Monday, October 20

Mr. Dion prepares the way for a new Leadership race

In follow-up to the outcome of the recent election and as you likely know by now Mr. Dion announced that he will step-down as leader of the Liberal Party and over the next several months, the party will conduct a leadership race to determine a successor.

The Harper Conservatives may have won the battle this time but at some point the results of their actions will likely catch up with them. It is my firm belief that the negativism, misrepresentation and character-assassination will come back to haunt them. Money can only do so much, eventually people will see through them. The Conservatives used millions in attack ads and misused government mailing privileges in their attempt to destroy Mr. Dion and the Liberal Party and we lacked the resources to counter the false image they pushed of Mr. Dion and our platform. Mr. Harper and the Conservatives provided no plan until the last minute when there was no opportunity to question it, many voters didn't bother to vote and unfortunately enough people obviously were prepared to vote without knowing his plan and so they won.

As Mr. Dion has said we can not allow a repeat to happen again; however, all our help is needed. Right-away we Liberals need to ensure the Liberal Party will have the financial resources to counter the Conservative push that will likely continue. We need to be generous and contribute to get rid of all debts and establish the financial resources required to ensure we are successful in winning the next election.

We simply must win. And while a one-time donation will help, for long-term strength and stability, we all need to consider making a monthly contribution of $10, $15, $25or more. We believe our vision of a richer, fairer, greener Canada is worth fighting for.

So please, help now to ensure that the next leader of the Liberal Party can turn our vision into a reality. Please check for updates and to contribute. Your will receive a tax receipt for your contribution which means our contribution only costs us a portion of what we give. Let's support democracy in action. Thank you.

Michael Cormican, Candidate
Liberal Party of Canada, Lethbridge

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