Sunday, December 21


How how quickly the situation can change. As I suggested in my last blog we need to be careful of our approach since it can come back to haunt us. Little did I realize the Canadian political atmosphere would change so fast for Mr. Harper. Assess or call it whatever we want but some will say he deserved to have the tables turned on him. Was it a momentary slip on his part or ineptitude or are we seeing more of the real Mr. Harper?

A couple of sayings come to mind; one – we can only lie for so long and another is “the zebra doesn’t change his stripes”. Seems like Mr. Harper could not help himself, obviously believing he was on a roll and lacking wisdom to realize he didn’t have a majority government. Thankfully he didn’t and I suspect many are thinking and feeling similar too.

Thankfully too the opposition had more stamina than Mr. Harper estimated and hopefully more Canadians realize better what his real intentions are. I can imagine if he had got away with his assault on democracy how much of his agenda would be rammed down our throats. Good reason to keep on the alert.

Many who supported Mr. Harper must be wondering how they could allow themselves to be taken-in. Hopefully he will not get away with as many stunts from hereon and I hope all Liberals will stand behind our new Opposition Leader, Michael Ignatieff and hopefully when Parliament resumes it will be more interesting and civil and hopefully too, the budget will be more user-friendly and reflect and deal with issues, especially the faltering economy and people.

Michael Cormican

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