Tuesday, December 20

A National Platform Tailored for Alberta

Hi again Folks:

Sorry I didn't have too much to write for Sunday. I took it a little easier, and used it as a chance to attend Church in Picture Butte (as they were celebrating their 50th Anniversary). I met some old friends and had a wonderful chat with the Bishop. Later I did some Christmas prep and attended to some emails.

In contrast to Sunday's schedule, Monday was packed with activity. After a couple phonecalls, I attended the TV station to produce a Season's Greeting to be aired over the holiday period. Following that I had a fascinating meeting with a gentleman regarded and considered highly knowledgeable in several aspects of farming. He also happens to have been a staunch Conservative but has recently become disenchanted with the negativity shadowing the opposition and the lack of representation. Not to mention the Americanization of big business in Canada, as well as our big neighbour thumbing their nose at international rulings that do not favour them. He believes something needs to be done to turn these tendencies around and believes the only way it is possible, is by a Liberal Government.

Before taking off for Calgary, I had to pick up information on another extremely sensitive topic from a local business and relay it to Ms. McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister (whom I and several fellow candidates met in Calgary for the official release of the Liberal Alberta Platform).

Once again, though much smaller in numbers, it was reminiscent of Saturday evening with Prime Minister Martin. I was really glad I attended; it helped link, like a puzzle, the many components the Government has been developing. There are so many wonderful things I am learning that make me ever more proud of this great country and being Canadian!

I was able to get back in time to attend funeral prayers for another upstanding member of the community who passed on. He will be sadly missed.

Today's campaign holds a couple key meetings, as well as a planned visit to an industrial outfit. All signs suggest it will be another busy and prosperous day! Keep tuned.

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