Saturday, November 29

Interesting Times politically in Canada

No one can say I'm overusing my blog, or bad-mouthing and/or not giving Mr. Harper and his "new government" a chance, however; as I have long ago came to realize and I have often said we all need to be careful how we project ourselves and/or deal with others since it is liable according to the law of karma to come back on us. Similarly, we need to be careful what we say. Also, as the saying goes in this area about the weather, wait awhile and it will change. Often the same can be said about politics, and; sure enough, almost as quick as the economy changed the political outlook suddenly appears to have changed for our new Conservative government. However, given the Conservative's espoused ideology and what they have done since getting to power one does not have to be a genious to realize with the down-turn in the economy there was not much room for them to manouvre.

As we have seen, since after almost three years in power the Conservatives could not blame the current economic down-turn on the Liberals they have started saying it is part of the world situation. Of course, during the latter stages of the campaign as the worsening world economic situation escalated they told us Canada would not experience recession or deficit because of our strong economy though as soon as elected started changing their position and prediction. I suspect most Liberals found such about-turn difficult to accept. However, it was gratifying to see them use some of our ideas. I was re-assuring too to hear most of the economic experts recommend the approach for an economy in recession is stimulation as outlined in the Liberal platform. Given Canada's by then quickly deteriorating economy I for one expected they would have taken greater action to help it in their Financial update however, they continue their games to obviously perpetuate themselves in power for as long as possible. However, the cruncher for opposition parties is the government's blatent attack on democracy with their proposal to strip the legislated financial support for political parties. Opposition parties, even the Bloc seeing the threat have been quicly in communication and appear prepared to fight election if necessary which it looks like the Conservatives had not bargained for and feeling caught in a trap of their own making appear to be stalling for time and ideas as to how to get out of their predicament. It will be interesting to see how it will end. Keep tuned.

Michael Cormican, Immediate Past Candidate, 2008 Federal Election

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