Friday, December 16

Full-Steam Ahead!

Hello Friends.

I apologize for my lapse in writing these past two days. Think of it as my little way of building your suspense and anticipation for the exciting news I am about to share with all of you.

After my last meeting yesterday, I briefly attended a pre-Christmas get-together with colleagues from SHIA, and from there, I was off to a College staff party to end the evening. Or so I thought... I was no sooner home when I received a call from Calgary inviting me and my team to meet and campaign with the Prime Minister on Saturday! I am already anxious to report back to you on my encounter with Mr. Martin.

Today marks two things:

One. We expect confirmation from Elections Canada on my candidacy documentation submitted earlier this week. And,

Two. It is the beginning of a month long hiatus from work, so that I may dedicate myself to the campaign.

I'm aware this is not your typical Friday night, let alone what most people would do on their first full day of holiday. But nothing about this campaign is typical. This evening, I will be glued to my television watching the Leaders' Debate... (no phone calls until after the debate is finished, please!)

The support continues. A friend I had phoned on another matter, disclosed her plans to vote Green. At her mentioning of the topic, and immediately after my mentioning the Liberal candidate for the Lethbridge Riding, she changed her mind saying now she "will have to backtrack and vote for me".

She's not alone. I continue to encounter people telling me of their long-standing affiliation with the opposition that has ended. Some have even been kind enough to translate that for me: "That's another vote for Team Cormican, Michael." Some have already started helping at the office!

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