Thursday, December 22

'Im'Pressing A Conference

I had to return to work for a couple important meetings. I took advantage of my being in the office to check my voice mail. To both my delight and surprize: one was from Prime Minister Martin enroute to Regina (Sunday). He offered his best wishes and just wanted to chat since he did not get a solid chance to do so (other than a hug and handshake) in Calgary (Saturday). I was really taken that he would make the time for such a task, seeing he is so busy and has 306 other ridings, as well as his Government functions, et al.

The Conservatives announced some Ag-policy, but really, it didn't amount to much. The long and short: If they win, they promise to replace the CAIS program. To view the Liberal plan on agriculture, click here.

I also attended prayers for a former colleague who had retired only 5 years ago.

This morning at the campaign office, a press conference has been arranged for 10:30 AM. I will be around the office for the greater portion of the day, other than a scheduled visit in the afternoon to another industrial outfit. I would love to see some of you down at the office to hear your concerns. I extend this invitation to dialogue on any topic. ...When I dropped by the office on the way home last night, I was told of one supporter's significant generosity. I was also advised that the sign crew will be hard at work erecting signs Thursday evening. Thanks a million you guys! You are what makes this campaign such a huge success.

Later tonight, it would seem that my family is 'unofficially' beginning our holiday (as I will be traveling to Calgary to pick up our son, David, returning from Toronto for a few days to celebrate. Our daughter Aileen returned from the U of C this last evening. Sean and his wife Sandra, will be joining us on Boxing Day for a couple days. And, of course, Richael is already with us. Once again, I am blessed with my family at this time of year! Keep tuned!

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