Saturday, December 31

Covering More Ground

Flanked by Bal, Walter and Tyler, we arrived at the Seniors lodge in Cardston and were immediately greeted by Kay. What a pleasant surprize for us to see the space set up 'meeting-style' for our arrival, hoping I could take a moment and speak en masse... Well, I'm not one to back down from an opportunity to talk policy and values.

It made it feel like home to meet a few ladies originally from England, and it turned out to be quite lively with lots of questions and observations. Not surprisingly, we heard a lot of questions on pensions. There is a consensus for regular increases that will not be eaten up by cost of living and increased rents from the institution. I assured them, and I assure you now, I will pass these concerns along to the party and attempt to work for improvements & betterments- whether elected or not.

Next, it was a quick jaunt over to the lodge in Magrath, where Bal & I were requested for a lunchtime reception. As we were leaving, one individual refused to shake hands as a preventive measure against all the flu that is going around currently. Given my work in the Health industry, I can certainly appreciate her position and would like to reassure constituents that I am equally concerned with the predicted influenza epidemic and am working towards ensuring Canada's preparedness should such an event occur!

We later joined up with Walter and Tyler back in Cardston for a late gorgeous lunch. Thanks a mil Kay to you and your family for your kindness and hospitality. We spent the next several hours door-knocking and dropping brochures before heading home.

After checking my emails I would like to draw your attention to a Liberal announcement that caught my attention:

"The Liberal government's recent tax measures will pour over $6 billion into consumers' pockets before the end of April," according to JP Morgan Securities Canada economist Ted Carmichael." For further info please check policy details here or call my office at 317-1419.

Since this is my last correspondence for 2005 I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and yours a Healthy and Prosperous New Year and all the best wishes. Keep tuned.

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