Tuesday, January 24

When all is said and done...

The people have spoken. Obviously they wanted change. I wish Mr. Casson and the Conservatives well as they begin to form the new government.

All of us, including myself, believe that we worked hard and put on a good campaign, but timing and circumstances were not in our favor. However, we must see the change as an opportunity to regroup and revitalize!

I wish to publically extend my sincere thanks to all our supporters. It was a team effort! Thank you everyone for your confidence and for giving me the honor of representing you.

A special thanks to my team. Without them I would not have been able to achieve the success we did. Next time, hopefully, we will be more fortunate in the outcome.

With appreciation and many thanks,


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Kim Siever said...

They didn't want THAT much change. This government is much smaller than the Liberal minority government that was elected in 2004.