Sunday, August 3


You’re probably wondering what’s been happening, it’s so long since my last update. Well, again a lot has been happening. Gloria and I and some of the family got together in beautiful Banff for some relaxation and catch-up. If you’ve been there this year you’ll know that the construction and refurbishing to soften the appearance of main-street has been completed and looks super. We can imagine what it will be like as the vegetation matures. Unfortunately, Gloria and our daughter could only afford a couple of days there. I too had to return for an important meeting in Lethbridge midweek but returned again. It was nice to have the break. On July 20th I carried on from there to Red Deer for a special meeting of the Alberta Liberal Party and on July 22 flew out to Quebec for the Annual Conference of Friendship Centers of Canada.

Woh! What a conference and experience. Super-organized and I was amazed that every speaker spoke and presented in three languages French, English and their native tongue. We also saw the spectacular fireworks on July 23 celebrating Quebec’s 400th Anniversary and we returned to Lethbridge at midnight on July 25. Since it was an important conference I’ll provide a copy of my summary report prepared for my fellow board members and staff here.

As you might guess my Liberal colleagues and I have had lots of communication back and forth on the ‘Green Shift’. Most of the public probably keep-up with such concerns as much as they want to through the papers and the news on radio or TV and you will probably have picked up most people agree or at least don’t disagree that something needs to be done to change how we treat the environment. There are the few skeptics who say they believe the effects of our modern day living creates little effect on our environment suggesting the changes we’re experiencing are no different than has happened at times here and there throughout the world since time began. They even try to suggest that nature will rectify the damage.

Well; I’m afraid I must continue to disagree with them and believing the experts I would like to err on the side of caution. Having been a scout I believe in minimizing the disturbance in our environment since as far as I’m concerned there are too many indicators that raise the red flag and too many highly respected scientists providing proof that back the need for concern. As has been said, if the tenth of ten surgeons was awaiting his test-results to confirm if you had cancer and nine told you already that you had it, would you waste time waiting to start treatment. And, though the Government appears to have changed their stance and are responding or at least admitting there may be a problem they continue to respond in accord with their ideological bent that they might as well be doing nothing other than attack the Liberal ‘Green Shift’. They attack Mr. Dion even more so since release of the plan which some suggest shows they’re worried how well the ‘Green Shift’ is being accepted by the public.

While the economy sputters in response to the US economic downturn the Government continues to act as though they were in campaign mode but really not wanting an election since polls for some time are not too favorable to them. Parliamentary Committees are almost dysfunctional so little is achieved. They appear to have developed the custom of releasing questionable announcements on a Friday evening when they obviously hope they might miss public attention. So considering the foregoing, the House being in recess for the summer and Mr. Dion more in the driver’s seat we likely will not hear an election call until Fall at the earliest or unless their luck changes. The news media noted Mr. Dion appearing perkier, “with a spring in his step” and appearing more like a Prime Minister every day. However, none of us should slack-off as we need every support we can get to ensure we will be the Governing party after the next election. I solicit yours and look forward in anticipation to the results of the next election.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

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