Tuesday, September 30

Belated Update

Hi everyone:

You probably guessed it I have been busy - public forums, school forums, open houses, responding to calls and trying fit in calls or respond to them wherever I can. Not getting in as much door-knocking as I would like. The issues vary - income trusts, environment, health and food security, affordable housing, water, the Kelowna Accord, gas and fertilizer prices and abuse of parliamentary privileges were raised. Also, been out to several of the outlying communities and find almost everyone very receptive to our message. It renews my confidence in the collective will of the people. So let's not slow-up and to help assure that everyone is clear about our message I provide the following summary.

We Liberals are excited about our visionary platform that will help us achieve the ‘Richer, Fairer, Greener Canada’ everyone wants.

Our Green Shift will encourage us to change how we operate so our environment and resources will be sustainable for our children and grandchildren. The tax-cuts will give us more money to do it. It is simple – “tax what we burn” or don’t want (pollution, waste and green-house gasses), and cut taxes on what we want (income, investment and innovation). It’s a “win, win” for everyone though the Conservatives want you to believe otherwise.

A new Liberal Government will create jobs, keep the budget balanced, cut taxes, and build the strongest economy in the world. Let’s remember that it has been Liberal Governments that have rescued us and led to recovery each time we got in trouble i.e. after the war and again after Mr. Mulroney racked-up 42 billion dollars debt. We turned over a surplus of 13 billion and Mr. Harper got rid of it and the 3 billion contingency that would greatly help in the looming economic crisis; so it’s evident which party is the better manager.

As usual we need any help we can get so I thought it would assist ot insert here Mary Insley's appeal. Everyone are super, working flat out. However, we need to assure that we win this seat as well as enough across this great country so we can form government and return Canada to the role we are proud of and do so well - peacekeeping. Thanks for your continuing support and spread the message far and wide. Have a great day.


A federal election is under way. The crucial decision of how this country is run and what it stands for is in our hands. If you feel that Canada is a nation built on respect, tolerance, freedom and responsibility, you can be assured that the Liberal Party of Canada represents your values.

The time has come to do what is right – not what is easy!

On behalf of Michael Cormican’s Campaign, I am writing to ask for your vote on October 14. In addition, because a campaign is costly, your financial support is essential. Please do what is right and send your donation to:
Mary Insley, Financial Agent for Michael Cormican
1273 – 3 Avenue South (or Mary’s home address)

The Liberal agenda for a strong stand on economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social justice will build the Canada you desire. Your contribution to Lethbridge candidate, Michael Cormican and your grassroots assistance can mean the difference between victory and defeat in this election. I am hoping we can count on your support.

Yours truly,

Mary Insley, Financial Agent for Michael Cormican

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