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Hi and Welcome to my website!
I’m Michael Cormican. I’m aspiring to become your MP in the next Parliament. However, I need your support and your vote to make it. Here’s a little about me.

I’m committed to improving the quality of life and opportunities for everyone in this great country. I have what it takes, speak from the heart and follow through on what I say I will do.

I love life and believe in the sanctity of life from beginning to end and I’m against capital punishment. I’m an optimist; I try to be positive and I expect the best from everyone. I believe there is an answer and I work for solutions. I keep my word.

I have a long record of volunteering in our community and I still serve in several local organizations. Those who know me will confirm I’m considerate; a person of action, fair, positive and approachable. I pull for the little guy and I believe in balance..

I believe the most important issue in the upcoming election is the question of what values will guide our nation. Will they be values of inclusion, sustainability, prosperity and respect for the fundamental dignity of all or will we continue on the road from which there may be no return?

I want a government of vision and that puts people first. I want a government that manage our finances responsibly, is committed to a sustainable environment, supports business and social programs built on the principles of social justice and inclusion that will be available for future generations.

“A Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada”

Please help me make our community and Canada the best by establishing the Early Learning and Childcare Plan, literacy and affordable housing programs and to help eradicate poverty. We need to follow-through on the Kelowna Accord and to reestablish our credibility in the world again. I thank you in anticipation of your support.

My Profile:
• Born in Ireland in 1948; I have been a proud Canadian citizen since 1977.
• Gloria and I were married in 1976, and; we are proud parents of four adult children. Gloria is Family Studies Program Administrator at Lethbridge College.
• My background is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and I was the Mental Health Programs Contracts Coordinator for Mental Health in Chinook Health Region for 22 years.
• Those who know me can verify that I follow-through on what I set my mind to do.

Without planning it my job addressing health and social issues and community service involvement with youth, underprivileged and aboriginal peoples, affordable housing and poverty helped me to understand people and needs and assist them obtain the help they needed prepared me most appropriately for the role I now seek.

Some of my Community involvements:
Church and School Councils and Scouts,
Habitat for Humanity,Social Housing in Action, and
Aboriginal Housing in Action;
Medicine Tree (Sik-Ooh-Kotoki) Friendship Centre,
Southwest Alberta Coalition on Poverty,
Knights of Columbus,
Natural Family Planning Assoc. of Alberta,
Regional and Provincial Mental Health Advisory Councils,
Local Provincial and Federal Liberal Party Associations, and
Friends of Medicare September 2008

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