Sunday, December 11

A Red Ribbon Affair

I hadn't time to check the paper before going to Church today but was told there by several people who made it their business to approach me that they had already seen the picture and article in The Herald. Thanks a mil to Stephen and The Lethbridge Herald for it. Of course, being the weekend it has been quiet on the policy scene, other than Mr. Harper trying to tell the public how the Liberals will respond. However, thank you very much Mr. Harper we can speak for ourselves.

From tomorrow on the office will be manned by our eager volunteers and the phonelines will be up and running. The ladies did a super job setting up the office It looks warm and inviting, as well as the volunteers. Please drop by. Diane, Mary and Tyler will be happy to slot you in and get you working. I look forward to meeting you.

Article courtesy of the Lethbridge Herald (Sunday December 11th)

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