Friday, October 17

Conclusion of 2008 Election Campaign

Sorry I was unable to keep my blog as up-to-date as I would have liked but as you might imagine with the short timeframe for the campaign and all the demands on ones time it is difficult to find time for these extra expectations unless someone volunteers to do such. Though it may be redundant at this stage suffice it to summarize that the last week flew by. We had a couple of forums, an open house and interviews etc. though Senator Joyce and I managed to get in visits and some main-streeting in Milk River and Coutts as well as Magrath and Coaldale.

Usually we were greeted by someone or other telling us they never see a politician in these areas. However, I believe it is important to visit all key locations in the riding; I just wish we had time for more. We met a couple of the mayors and other key people who were most receptive and friendly. Some of the issues on their minds concern maintaining the vibrancy of their community as well as infrastructure issues and they are always so proud of their community and rightly so. The main issues on farmers minds appear to be the high cost of inputs for farming especially oil and fertilizer and I heard loud and clear that with respect to the Canadian Wheat Board they want it retained but want choice, the same as Ontario, even if they don’t use it. It was all very tiring.

On Friday, October 10 Gloria, I and Senator Fairbairn joined the Liberal contingent attending the October Fest at the German Canadian Club. On Saturday I attended the military display in Galt Gardens and the Parade at 1 pm. It was cold! Later, Gloria and I were guests of Senator Joyce at the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the local 18th Regiment. It was a memorable evening attended by the Lieutenant Governor and lots of Military brass. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated people and for such generous people defending our security.

Since campaign contributions were insufficient to mail brochures to every home in the riding we decided North Lethbridge and the rural areas should get them and we had to get volunteers to deliver as much as we could in Coaldale and the remainder of Lethbridge. A special thanks to all those that volunteered; especially the students and special thanks to Gloria and our family for putting-up with my lack of attention because of my campaigning priority. E day came and of course, we all know the results did not show as we wished. So we can only hope, like the farmer, that next time will be in our favor and we must all learn to live with the outcome. Needless to say gossip and speculation is rampant suggesting Mr. Dion should resign. However, knowing the man of honor he is, I trust he will decide in the overall best interest. Apparently, he is scheduled to make an announcement on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, Oct. 15 we emptied out the office and started collecting the signs so we don’t run afoul of the regulations. Today went breaking and storing signs, trying to catch-up on yard work and I made a nice stew to get back to routine of a healthy meal again.

Though I have individually thanked my campaign team at this time I want to take opportunity to thank everyone that helped spread the Liberal message and though we did not have the honor of getting the garland I like to believe we are still winners especially when we consider the odds. Unfortunately, numbers wise we died not do as well as the last campaign which is somewhat difficult to understand given the even worse scenario we campaigned in in 2005/6. However, there were fewer that voted this time.

I’m still convinced our platform was and is a good one. It reminds me of Mr. Trudeau’s 'Just Society' and I still believe that if other parties were fair and had not derogated Mr. Dion and promulgated their wrong slant on our platform; it is what most Canadians want. As I said several times during the campaign the Green Shift is akin to a second Industrial Revolution and our proposed tax changes the most radical approach since income taxes were introduced. I believe it would be a boon to industry and euntrepreneurs. The big question is, how can we engage the disconnected majority of potential voters? I want to thank the team and their families for affording them the time to help me. I hope I didn’t overlook anyone. I really appreciate them taking the time for this important aspect of living and governance.

Now we must be honest with ourselves since electioneering is serious business. I plan to do a survey to help obtain tangible feedback on our platform and presentation and my presentation of it as well as call a review meeting while everything is still fresh in our minds and to compile recommendations to help next time around. If you have any great idea on how we could do better I’d appreciate hearing it. Until my next update I’ll wish you the best and with respect to governing we can only trust that Mr. harper will get down to it seriously in the best interests of all of us. Appreciatively,

Michael Cormican, Past Candidate 2008 Election, Lethbridge

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