Tuesday, September 9

Tuesday, September 9, ‘08

Today I visited Picture Butte and enjoyed breakfast with the senior at invitation of Everett. I met some great people there and renewed some acquaintances from previously and listened to their observations and concerns. It was great to see so many out so early, eager and pleasant. Afterwards we joined a largely farming group for coffee at ‘The Cactus’. Most of them I had met previously and again listened and shared. A major concern expressed was with respect to the hugely increased input costs for fertilizes which has jumped to $900 plus dollars from about $350.00 per ton three or four years ago. They expect the price to continue escalating, possibly doubling over the next few years. The main reason speculated is the price of oil and demand by China. Needless to say I assured them I will pass it on. This afternoon I attended an Aboriginal meeting in town.

Tomorrow! Keep tuned.

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