Wednesday, December 21

Time, Signs & Brochures.. Oh My!

Yesterday started with a couple phonecalls and then a meeting with my core team to review some of the election rules and a campaign appeal. This was followed by a briefing by another ag-adviser. Feeling saturated with information I raced home for lunch and did a couple housekeeping chores.

In the afternoon, I dropped by an industrial outfit and was surprised that the main partner (who is so successful), could sound so anti-anything-Liberal. So much so, to point of him seriously entertaining the idea of Alberta or the West going it alone. However, thank God, everyone else I encounter appear to believe and visualize our great country as a united entity.

Then it was off for another meeting to tie-up some loose ends on the Provincial side of the Party. At 5, it was a meeting of the Aboriginal Housing in Action Society. We were all excited to approve our first applicant in the first step to owning their own home. Then I dropped by the campaign office where a good crowd were busy preparing the campaign signs as well as organizing our first shipment of brochures. Please let us know in the office if you lawn is hungry for a sign!

At 1o:3o (after leaving the campaign office for the evening), I could begin my newly adopted evening ritual of addressing all my daily correspondence. Fortunate for me, my emails have dropped from roughly 50+ each day to a modest 30+. Among the highlights from the mass of communication, are several emails pertaining to the new agricultural policies.

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