Monday, August 25


On August 9 Senator Joyce Fairbairn and I attended the Cardston Breakfast and Parade. It turned out to be on one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer. As a result I was privileged to be invited to attend the Mayor’s Luncheon with Senator Joyce, where I had the opportunity to meet a couple of other Mayors and councilors, and Chief Wayne (and Mrs.) Plume of the Blood Reserve. I also met and spoke with Broyce Jacobs, MLA and Mr. and Mrs. Kue Quon. I felt it was a very fruitful day.

Also, since last update, I attended several of the usual meetings, as some of the organizations don’t take a break for the summer. Time appears to fly, and at Aboriginal Housing we’re all excited that the site and foundations preparations are well underway for the Aboriginal ‘Koh Koonoon’ (Our Home) Housing project. Carrier Construction was the successful contractor.

Also, I had lots of family activity over the past couple of weeks with visits from both our sons and their families. On August 20th some of us attended The 20 cent Man, a play written by and featuring Peter Mueller. We’re all so busy it seems like time flies too fast. We really enjoyed the show which describes some of the hard life and experiences of some of those involved in building the Chief Mountain Highway in the 1930’s.

Also, I was accorded the honor of representing the Sik-ooh-kotoki Board of Directors along with President, Roland Cotton in the Lethbridge parade on August 19. Later that day over 50 local Liberals and supporters attended the annual ALP Picnic and corn roast at Henderson Lake Kiwanis Picnic Shelter. Provincial Leader, Kevin Taft and Jeanette attended as usual. In gratitude for his years, accomplishments and support to us in Lethbridge area we presented him with a copy of The High Level Bridge, a bottle of wine and a BBQ apron signed by those attending, courtesy of Adele Downs. Thank you for all your organizational work.

This past week we were all saddened by the announcement of the killing of ten French soldiers, the wounding of several others in the latest ambush in Afghanistan, as well as the killing of three more Canadians: bringing the total killed to 93. We extend our sympathy to the families of those brave people and hope the violence and outlook change soon.

In Ottawa the Tories continued their assault on democracy, as most of the Government MPs called to account by the Parliamentary Review Committee on the ‘In and Out’ Funding Scandal refused to show up, and the Conservative Party campaign chair came earlier than scheduled. It is speculated that he did so as a diversionary tactic, as well as to intimidate any witnesses that might show-up. When asked to leave he refused to do so and had to be ejected. Polls haven’t improved for the Government either.

With their latest cuts in Arts funding, one really has to wonder if the government is bent on self-destruction. Also, in keeping with their Tactical (‘Dirty Tricks’) Manual they’ve disrupted Commons Review Committees hearings, which some suspect is to justify calling an election ahead of the legislated October 2009 “fixed date” which Mr. Harper forced through last year supposedly to get away from perceptions that government manipulates election-timing to suit its needs. He’s also trying to blame the opposition for the mayhem when it’s plain to see it’s of their creation. Most of those involved in the “In and Out’ scandal who were summoned to testify to the committee, didn’t show up; eleven on one day and a couple including Doug Finley the Campaigning Chief and Sam Goldstein, both of whom had to be ejected for their behavior.

No wonder the public is cynical about politics! Fortunately for those interested in sports, however, the upbeat Olympics provided respite, and…wow! didn’t China really shine in their performance in the opening? What a spectacle! They really set the bar high for the next and subsequent Olympics. A big thank you to all the athletes, especially Canadians, for their performances and achievements.

On August 22nd I attended the ‘Welcome Home to Theo Tams’ in Coaldale. We’re very proud of our Canadian Idol finalist! On the 23rd I attended the Parade in Nobleford, met some of the local residents and had a burger. It was great to see so much pride and enthusiasm. Keep tuned for continuing developments, and if you have questions on the Green Shift please contact me and let’s continue our endeavor to make a ‘Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada’.

Michael Cormican
Liberal Candidate Lethridge Riding

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