwanis Picnic Shelter. Provincial Leader, Kevin Taft and Jeanette attended as usual. In gratitude for his years, accomplishments and support to us in Lethbridge area we presented him with a copy of The High Level Bridge, a bottle of wine and a BBQ apron signed by those attending, courtesy of Adele Downs. Thank you for all your organizational work.

This past week we were all saddened by the announcement of the killing of ten French soldiers, the wounding of several others in the latest ambush in Afghanistan, as well as the killing of three more Canadians: bringing the total killed to 93. We extend our sympathy to the families of those brave people and hope the violence and outlook change soon.

In Ottawa the Tories continued their assault on democracy, as most of the Government MPs called to account by the Parliamentary Review Committee on the ‘In and Out’ Funding Scandal refused to show up, and the Conservative Party campaign chair came earlier than scheduled. It is speculated that he did so as a diversionary tactic, as well as to intimidate any witnesses that might show-up. When asked to leave he refused to do so and had to be ejected. Polls haven’t improved for the Government either.

With their latest cuts in Arts funding, one really has to wonder if the government is bent on self-destruction. Also, in keeping with their Tactical (‘Dirty Tricks’) Manual they’ve disrupted Commons Review Committees hearings, which some suspect is to justify calling an election ahead of the legislated October 2009 “fixed date” which Mr. Harper forced through last year supposedly to get away from perceptions that government manipulates election-timing to suit its needs. He’s also trying to blame the opposition for the mayhem when it’s plain to see it’s of their creation. Most of those involved in the “In and Out’ scandal who were summoned to testify to the committee, didn’t show up; eleven on one day and a couple including Doug Finley the Campaigning Chief and Sam Goldstein, both of whom had to be ejected for their behavior.

No wonder the public is cynical about politics! Fortunately for those interested in sports, however, the upbeat Olympics provided respite, and…wow! didn’t China really shine in their performance in the opening? What a spectacle! They really set the bar high for the next and subsequent Olympics. A big thank you to all the athletes, especially Canadians, for their performances and achievements.

On August 22nd I attended the ‘Welcome Home to Theo Tams’ in Coaldale. We’re very proud of our Canadian Idol finalist! On the 23rd I attended the Parade in Nobleford, met some of the local residents and had a burger. It was great to see so much pride and enthusiasm. Keep tuned for continuing developments, and if you have questions on the Green Shift please contact me and let’s continue our endeavor to make a ‘Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada’.

Michael Cormican
Liberal Candidate Lethridge Riding

Monday, August 4

Summary of Issues and Activity at the National Level in July

The following is a listing of recent key issues:
• Harper sought to keep Canada's negotiated climate change commitments to minimum at G8.
• July 10 - Bob Rae told Mr. Harper to “Engage, don’t rebuff China”
• July 11 - Demands again by Mr. Rae for repatriation of Omar Khadr to Canada
• Gerard Kennedy enlists Canada’s teachers to fight climate change and poverty by supporting the green shift
• Stéphane Dion discusses Green Shift with Alberta youth (and wins “Best Dressed” at Calgary Stampede)
• “In and out” scandal continues to plague Conservatives and they continue to see no wrong.
• Reports indicate that under the Conservative plan, the CFIA will, among other things, pull back from inspecting meat and meat products, animal feed, and commercial seeds.
• July 16 - Canadians Speak Out in Support of Stéphane Dion and the Green Shift. See on
• Also; I’ve got plenty of major newspaper ‘Third Party’ quotes applauding Mr. Dion and the Green Shift for his stance. If you’re interested please contact me.
• July 17 - Canada's Premiers and Territorial Leaders requested a meeting to revive and expand the Kelowna Accord
• July 17 - Conservative spokesperson confirmed that attacking Mr. Dion’s ‘Green Plan’ will be a key plank for next election
• July 17 – Benefits for rural and Northern Canada outlined in the Liberal Green Shift plan emphasized
• July 17 – John McCallum noted Economic woes, job losses and inflation mounts; Conservatives out of touch with global reality
• Tories' scurrilous attacks on election boss continue (and are ludicrous)
• Received a memo from a John Welsh saying Al Gore is using similar language now to Mr. Dion re “Green Shift’ i.e. "Tax what they burn, not what they earn".
• July 23 - Tory ad scheme in Quebec was illegal, watchdog says
• Brochure available on how Green Shift Plan will affect Seniors
• July 24 – Bevilaqua - Short-term workers not a long-term solution for immigration
• July 25 – Toronto Sun - Harper hits a snag: Who would've thought Stephane Dion could look like a winner?
• July 25 - Prime Minister Harper announces by-elections for September 8, 2008
• National Aboriginal Women’s Summit reinforces the need to address the root causes of violence against Aboriginal women.
• July 31 – National Post Editorial suggesting Elections Canada's Double Standard. And,
• The Green Shift continues to be well received.
• Aug 1 – Liberal Party response (also includes good news) to National Post misleading Editorial as follows:

Re: Elections Canada's Double Standard, editorial, July 31.

This editorial incorrectly states that, "Under the Elections Act, these [outstanding leadership] obligations should have been paid in full by June 3 of this year." In fact, June 3 was not a "repayment" deadline. Rather, leadership campaigns were required to report the status of unpaid claims and loans on that date, which then allowed them to be subject to a "binding agreement to pay." All our leadership candidates complied fully with the statutory requirements.

I also take issue with the statement: "There is little chance the remaining millions will be paid by the end of Elections Canada's grace period." In the past four months, the former leadership candidates raised a total of $977,381.97. As was reported today in La Presse, Liberal leader Stephane Dion raised $331,110 between April and June, and is on track to pay off the remainder of his debt.

On the other hand, the Conservatives seem to merit the special attention of Elections Canada. Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand, appointed to his post under the current Conservative government, has stated that the Conservative party is the only one to have participated in the "in-and-out" financing scheme in the last election. As a July 15 Canadian Press story notes: "Marc Mayrand indicated that the transactions may eventually put the Conservatives in violation of election spending limits by more than $1-million."

Douglas Ferguson, president, Liberal Party of Canada, Ottawa.

Provided by: Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

Government and Tories continue Questionable Activities

Sorry Mr. Casson and fellow citizens:

The Conservative Party and the Conservative Government "don't get it", furthermore have no sense of boundaries. Twice in two days I've received a quasi survey form asking only one question and making misstatements some consider lies. I find it difficult to comprehend that anyone will tolerate one party exaggerating how great they are and in the same breath calling down others. It appears to have become the Conservatives approach to follow the lead of their Republican brothers using negative and scare ads to entice voters to them. Again, I'm reminded of the March "franking" issue which involved yourself and others.

Detraction and bullying may work sometimes, but for how long? Also, I'm reminded that detraction is a sin in some people's book. I shouldn't be surprised since you were like that when in opposition. Let's remember a zebra doesn't change stripes. News mediums showing unedited behavior from the House of Commons, even trips abroad speaks volumes. Really, you must feel threatened.

With no sense of boundaries one sees no line between what should be done by Government and what should be done by a party. On July 31, the Lethbridge Herald noted you "defended the practice as a means of disseminating the Federal Conservative message "unfiltered by the media"; yet you expect the public to accept your prejudiced presentation of the Liberal message e.g. the "Green Shift Plan" which you attacked and still attack despite what the experts say.

Your attitude smacks of "father knows best". One wonders about those around here who have said - "should there be anything else (but Conservative)". Are you aiming for a one party state? It's all typical of a "top down approach" or dictatorship.

You were elected to serve and care for people's needs, the economy, and govern instead of bullying. Mostly what we've got from you is broken promises, cut programs, a teetering economy and never an inkling of what's discussed under the Peace and Prosperity Agreement; and, all of you ferociously continue to tear Mr. Dion apart at home and abroad. Is that statesmanship?

The latest major concern is raised by the recently released Health Canada report that tells us frankly to expect increasing major health issues as a result of the worsening climate change you have denied for so long. Can we now expect more positive action?

Also, can you please identify what parties and when they used public taxes to advance their party's interest? Elections Canada hasn't given any such indications. Hats off to Mr. Mayrand, the man of integrity who since he was courageous enough to stand up to those that appointed him I trust would have no problem holding anyone else to account for wrongdoing.

I often said; I've lived long enough and seen how "good eventually prevails" and though some think they can get away with bad it only last for awhile. Please develop some sense of decency and refrain from such questionable behavior.

I believe Canadians are bright and in the next election will choose a government they believe will respect them and take the action needed and lead us off the dangerous road we're on. The government will help us rehabilitate our injured environment, open countless opportunities that will benefit us all and at the same time put more money in our pockets. Canadians want to be seen again as the caring community we've been known as; Canadians want a Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada we can all feel proud of again.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

Sunday, August 3

Friendship Centers 37th Annual Convention in Quebec

As I said earlier I would publish this summary overview and it gives me great please to do so; here it is -

Association of Friendship Centers’ of Canada
Overview of 37th Annual Convention, Quebec City July 22 to 25, 2008

I felt honored with being given the opportunity to attend the above on behalf of Sik-ooh-kotoki Friendship Center, Lethbridge along with President Roland Cotton and Financial Advisor, Jim Short. Because of duties on the National Board Roland went a day before us and Jim and I flew out on July 22nd. The weather was more on the damp side except for the last day which had the sun shining and since it was in the middle of Quebec’s 400th Anniversary Celebrations we took in the opportunity to see the fireworks display on Wednesday, July 23. It was the most spectacular any of us saw to date. As we all agree such a milestone is a great achievement however, we should also remember the even greater achievement in that Aboriginals celebrated their same milestone thousands of years ago which reminds me of the graciousness of all speakers recognizing and thanking Quebec city and the Huron Wendat Indians for hosting us on their territory. Roland was waiting anxiously with Stetsons for us as we arrived in the hotel. I had to miss the first-time attendees session and we just had enough time to check in, drop our luggage and quickly return for the opening. The Alberta delegation wore Calgary Stampede Stetsons and what would a conference be without availability of trinket and clothing booths.

The official opening of the conference commenced at 6pm. Right-away I was impressed with arrangements for headphones. The guys in charge had it down pat; if you wanted same you exchanged your driver’s license for it. The booth for same was set-up inside the main doors in the conference room and all one had to do was exchange your driver’s license which was returned when you returned the set. It was intriguing to watch the speed with which they worked. Also, every session started and finished on time. Sure blows out the window any stereotypical thinking one might have with respect to “Aboriginal time”. Also, they accommodated with ease those needing to vent frustrations about bureaucracy and the residential schools resulting in it appearing as though adequate catharsis was allowed yet smoothly returning to the agenda each time. It was the best organized meeting I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it up guys!

Elder Dominique Rankin led prayers each morning recognizing the Great Spirit Creator and expressing appreciation for the bountifulness of earth and mother-nature. The conference Chairperson, Vera Pawis Tabobondung did a super job chairing as did those giving reports on their area of responsibility. Copies of all reports were included in the Conference Manual. For everyone’s benefit the goals and objective of Friendship Centers and the conference were summarized as reflected in promotion of equity and social justice for Urban Aboriginals. Various dignitaries, i.e. MNA, City etc. brought wishes from their respective posts. Areas reported on included the work of the Women’s Commission, Senators and Youth as well as each Province. A common emphasis was the need for leadership and that each needed to take responsibility for being the change that they want as well as the need to respect nature. Provincial Reports consisted of the usual progress and highlights over the year. Resolutions were dealt with appropriately including a report on the issue of Two Spirited’ (Homosexual oriented) people. Apparently it generated heated discussion last year.

Day two commenced with moving tributes of remembrance for two respected Senators that passed on to the spirit world during the year – Walter Schoenthal and Maurice Blondeau. Both Senators had decades of service and hours to their credit and are seen as most worthy of emulation. This was followed by presentation of the Financial Statement for the year and which was approved. The constraint presented by inadequate funding was noted. A new Auditor for the next three years was chosen. Apparently, funding doesn’t allow for expansion, thus necessitating waits by new locations wanting centers that must demonstrate viability on a volunteer basis before consideration for assistance freed from others not utilizing all their funding. It was also noted that there is no increase in funding for Aboriginal Apprenticeship programs.

Friendship Centers are encouraged to utilize elders and to use education and culturally appropriate programming. The need to use and put forward applications for the National Achievement Awards and Centers are encouraged to respect and formalize relationships they take seriously as well as to encourage the use of educational bursaries. The continuing issue of disenfranchisement of Aboriginal families from benefits as a result of member volunteering to serve in Canada’s armed forces was also raised and noted. It was noted more than once that the Federal Government needs to respond with more than money to back up the recent apology to those who suffered as a result of the Residential Schools and hopes were expressed for follow-through on the Kelowna Accord. We also heard from the Assistant Commissioner for RCMP Complaints Committee and we were assured of its independence, impartiality and process. People are encouraged to file complaints if issues arise.

Peter Dinsdale, National Executive Director updated us on policy and Research Initiatives and it was noted that of the 250,000 homeless Canadians about 80,000 are Aboriginal and efforts to deal with the homeless were lauded though it was also noted that discrimination persists to varying degrees. The shared model of Governance was lauded and the process which deferred voting to next day allowed time for participants to familiarize with nominees for Board and Executive positions. The necessity for nonalignment - independence of those elected at any board level was emphasized.

Day 3 saw a heated discussion with respect to the new secure ‘Certificate of Indian Status’ card to replace the old one in use for a number of years. Pilot projects were done in a couple of locations across the country and it is hoped to commence the project in September. Laptops will facilitate home visitation to register the incapacitated and the card will be in compliance with the North American Security and Prosperity Agreement. The Retail Association of Canada has endorsed it and discussions are underway with Pharmacy organizations. The card will be provided at no cost to the individual and once implemented in January or March will be accepted in place of a passport on entering the US. Although there was pressure for similar arrangement with other countries, there’s no assurance that such is possible because of international passport requirements. The evening concluded with us walking to the Citadel ramparts where we were treated to a banquet and Huron-Wendat traditional dance ceremonies. The ground was soaked but we were dry under canvas.

Questions had been raised ahead of time as a result of various Crown Ministers asking if Friendship Centers felt appropriately placed under Culture versus Indian Affairs and participants were prepared vote against any attempt to reposition them under INAC. However we were assured that there is no such move afloat. The major limitations noted were that the Indian Act does not deal with Aboriginals living off reservations and the Kelowna Accord does not deal with Metis. The importance of capacity-building and relationships was emphasized and lots of feedback was provided on various issues especially the lack of adequate funding for Friendship Centers.

In evaluation, as I said earlier, I was most impressed with the organization and smoothness of the conference and I felt included and appreciated in accord with one of the emphases of inclusion. Right-away, I was impressed with the organization, precision and timing as well as with the linguistic abilities of organizers and speakers. All spoke fluently in at least three languages; French, English and that of their tribe and alternating paragraphs with ease in all three as we heard the translations on our headsets. I felt assured the organization is in good hands, moving in a positive direction and I believe they deserve every support we can give since as I have often said “if any segment of community looks bad it is a reflection on all of us”. I wish and highly recommend that every member should take such opportunity to attend if possible and I express sincere appreciation for what I consider was an honor of a lifetime. And, yes; I got a couple souvenirs for my family. Gedomatsen.

Summarized by; Michael Cormican, Sik-ooh-kotoki Board, Lethbridge


You’re probably wondering what’s been happening, it’s so long since my last update. Well, again a lot has been happening. Gloria and I and some of the family got together in beautiful Banff for some relaxation and catch-up. If you’ve been there this year you’ll know that the construction and refurbishing to soften the appearance of main-street has been completed and looks super. We can imagine what it will be like as the vegetation matures. Unfortunately, Gloria and our daughter could only afford a couple of days there. I too had to return for an important meeting in Lethbridge midweek but returned again. It was nice to have the break. On July 20th I carried on from there to Red Deer for a special meeting of the Alberta Liberal Party and on July 22 flew out to Quebec for the Annual Conference of Friendship Centers of Canada.

Woh! What a conference and experience. Super-organized and I was amazed that every speaker spoke and presented in three languages French, English and their native tongue. We also saw the spectacular fireworks on July 23 celebrating Quebec’s 400th Anniversary and we returned to Lethbridge at midnight on July 25. Since it was an important conference I’ll provide a copy of my summary report prepared for my fellow board members and staff here.

As you might guess my Liberal colleagues and I have had lots of communication back and forth on the ‘Green Shift’. Most of the public probably keep-up with such concerns as much as they want to through the papers and the news on radio or TV and you will probably have picked up most people agree or at least don’t disagree that something needs to be done to change how we treat the environment. There are the few skeptics who say they believe the effects of our modern day living creates little effect on our environment suggesting the changes we’re experiencing are no different than has happened at times here and there throughout the world since time began. They even try to suggest that nature will rectify the damage.

Well; I’m afraid I must continue to disagree with them and believing the experts I would like to err on the side of caution. Having been a scout I believe in minimizing the disturbance in our environment since as far as I’m concerned there are too many indicators that raise the red flag and too many highly respected scientists providing proof that back the need for concern. As has been said, if the tenth of ten surgeons was awaiting his test-results to confirm if you had cancer and nine told you already that you had it, would you waste time waiting to start treatment. And, though the Government appears to have changed their stance and are responding or at least admitting there may be a problem they continue to respond in accord with their ideological bent that they might as well be doing nothing other than attack the Liberal ‘Green Shift’. They attack Mr. Dion even more so since release of the plan which some suggest shows they’re worried how well the ‘Green Shift’ is being accepted by the public.

While the economy sputters in response to the US economic downturn the Government continues to act as though they were in campaign mode but really not wanting an election since polls for some time are not too favorable to them. Parliamentary Committees are almost dysfunctional so little is achieved. They appear to have developed the custom of releasing questionable announcements on a Friday evening when they obviously hope they might miss public attention. So considering the foregoing, the House being in recess for the summer and Mr. Dion more in the driver’s seat we likely will not hear an election call until Fall at the earliest or unless their luck changes. The news media noted Mr. Dion appearing perkier, “with a spring in his step” and appearing more like a Prime Minister every day. However, none of us should slack-off as we need every support we can get to ensure we will be the Governing party after the next election. I solicit yours and look forward in anticipation to the results of the next election.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge