Saturday, December 10

The Office Opening

As you might guess, it is different being the actual candidate and made all the more difficult when one still has work to complete. It is my intent to take some of my accrued vacation so I can give my candidacy, Liberal supporters and the electorate, the time they deserve, as well as be successful in my run. There is so much to be done and I need everyone's help however big or small. For those who believe we need representation in Government from here and people of integrity, I say let's ensure we vote for the person who fits that bill. I invite you to check out my record and I assure you that I have always been and plan to remain accessible and down-to-earth.

Last Saturday I was introduced as the Candidate, we held an organizational meeting on Thursday and today beginning at 10AM, we have scheduled an official opening for our Campaign Office. I invite you to attend and look forward to meeting and dialoguing. See you there. We plan to spend the rest of the day door-knocking, talking to constituents in Lethbridge.


My weblog went on line in the early hours this morning. Thanks a mil to our son, David in Toronto for his assistance in developing it. Despite everyone's being busy due to the Christmas season in the mid-morning several met at our campaign office for the official opening and kick-off to the campaign. Thanks to all for attending and thanks to our revered Senator, Joyce Fairbairn for her assured support, attendance and assistance in cutting the ribbon and thanks to Stephen Tipper, Lethbridge Herald for his attendance and reporting.

In the afternoon we started the door-to-door campaign and the reception was most gratifying. The majority by far were most pleasant and most volunteered that I "have their vote" or support. One well-known conservative I've got know on the campaign circuit even agreed to a sign for her front lawn and stated that she believes "Mr. Martin is the only leader who has the wherewithall to lead the country and that he was well underway in proving his ability". Some expressed hopes that our Medicare system be maintained and students expressed concern about the high cost of tuition. Really, it was a great and friendly start though a few expressed concern at having to go through an election so soon again ... at this time ... and the unnecessary cost. If one was to judge by that and if all subsequent meeting of the electorate turned out the same, the omen looks good. However, you'll have to bare with us to see if the climate remains friendly.

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