Friday, January 6

In Step with Constituents

I headed out the door for the office, already late to pick up Tyler, and the phone rang... tempting me like a turkey dinner. But I was late. The door was ajar and my shoes were already on. I tip-toed across the floor and quickly asked for a return number. I don't even remember if I said a proper 'hello' to her, but I'm sure I jotted the correct number. And I'm glad my penmanship didn't fail me. She and I had a delightful conversation later, discussing her concerns with the "holier than thou" attitude of the Conservatives.

Speaking of which, he is another one from the DD (daily deluge of emails), where Mr. Harper points out his inconsistencies- er, I mean, he announced he will crack down on gun crime. However, it notes that if Canadians are to believe Mr. Harper's new policy on gun crime, there are a number of questions raised by his record on gun control that will have to be answered. Read the whole article here...

Volunteers were already hard at work around the office, Diane, Rod, Shirley and Jim busying themselves preparing signs to fill all the requests. Thanks a mil guys and ladies.

In the afternoon, Diane King and I went door-to-door in the Henderson Lake area. It always feels great when people identify themselves as supportive of myself or the party. It is already evident that people recognize me from the 'Season's Wishes' run on TV over Christmas. I also find it intriguing observing the profiles of the people in the various residential areas. I find I tend to spend extra time with those who are challenging and those who have recently experienced a loss in the family. It was great to share and enjoy with voters the latest announcements by Prime Minister Martin with respect to education.

Diane was amazed to see me on the run. She remarked that in the hour and a quarter spent knocking, I did 4000 steps. In fact, I have out-paced everyone so far. Next, we were sitting in on the SACPA presentation on Poverty. Then I had to rush to the office before heading home to meet the production and camera team to film the ads that will be run between now and election day. My! It was hard work and I feel like I'm on a roller coaster with all the election excitement.

Our biggest surprize came in the evening- well, no. It's not so much a surprize, as it is slowly becoming a theme. Canvassing the South Parkside Drive area, more and more people tell me I'm the only one they have had come to the door, which makes one wonder if some think "they have it sewn-up and there is no need for them to door-knock". Thanks a mil Tomasz for your help.

Keep Tuned.

P.S. Congrats to our boys in White & Red for their incredible 5-0 gold medal performance last night against Russia in the World Junior Hockey Championships! What a wonderful time to be Canadian!!!

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