Thursday, January 5

Phonecalls. Phonecalls. Phonecalls.

I couldn't imagine campaigning without the use of this modern-day invention. But somehow, I have to admit I prefer the face-to-face time door-knocking provides. It really helps to convey the message and get to the heart of the matter, both gathering your concerns and revealing my support and ideas on how to best go about invoking change(s).

Before noon, from the comfort of my chair at the campaign head quarters, it appeared nice outside as I responded to your phonecalls... Appeared being the oportune key word. The wind, an element all too familiar to us Southern Albertans, was very much at work. Biting, bitter & unrelenting. So much for my good hair day.

Thanks a mil Walter and Dan. We were out in the afternoon making our rounds visiting constituents in their homes. I'm hoping I don't come down with a cold, as my throat feels sore from the day. However, despite the inclement conditions, potential illness and wind-blown coifs... the reception was well worth it! We secured several more key sign locations, (keep your requests coming). It really gives me great satisfaction to drive those signs into lawns. I think it is hearing the fresh crunch of earth as the sign slips into place; it really brings new perspective to the term grass-roots campaign(ing)!

We ended our team's day by going back to school. With every election, Elections Canada hosts an evening for the candidates. Procedures will be reviewed for the election, voting day (January 23rd) as well as address any questions or concerns our office may have. And with the deadline for candidate submission being reached, ballots will be finalized and sent for printing for all of you to use at the polls.

Among my daily deluge of emails... Two for your attention:

I already made mention of the 'Removal of Immigration Fees', but would like to make mention of this again, as our initiative beats out Mr Harper's. Elimination versus Reduction. It also makes fantastic headway in the area of increasing recognition of foreign credentials.

And second, Prime Minister Paul Martin announced a guarantee on Health Care. For further details please visit our policy site. Keep tuned.

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