Monday, August 4

Government and Tories continue Questionable Activities

Sorry Mr. Casson and fellow citizens:

The Conservative Party and the Conservative Government "don't get it", furthermore have no sense of boundaries. Twice in two days I've received a quasi survey form asking only one question and making misstatements some consider lies. I find it difficult to comprehend that anyone will tolerate one party exaggerating how great they are and in the same breath calling down others. It appears to have become the Conservatives approach to follow the lead of their Republican brothers using negative and scare ads to entice voters to them. Again, I'm reminded of the March "franking" issue which involved yourself and others.

Detraction and bullying may work sometimes, but for how long? Also, I'm reminded that detraction is a sin in some people's book. I shouldn't be surprised since you were like that when in opposition. Let's remember a zebra doesn't change stripes. News mediums showing unedited behavior from the House of Commons, even trips abroad speaks volumes. Really, you must feel threatened.

With no sense of boundaries one sees no line between what should be done by Government and what should be done by a party. On July 31, the Lethbridge Herald noted you "defended the practice as a means of disseminating the Federal Conservative message "unfiltered by the media"; yet you expect the public to accept your prejudiced presentation of the Liberal message e.g. the "Green Shift Plan" which you attacked and still attack despite what the experts say.

Your attitude smacks of "father knows best". One wonders about those around here who have said - "should there be anything else (but Conservative)". Are you aiming for a one party state? It's all typical of a "top down approach" or dictatorship.

You were elected to serve and care for people's needs, the economy, and govern instead of bullying. Mostly what we've got from you is broken promises, cut programs, a teetering economy and never an inkling of what's discussed under the Peace and Prosperity Agreement; and, all of you ferociously continue to tear Mr. Dion apart at home and abroad. Is that statesmanship?

The latest major concern is raised by the recently released Health Canada report that tells us frankly to expect increasing major health issues as a result of the worsening climate change you have denied for so long. Can we now expect more positive action?

Also, can you please identify what parties and when they used public taxes to advance their party's interest? Elections Canada hasn't given any such indications. Hats off to Mr. Mayrand, the man of integrity who since he was courageous enough to stand up to those that appointed him I trust would have no problem holding anyone else to account for wrongdoing.

I often said; I've lived long enough and seen how "good eventually prevails" and though some think they can get away with bad it only last for awhile. Please develop some sense of decency and refrain from such questionable behavior.

I believe Canadians are bright and in the next election will choose a government they believe will respect them and take the action needed and lead us off the dangerous road we're on. The government will help us rehabilitate our injured environment, open countless opportunities that will benefit us all and at the same time put more money in our pockets. Canadians want to be seen again as the caring community we've been known as; Canadians want a Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada we can all feel proud of again.

Michael Cormican, Liberal Candidate, Lethbridge

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