Wednesday, December 28

The Swing of Things

As we start back into the swing of things, I should fill you in since my last correspondence. On Christmas Eve after some last minute shopping David and our oldest daughter, Aileen assisted with preparation of a mail-out at the campaign office. Following our midnight Mass, we headed home for our family tradition to sit around the tree and drink some egg nog, listen to carols and open one gift each. As we are always a little late going to bed Christmas Eve, some of the family were a little tardy getting up Christmas morning, and, then it was into the gift-opening. Following our traditional brunch (consisting most importantly of sticky buns) we went for dinner to our extended family in Taber and returned in the early hours of Boxing Day morning. Needless to say we all got up late.

Our oldest son, Sean and his wife, Sandra joined us after journeying from BC. We shared amongst friends and finished-off the day with a gorgeous supper prepared largely by David. David left early yesterday. Sean and Sandra leave tomorrow.

We had our post-organizational meeting at the campaign office yesterday. Thanks to all who attended. I feel very confident with all the positive energy that it being brought to this campaign. Many signs were erected before Christmas and many more are ready to be placed in the coming days.

On Wednesday morning I will be attending a funeral, then be around the office for the best part of the afternoon. On Thursday and Friday we hope to do some door-to-door. Though Friday morning, I am scheduled to work on some advertising. Saturday I hope to do some campaigning in a couple of the rural towns. For details keep tuned.

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