Friday, December 9

Campaign Underway.

A lot has happened over the past couple of weeks since I was first invited to run as the Liberal Candidate in Lethbridge. Though having worked in several campaigns over the years and being familiar with most of the intricacies, requirements and expectations, one quickly forgets how tiring it can be (not forgetting the fact that the election was prematurely forced on us by the Conservative opposition that is hungry for power). As one of the Conservatives that joined our team said, there was no need for the election at this time and their effort to bring about the defeat of the Government, a thrust he and others believe was based on "... falsehoods, inuendos and misrepresentations". I also remind you that Mr. Martin had assured us earlier in the year that he would call an election within 30 days of submission of the final Report from Mr. Justice Gomery. The same person further elaborated on his belief that "there is no evidence the present government is guilty of corruption, scandal, gross abuse of public funds and the culture of entitlement the Opposition like to emphasize to the electorate. So I invite you to arm yourself with the facts before you judge who is being honest or dishonest. I like to believe the truth will eventually surface; hopefully before it is too late and people are duped.

My biggest regret is all the fine legislation that fell when the government was defeated. Can people believe a leader and his party, that avowedly discussed a firewall around Alberta, appears to have no concerns about threats to Medicare (our beacon to the world), and then in their bid to gain power have no qualms about jumping into bed with a separatist party whose aim is to breakup the country. I'm certainly concerned about such goings on which is why I decided to run.

I feel honoured to be part of such a great team; a team that has done so many good things for us from keeping us out of an unjust war that has destroyed relations with a huge part of the world, our Muslim brothers. A year ago last Spring they were first up to the plate to assist our farmers beleagured by BSE and Canada has been the only country in the G7 that has posted surpluses for several years in succession. Most recently, Mr. Martin and his team took the brave step towards healing, reconcillitation and compensation to our long-suffering First Nations brothers. That is the kind of leadership our country needs. So lets get back to governing!

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