Wednesday, September 17

Issues and Liberal Policies

Before getting to policies, I’ll update you the past couple of days. There have been several calls from the media and others arranging for forums. Some team members have been busy getting the office ready. I was in Calgary a couple of times; Saturday I attended the unveiling of the Liberal candidates from Southern Alberta. We met in the campaign office of Sunam Kang in Calgary NE. He is touted as a good possibility to win his seat. On Sunday I attended a media workshop.

I have also done some door-to-door work to hear issues and touch base with electors. Reactions have varied from respondents not realizing an election is underway to pleasantly engaging. Some said they had not given much thought to it or that they really don’t think there should be an election. A few were irritated with Mr. Harper for breaking his word and calling an election. People mentioned health care and the high cost of gas as issues. This evening Lorne accompanied me and was surprised by how pleasant people were with me. While some didn’t provide feedback others were appreciative for the visit.

Before I delve into Liberal policies and the Green Shift I would like to note how well the first week has gone for us, despite some biased reporting. I do not wonder at people’s confusion about our policies considering some of the negative advertising on the airwaves from the Conservatives. It appears that some of it backfired on them and a couple of high ranking Conservatives lost their jobs. They were blamed for Mr. Harper’s blunders. He is trying to convince the voters that he’s only the lowly leader. Some leader! He’s more like a dictator who wants to take credit for what he considers positives but when things go wrong he quickly finds a scapegoat. It seems that Mr. Harper has no qualms about whom or what he uses to get what he wants. In his book the end must justify the means.

The Alberta platform has been released and through Mr. Dion significant announcements have been offered for your consideration. However, the National Liberal Platform has yet to be released. Still, our major plan, the Green Shift, has been released. If it has raised questions for you, I will be very happy to answer them. It seems that Mr. Harper has no qualms about whom or what he uses to get what he wants. In his book the end must justify the means.

Liberal policies are in stark contrast to those of the Conservatives. The major reasons Stephen Harper called the election:
• his anticipation of a new administration in Washington
• outcomes from the many scandals
• the economy teetering again, the liberals will have to straighten it out

Here is the good news of the Green Shift:

1. The prices on Carbon in the Liberal platform have been costed – this means that the costs are clearly set out in the document.
(Liberals are the only party promising what can be delivered! The other parties offer vague or empty promises or hidden surprises attached to their platform. Worse, other plans will take too long to initiate and not capture the immediate benefits.)

2. Decrease of Personal and corporate income taxes.
(This puts money in the pockets of all Canadians.)

3. Oil and gas companies will continue to receive the full market value for their hydrocarbons.
(This is the distinction from the National Energy Program.)

4. Our environment and the economy will receive a boost from the initiatives.
(This is a further distinction from the NEP.)

5. Liberals are committed to your health care.

6. Liberals are clear about their commitment beyond Carbon pricing.

7. Strong assistance will be given by the Liberals to the poor and disadvantaged.

8. We have offered extra incentives to farmers and rural residence.

9. Special attention has also been given to fisheries, the lumber industry as well as immigration and business.

We aim for a "Fairer, Richer, Greener" Canada!

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