Saturday, December 17

This is a Race

It was a race to get there in time. But it just goes to show you what a little perseverance, determination and luck with the traffic lights can do...

Remote in hand, I was home to take in the Leaders' Debate. Watching, it was readily evident the other three leaders were ganging up on Mr. Martin. All bullying aside, it made me proud for one (and I hope all of you too), to see our PM remaining firm in his stance on the US issue(s).

Earlier in the day, my team met with CTV to discuss advertising, put the finishing touches on a new broshure, met with several people who dropped by the office ot pledge their help, and then met with CityTV (Channel 8, Calgary) for a scheduled interview discussing Youth & Women (in) Politics. For more on these two topics, please follow these links, which you will also find on my home page, as well as the homepage:

After the debate, I was reminded by Gloria that we had another engagement to attend, where we were again surrrounded by friends, colleagues, supporters and strangers, all happy that I am in the running and their assurances that they are pulling for me.

With so many people disclosing to me that they are switching their allegiance from the opposing parties to the Liberals... it makes me wonder who will be left to vote Conservative?!

On that note, I must be off. My campaign manager (smiling from that last comment), is tapping his watch... my team is rushing me out the door for a quick round of door-to-door campiagning before our meeting with the Prime Minister today! More on that tomorrow, friends.

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