Monday, May 30

Report on May 28 and 29 ALP Convention

As I had intended and published on social media I would be attending, I attended the ALP Convention in Calgary. As anticipated it was really exciting from several perspectives including that young people and obviously new faces were there. Some disclosed previous affiliation and disenchantment with other parties. Between those coming and going to attend sessions of choice I estimate the number to have been upwards of 200. I guesstimate about 150 to 170 for the banquet and riveting speech by former MP, Mark Holland who laid to rest any fears some may have had or projected about demise of the Liberal Party and the pervasive tone of the w/e encouraged all Liberals to work together and that we start immediately.

Sessions for the week-end were also different and exciting as inferred from the theme of the convention “Politics Re-imagined’ and unfortunately as usual we had to make choices since sessions were run simultaneously. In addition to some of the usual topics Rev. Kevin Powell, Lethbridge presented on community and there was also a lot of discussion on social media use and its benefits as part of campaigning strategy.

Kudos to our enthusiastic new young leaders – Matt Grant, Convention Chair, Erick Ambtman, President; Corey Hogan, Executive Director, Corina Ganton, Operations Manager, David Swann, Interim Leader and the many others that created and executed the successful schedule that achieved everything they wanted and which not only is long overdue but is most appropriately timely given the larger political climate. Thanks to all of you for such an upbeat successful w/e.

Another highlight of the w/e was hearing from the four declared Candidates viying for leadership of the Alberta Liberal Party. The other important information that surfaced though some had speculated on the possibility already is the high probability of the Conservatives calling an election for mid-November since Gary Mar, Conservative front-runner has already stated he will call an immediate election. Their new leader will be known on Oct. 2. So we can look forward to an exciting summer of political campaigning so we need everyone to jump on-board right-away.

From a strategic and pragmatic viewpoint it makes sense that we should expect a Provincial election soon since it is almost four years since last election and it is expected that Conservatives will want to use “campaigning momentum" in anticipation of re-election and before other party leaders can get established and gain momentum; so they think! (They also feel buoyed by their federal majority. Also, Wildrose Alliance support has apparently slowed varying between 25% and 30%. It is speculated Conservatives will want to take advantage of such as well as in hopes of avoiding further downturn that might occur in the economy). All constituencies need to ensure AGMs are held and Financial Statements submitted as required so they can be registered and actively organizing in election preparation mode.

Election preparedness must also include active financial generation as emphasized by Josipa and Ana Petrunic, co-presentors to help with election preparedness. Their dynamism  was infectious. Since our new party openness is expected to facilitate those wanting to support but not wanting membership it is hoped many more people will be attracted and become more familiar with Liberalism. A special thanks to Corey Hogan and team for seeing through the long needed overhaul of ALP By-laws.

Convention attendees were also excited to hear that that the party has effectively eliminated the long-time debt from previous campaigns that has been hanging over our heads. So with a long established record, openness, transparency and being in the best financial shape ever it is anticipated we will continue to attract those wishing to harness and adopt change; however, everyone needs to take responsibility for expanding and increasing our numbers so we can take advantage of the spirit of change and opportunity all around us.

Josipa Petrunic and Michael Cormican, recent Federal Candidates were announced as co-chairs of the ALP Leadership Campaign. You’ll be hearing from us very soon since time is of the essence and the campaign will be short too culminating on Sept. 10 after conclusion of voting and announcement of our new Leader.

Michael Cormican, South West Regional Chair; Alberta Liberal Party

Friday, May 27

Review and Renewal of Liberalism

It's great to see the new ideas being suggested and published by the younger Liberals with respect to review and renewal of Liberalism.

I agree with Bal, Tyler and the young folk; we shouldn’t rush into decisions though we need to start working on review and further ideas immediately - in a sense; get our act together, and fast. We must be open to new ideas and possibly loser arrangements as well as look at re-union of Federal and Provincial Liberals. Keep the ideas flowing.

I have believed for a long time that with having separate Provincial and Federal entities we’re feeding into separation and divisiveness which the Conservatives and others would like to continue since it will keep us out of the picture and success that much longer.

Re-union would eliminate duplicity and conflict and the time and energy saved can be put to better use expanding our great red tent. It must be possible since it seems to work for the Conservatives and from here-on we can not afford to waste time or resources; we just need to think of the best interests of the larger entity. Let’s get moving.

Regardless of what is decided this week-end you can expect to hear from me on what we need to do next. A major consideration for each of us must be; to get more people involved. If we are to plan appropriately for the future we must incorporate the ideas of the broadest possible swath of "would-be" Liberals - progressive thinking. Let's remember that basically Liberals are centrists believing in accommodating the most good for the most people as well as being realistic about our surroundings and especially the economy.

Tuesday, May 24

Reminder of ALP Convention, May 28 & 29; Calgary

Looks like we can expect exciting things at ALP Liberal Renewal Convention Sat. & Sun., May 28 & 29 considering the latest musings on webon renewal and the w/e schedule. I look forward to exciting renewal of policy & friends & look forward to seeing you there too. You may register online @

Thursday, May 19

Post-election and new cabinet announcement observations.

Past couple weks been busy tieing lose-ends & resumed commitments as we awaited Mr. Harper’s new cabinet announcement. No surprise; it's larger & he followed with a camouflaged announcement adding defeated candidates to the Senate. So much for his previous concerns on size of gov and reform of Senate. We can kiss Senate reform goodbye. No wonder public continue cynical of gov. & politicians. I respectfully suggest, from hereon we need to watch as he looks for money for unnecessarily expensive jet-fighters & mega-prisons. Now that he has his majority we need to watch for possibility of increase in  in human-rights and environmental abuses as they and the establishment race to increase their incomes during the extended opportunity for the next few years. Michael

Tuesday, May 17

Thank you to all for assistance in whatever way in the recent campaign

In brief now that most aspects of the campaign are concluded I want to especially thank my campaign team and all that volunteered in whatever way to help put on a credible campaign as many including several Conservative friends even complemented us on. A special thanks to those that gave of their time and/or money to ensure we were able to do a successful campaign.

The following is a copy of the letter combined with the ‘Thank You’ card sent to my supporters; if I missed any please be assured it was not intentional and I hope to be in touch in the near future.


Dear Campaign Managers, Campaign Team, Official Agent, Donors and all volunteers:

I would like to sincerely thank each of you for the time, effort, dedication and hard work you put into Campaign 2011. While we were not as successful as we would have wished, your dedication and hard work ensures that Liberal values and principles continue to live and thrive in this great country of ours. Most importantly, I would like to pay particular attention to you, managers and active volunteers. I appreciate all you have done. You are the people who took time from your careers, your family and your life and were the backbone of the campaign. Without you, the campaign and indeed our Party would not exist. Thank you for your dedication and putting up with, often cold pizza and sometimes going without to do the things needed in successful campaigns. Thank you for the long hours and hard work you invested in the campaign over the many days and weeks. Hopefully you’re having a well deserved rest before we start reviewing and restructuring.

To my Campaign Team especially; Tyler, Dustin, Greg, Kevin, Wayne, Alwyn and Agent, Jim Short - yours is the most thankless job of all. Each of you were superb and did what needed to be done with a cheery smile, patience, dedication and tact. Our Party is blessed to have benefited from all your talents and experience. I could not have done it without all of you.

I would like to single out a few people for special thanks, especially Tyler who generously offered to manage the campaign and spent every waking hour on it. Then there were Dustin, Greg and Kevin who held their full-time regular jobs and used lunch hours, other breaks, after-work hours and week-ends to get what needed doing done. Special thanks also to Wayne and Barry for getting the signs erected as well as Everett Tanis, Larry Sweder and Kesang Drawu as well as special thanks to those that accompanied me door-to-door – Bal, Herman, Helen, John and Kathy, Roger, Ron, Justin and our revered Senator, Joyce. A special thank you to those that contributed financially since we could not have purchased space, goods and services needed to put on a credible campaign without it. Also, thanks to those that wished us well as well as those that voted for me. I would be remiss if I did not thank Donna, Gavin and Marcie for helping with the pancake breakfast as well as Shaun Ward and especially Greg who took on the difficult and thankless job of collecting the money that most of us don’t like to do. Thanks all so much. If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me as it is not intentional. Please advise me of any omission and I will contact them. As soon as all lose ends are attended to you can expect to hear from us as we dig into reviewing ourselves, our situation, what we believe in as Liberals and what we want to do for the future. I look forward to your help in the needed review and I look forward our continued association and assistance in re-building the party.

Finally, on behalf of Liberals in Lethbridge and Nationally, I would like each of you to thank your spouses, significant others, children, parents and all of your loved ones who ever they may be for lending their support to me and to our cause. We; certainly I am, determined more than ever to ensure Liberalism survives. I look forward to and trust you will join us in the near future as we review and attempt to rebuild our party and to ensure it is in tune with people’s needs. Thanks again for your help to-date however large or small since every bit counts. From here, let’s move forward; onwards and upwards as we address issues and our future. If you need to contact, my phone number is 381-7635; I appreciate all input. You can follow me on the web at, email me at or follow me on twitter at mcormican and facebook at Michael Cormican. Also, I’d appreciate any ideas on how to hold Mr. Hillyer to account. As I resume my former commitments I look forward to our continued association and help however much. Sincerely,

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate 2011; Lethbridge Riding