Friday, September 12

Thursday, September 11, ‘08

Another busy day; it started with the usual routine of papers review, computer and phonecalls etc. Mid-morning Russ, a couple of team members and I met to check the proposed office. Today Russ is expected to be making arrangements for phones and the equipment we will need.

The office address is 1273 – 3rd Ave. South. As soon as the phones are hooked up we will publish them and notify you.

Thanks to my Aboriginal friends as they have offered to share their space with us. The location and office fit our needs in every respect. It is already a busy office. As you may know, I have been a member of the AHIAS (Aboriginal Housing Board) since its inception.

As we carry out our activities we will need to be cognizant and respectful of each other and use common sense protocols as in any sharing situation. The AHIAS is well underway with our first major project of 29 houses to help alleviate the homeless issue that continues to worsen for urban aboriginal people. We extend a huge thank you to our Aboriginal friends for your consideration, offer and enthusiasm. Your offer is an obvious sign of your confidence in me and our Liberal platform that considers all Canadians. It demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together. Thank you Roland, Boyd and AHIAS I really appreciate your support. Once we again have a Liberal Government we will honor the Kelowna
Accord approved by Parliament. Then our Aboriginal brothers and sisters can live in dignity and share pride in each other.

Everything we do reflects on the rest of society –If any segment of society looks bad, it’s a reflection on the rest of us and likewise the reverse also reflects us poorly..

Following our forenoon meeting I attended the very well attended Mayors luncheon for the arts which honored Dr. Van Christou, Minda Rogerson and the Kinsmen for their contributions to the arts. I too offer you my congratulations and best wishes. It is reassuring to see the arts being regarded as vital in understanding ourselves and each other. May they ever flourish and may we likewise remember their importance. During the lunch I was able to reacquaint with friends and made new acquaintances with several interesting people.

The campaign team met again last evening and things are progressing nicely. The calendar is filling up with numerous forums we will be attending. Keep tuned; hopefully our next chat will get into policy issues. Of course, if you or your friends want to jump on board to ensure I get elected I would be most appreciative of whatever you can do. I may be contacted at 381-7635 or Cell 317-0829. For update on the Liberal platform please check:

Also significant on this day, is the 7th anniversary of ‘September 11, 2001’. Let us not forget all those who lost their lives on that fatal day. This includes 24 Canadians who also lost their lives. In addition let's remember our fallen soldiers and their families that have paid the ultimate price in their endeavors at making the world a better place. We thank them all for their sacrifice so we can live in greater security. Although we Liberals want return to our tradition of excellence in international peacekeeping as soon as we can we must always be supportive of the continuing efforts and generosity of their comrades and their families. We look forward to their safe return.


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