Friday, December 30

I Encourage Your Imput

A phone conference with some of my colleagues across the Province was in hand. We reviewed progress of our campaigns, highlighted issues and shared responses/experiences which might assist others.

Walter, a first-rate volunteer and citizen, and I went door-to-door in the afternoon. Fortunately, the weather was nice, though cooled quickly as darkness fell, but we felt buoyed by the overall reception and response. Not only were we able to assure ourselves of several more and new votes of support, but we were also able to bolster our roster of locations for our campaign signs... Only a couple of those we met yesterday obviously believe the current reports attempting to besmirch the Liberals and Hon. Ralph Goodale. Fortunately, it appears most people are capable of thinking for themselves. Thanks a million Walter for your company!

On returning to the office, I participated on a policy session with key members from our team. After supper I was priveliged to be accompanied door-to-door by Paige, a Lethbridgian attending the University of Ottawa. Our reception at the steps was equally as pleasant and fruitful as the afternoon's outing.

After discussing amongst the team my correspondence with a Lethbridge constituent, I invite you to read my reply to his concerns surrounding the Liberal gun control policy and Bill C-68. To read the letter, click here (I have omitted his name to ensure privacy). I encourage you to read and respond to my letter with your imput.

Today, we plan on putting our feet to work again with more door-knocking, but first I must take care of some personal bills and contact a power company to assure our family has reasonably-priced power for the next year. Again, keep tuned.

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